The Thousand Bike Helmet Review: Better 2023

Hey! Are you searching the only thousand bike helmets? If so, then stay tuned for our top Thousand Bike Helmet Review of 2023.

Riding a motorcycle without a helmet is like living between enjoyment and danger, because the safety a helmet offers to the rider is vital. Helmets help prevents harsh head and brain injuries that can happen in the event of misfortune or a run into.

At what time it needs to bike helmets, many taking up an analogous design. An immense better part of them is ‘space age’ as describes the Thousand bike them. It is hard to differ thereupon which is why I wanted to undertake to thousand bike helmet review.

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The Past of the Thousand Bike Helmet Review

Thousand bike helmet review is certainly one of the only selling helmets within us, and further than, but just what is the story at the rear of this product is continuation?

Like the majority of cyclists, Gloria Hwang, the founding father of Thousand, did not like wearing a helmet for the foremost part because of how large, painful, and unattractive they were.

But after mentioning the rear of a very close friend to a deadly bicycle accident, Gloria knew she had to start out minding her safety which of others approximately her.

However, she knew that the bulk populace was not comfortable wearing the helmets obtainable within the market, a touch like herself. That was when she begins designing helmets that are comfortable, lightweight, and in any case, fashionable.

She then joined with a ruin Patel and named their company ‘Thousand’ which represents their goal of saving 9,000 lives by scheming helmets that cycling enthusiasts would want to wear.

In 2015, Thousand launched a Kick starter movement that aimed toward raising $18,000 to cater to their manufacturing expenses. Astonishingly, they reached their goal in just nine hours and ended up raising $220,000.

Since then, the company continues to satisfy its assignment to style bicycle helmets that are useful and suitable for cyclists of all levels.

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Models of Thousand Bike Helmets

1. Thousand Heritage Helmets

2. Thousand Chapter Helmets

1. Thousand Heritage Helmets

The Thousand Heritage Helmet is that the primary, and of the route, the foremost cost-effective helmet compilation by Thousand. It is a neater model compared to the Chapter Collection, but it still has most of the unbelievable features that the other collection has.

It features a simple but fashionable design because of its period-enthused look. What is more, it comes in 10 different colors, so you cannot fail to spot one that suits your flavor.

It also has excellent exposure to air and some additional features a bit like the included visor that protects your eyes and face from the sun. So, if you’re trying to hunt out an easy but stylish bike helmet, this could be your go-to helmet.

The Heritage Collection

1. CE EN 1078- This means that the helmets are certified for cycling, skateboarding, and skating in Europe

2. CPCS- This means that the customer Product Safety charge has certified the gathering for BMX and stack biking in North America

3. ASTM F1492- This suggests that the gathering is certified for roller or in-line skating and skateboarding in North America

2. Thousand Chapter Helmets

This helmet could be a more highly developed and more luxurious model, for the foremost part, due to the additional features that the Heritage collection does not have.

These supplementary features include a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS).

This system allows your head to possess some extent of rotation inside the helmet to assist reduce the trauma to your brain caused by various impacts. It also has more ventilation holes than the Heritage collection.

It comes with a USB-rechargeable attractive LED taillight, which is extremely helpful, particularly once you are riding in the dark or in areas with deprived illumination.

It is also detachable, allowing you to renew it easily. The Chapter helmet collection might be a smaller amount important in size and light-weight compared to the Heritage collection.

It comes in three colors, which may be an obstacle consistent with most thousand bike helmet reviews since there are not many colors to settle on from.

The Chapter Collection

1. CE EN 1078- This collection is certified for skateboarding, cycling, and skating in Europe

2. CPSC- The gathering is certified for stack and BMX biking in North America

3. Helmet sizing, Comfort/Cushioning, and Fit

Features of Thousand Bike Helmet Review

PopLock System

The helmet is PopLock system that the foremost protection due to leave your helmet at the rear. This clandestine security device is anti-theft definite.

It is hidden behind the brand design, and blends naturally with the helmet design, making it less obvious to sight. All you have to undertake is to push the symbol design bent to make the opening easily reached.

The U-fashioned helmet hair is more often than not used on the helmet to secure it to your motorcycle border safely. However, the PopLock is meant to suit most of the hair within the market.


Visors are an important feature in helmets because they save from harm your face and eyes from the sun, powder, and rain. a thousand helmets have a classy visor compared to the characteristic visors in other helmets that cause you to seem dorky.

Like most other features, the visors within the 2 helmet collections are designed in a special way. The heritage helmets have built-in visors, while the chapter helmets have detachable ones.

Extra Padding

The helmet comes at the side of two sets of inside padding. One is inside the helmet, and thus the opposite comes during a bit of wrap-up.

So, a user has the selection of altering the padding to a clean one when unclean. An alternate choice is to repair the two pads to the helmet to supply a tighter, at ease, and better fit.

Thousand Ventilation Holes

Thousand is enthusiastic to make sure that their mechanism is extremely comfortable, which is why they have made it their main concern to form sure that the helmets have proper exposure to air.

The quantity of exposure to air holes and thus the planning is different in both collections.

The thousand heritage helmet collection features an entire seven rectangular ventilation holes. Indifference, the thousand chapter helmet collection has eight holes that are fairly larger and more unhelpful than those on the heritage collection.

In spite of the differences, both helmets do a superb job of providing proper exposure to air, quite ever during hot days.

Dial Fit System

The dial fit system keeps the helmet safe and safe and sound. It is kind of a black lump located at the rear of the helmet. The dial might be a correct fit for every qualification. It makes it easy to manage the helmet is appropriate on the highest somewhat.

All you have to undertake to is twist the dial clockwise to tighten or anti-clockwise to untie the helmet is clasp on the highest.

Magnetic Strap Buckle

This German engineered feature allows you to naturally clasp and unbuckle the straps with one hand, making this helmet perfect for people with hand injuries or arthritis. It also prevents you from by mistake robbery your finger or your décolletage skin.

On the other hand, some thousand helmet reviews are quite disbelieving about the buckle’s safety level, particularly in intense accidents. While it is strong enough, no user has reported whether the clasp opens or not if one gets concerned in an accident.


A thousand helmets have the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which certifies every product to be used by children.

It also has the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM F1492) Certification for helmets utilized in skateboarding and skating.

Info on Sizing and Fit

When choosing which size to pick, I deliberate the perimeter of my head and compared it to the Thousand size chart. Supported that, I chose the size Medium.

While the helmet cinches down plenty stretched on my head, it does seem a touch extensive from side to side (not back to front).

This better profile was my only real grievance about the helmet. It should have fit completely supported the size chart, but it didn’t quite.

After reading other reviews of the helmet, it does give the impression that the Heritage runs a touch large and should be a top pick for persons with larger heads who can have difficulty fitting in other helmets.

The Thousand Bike Helmet Review for 2023

Thousand Bike Helmet Review – Collections are manufactured by a China-based American-owned factory.

A gathering with Forbes states that the foremost important goal of this company is to rebrand the bike helmet from being a product to being a lifestyle accessory. It considerably contributed to the helmet’s design, sharing localities, and marketing options.

Thousand has constructed collected works of imposing, modish, and pivotal bike helmets which may be damaged by males and females similar.

This helmets brand targets putting an end to the annoyance that comes with wearing an outsized helmet, thus making it more circumspect.

Thousand bike helmet collections are one of a kind. They are particularly designed as City Bike Helmets and are fit all types of motorbike riding. They are available in thirteen (13) models, giving a rider a diversity of options.

They are very worry-free and should be firmly locked together with the bike. The helmet also has more cost value than most helmet brands and has better pleasant features for every rider.

The materials utilized in manufacturing this product are hard-wearing. Thousand Heritage Helmets meet all-important supplies, a bit like the CPSC, EN, DOT, and ECE standards for bike helmets and skateboard helmets.

Vintage motorcycle helmet designs aroused Thousand Heritage Helmets. However, Thousand Helmets’ designs are more the most recent thing.

The helmets are low-profile helmets decorated with cool colors. The helmet has an in-built visor that helps keep rain, sun, and wind out from worrying the rider.


All Thousand helmets meet the CPSC and EN 1078 standards. the first one is that the customer Product Safety Commission. Since the manufacture is completed in China, they need authorization from the CPSC that confirms their helmets meet all of the safety requirements.

The EN 1078 standard verifies that these helmets are often wont to handle cyclists and for users of skateboards and skates.

To urge this standard, a helmet must get before several tests: Field of vision, shock amalgamation, preservation system properties, and fastening devices.

Keep in Mind

Helmets have only one reason– to help postpone injuries. If you have a collide and hit your helmet, always replace it. Even when the helmet looks alright, the overall arrangement won’t be.

It is the bubble is plastic structure that you simply cannot see that takes the preponderance of the crash.

Bottom Line

Thousand absolutely has their own place which they handle satisfactorily. There is a robust story at the rear of it, which is additionally what makes it work.

Would I wear the Heritage and Chapter helmets on a daily basis? Nope, because they do not meet the necessities I have got on my stack or road bike rides. Would I wear them for commuting around the municipality? almost certainly yes.

The mechanism is decent and a thousand helmets look nice from every point of view which can be an important factor when choosing a helmet that you will be wearing each day around the city.

Pros & Cons of Thousand Bike Helmet Review


Attractive Fastener – Thousand helmet collections have an in-built attractive attachable buckle system that holds satisfactorily and should be forbidden with just one hand. It is both secure, hassle-free, and easily attached and separate.

Color Silhouettes – Thousand paints their helmets with cool colors which can keep all snooping eyes away from your helmet. they supply the rider an option between varied colors and styles, thereby appropriate the rider is taste.

Seven Vents – This helmet has seven air vents that keep the rider cool during hot seasons. The vents are on the very best and thus the rear of the helmet to remain the biker is head cool.

The helmet also has three cooling channels that keep a free flow of air between the very best and thus the helmet. They postpone the rider is head from in receipt of all covered with sweat and hot.

Fit Straps – The Thousand Heritage helmets have built-in vegetarian leather straps. These straps fit contentedly on the rider when damaged. The straps also offer the rider the choice of adjusting it to a way better fit.

Dial Fit System – The dial fit system keeps the helmet safe, tenable, and adjustable. The dial is an appropriate fit for every rider. The dial fit system makes it easy to form small adjustments to the helmet.

All you have to undertake is to point out the dial clockwise to make it tighter or anti-clockwise to untie.

Foremost Protected

It is the foremost protected due to leave your helmet at the rear. The clandestine lock is adult anti-thief certain. It comes as a hidden channel behind the symbol design and is during a U-lock shape.

U-locks are one of the sole locks for securing helmets to the motorcycle frame. Also, the U-lock works better when tenable to something solid and attached to rock bottom.

Unisex – The helmet is for cooperation women and men and is right for a road bike, bicycle, mountain bike, skateboard, long board, and even leisure cycling.

Guarantee – Thousand helmets have anti-theft and accident substitute guarantees. It will get replaced free of charge.

Weight – Thousand helmets are more often than not light weighted. The particular weight is 1.8 pounds- 410g (S), 450g (M), and 490g (L). It makes it less heavy to mention on the very best for an extended ride.

Visor – The helmet features a slender visor that keeps sun rays from within the eyes. It also prevents rain from splashing on the rider is face, thereby giving the rider an obvious view of the road.


1. The matte finish will need to be handled with care to prevent the surface from scratching without cause

2. Thousand Helmets do not have an extra-large (XS) size

Thousand Bike Helmet Review Replacement Policy

A Thousand helmets are not any quite helmets with a guaranteed replacement policy in events of injury or theft. That is why many of us are crazy about this helmet.

The replacement policy offers a free replacement for an injured helmet with a helmet of equivalent or smaller quality.

In the container the helmet is stolen while protected up to your bike, the company will replace it for free of charge. More so, there is a policy for replacements in the event of a mishap.

If the helmet is compensation is in an accident, or a crash, the company also will replace it for free of charge.

How Does Thousand Helmets Poplock Work?

Thousand Poplock has only one of its kind of features that’s not in other helmets. The Poplock is that the removable magnetic-stringed symbol at the rear right of the helmet.

The Poplock is about 1” in width, and is supposed to suit in most helmets U-locks, cable protected and chain protected. More so, if you are checking out a helmet that you simply simply can easily near your backpack, then Thousand helmet is that the contract.

It is unbreakable to protect your helmet and postpones theft firmly, and here are the thanks to using the Poplock in three easy steps:

1. Fracture the Poplock off. The smart will keep it attached to the helmet. So, do not worry about behind it.

2. Lose your balance in your helmet lock from side to side of the opening. The opening is large enough to provide somewhere to stay all brands of helmet protected.

3. Protected your helmet jointly along with your motorcycle. That’s how simple it is to use the PopLock for securing your helmet.

(FAQ) About Thousand Bike Helmet Review

Q. Are thousand helmets safe?

A. Thousand company not only aims at creating stylish helmets but ones that are secure and should control the impact of bicycle-related accidents.

This is often why they have intended their products to satisfy the CPSC, ASTM F1492, and CE EN 1078 safety standards.

Q. How do I lock a thousand helmets on a bicycle?

A. Go at the rear of the design: The foremost suitable due to leave your helmet at the rear. Access the hidden channel at the rear of the brand mark, and pop your U-Lock or chain Protected through.

Backed by our Anti-Theft assurance. Protected it with a one-hand fastener assurance to travel away from your finger touch-free.

Q. Is thousand an honest brand?

A. Thousand Heritage Helmets: Heritage helmets are outstanding for riders who return and forth on bikes and with a helmet that is crowded with safety features that also looks good.

You will easily be familiar with this helmet because of its era-inspired look with contemporary features and funky colors.

Q. Is ten thousand Made within the USA?

A. Products are artificial through the house and overseas partners, with a strong stress on excellence control at multiple points during the procedure.

Q. What does Thousand look like?

A. Thousand might be variety like 10 times 100. In numerals, it’s 1,000 or 1000.

Final Thoughts on Thousand Bike Helmet Review

Thousand has managed to hunt out a hole within the market and has been clever to fill it successfully. While other companies have produced outstanding helmets, there is no hesitation that this company has managed to top the charts with its outstanding products.

Thousand bike helmet review has been clever to perfectly combine style, safety, and convenience jointly by making stylish helmets that can squeeze flawlessly along with your day-to-day style, and counting extra features that are sure to keep you safe while you create the foremost out of your cycling knowledge.

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