The ILM Helmet Review for 2023 (Best Buying Guide)

Are you Confused about whether to buy the ILM Helmet or not? Whether it is significant for buying or not? Yeah, we all know everybody has similar questions before buying anything, and that is why we are here with the comprehensive ILM Helmet Review.

The ILM is one of those lower-priced helmets, that will give the prospective buyer Encouraged in proceedings. At the same time as it comes weighed down with some great features.

The fact that it is available at a lower price compared to rival full-face helmets gives buyers the feeling that the helmet may not be on equivalence with its competitors.

This model is not only tremendously at ease and DOT approved, but it is also easy to get to in a variety of sizes and styles.

ILM has proceedings of about 18 diverse models of helmets and then subcategories of those with diverse colors and sizes and here we will be discussing five of the top helmets. ILM has artificial until now.

What is ILM Helmet

ILM Helmet refers to a brand of motorcycle helmets produced by ILM, a company that specializes in producing high-quality motorcycle gear and accessories. ILM helmets are designed to provide superior protection for riders while also being stylish and comfortable to wear.

ILM offers a range of different helmet styles, including full-face helmets, modular helmets, and half helmets. These helmets are made using advanced materials such as polycarbonate and ABS, which help to ensure that they are durable and long-lasting. In addition, many ILM helmets come equipped with features such as sun visors, air vents, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Overall, ILM helmets are a popular choice among motorcycle riders who are looking for a reliable and high-quality helmet that offers both protection and comfort.

We are going to review the top 5 ILM Helmet Review and those are:

Top 5 ILM Helmet Review for 2023

1. Modular Helmet Review for ILM

2. ILM Bluetooth Flip Up Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

3. ILM Full Face Road Bike Helmet Review

4. Most Excellent For Women – GDM DUKE DK-140

5. Best for Men- 1Storm

Going away from top to bottom here we start:

1. The ILM Modular Helmet

The first in our list is this one from ILM named double Visor Flip Up Modular Full Face Helmet, that is not only intended to cover the whole of your face, but also the checklist you might have made for your favored biking helmet.

It is frivolous, looks good, enables you to ride longer without stressing about any kind of uneasiness and most of all does its job professionally.

The unique advantage about this helmet is that it comes with built-in LED lights which give high visibility on dark and Broken roadways.

The One attribute that cannot be competed with when it comes to ILM helmets is their extensive variety of colors to choose from.

When it comes to the features of the helmet it comes out to be a really inspiring one and we say that because it has a high confrontation shell to defend you from any major injure, adaptable band to fit dissimilar people is needs, sleek design, detachable liners.

We will be discussing other aspects of the ILM helmet after that section:

Corpse: The ILM Dual Visor Modular helmets corpse has been designed in a sleek shape, which we all know is a very basic obligation for gears in movement but not all helmets in the market feature that.

All of this is just by clicking on a small number of buttons on the helmet.

What is a Double Visor Helmet?

A double visor helmet is the one that comes with two visors and not immediately one. While one visor is used at night, the other can be used to save from harm your eyes from the bright sun rays.

Visor: Being a modular device the visor in this helmet is a good-looking usual one and the only thing that distinguishes it from other pieces in the market is the quality.

So, there are two visors- a usual one and the other misty visor. It allows you to separate and put together the one you wish to use according to the state of affairs.

You have to be knowing that the previous one is to be used in the nighttime and the last one for tremendously bright and sun-drenched days.

The unity between both the visors lies in the fact in the cooperation of them are anti-fog and anti- scrape glasses. Priced below $99 the visor features are astonishing and are very easy to work with as well.

Weight: One of the attribute features of deciding the better ones in the middle of more than a few helmets is weight. The lighter the helmet the better it is for the qualification.

In addition, they are washable and straightforward to take away too. So, the next time you are back from a long trip and want to get the grime of it becomes attractive easy and since it is lightweight, it dries up fairly quickly as well. What else can you ask for?

Extras: In the extras section of this demanding ILM helmet assessment we can good-looking much talk about a lot of things. To begin with, the straps of this helmet which are a nervousness for a lot of customers are highly flexible.


1. Inconsequential Adjustable straps

2. Washable liners

3. LED lights for greater than before visibility and safety

4. Vents that can be forbidden by the rider

5. Sleek and aerodynamic designing

6. DOT accepted

7. Anti-scratch, anti-fog, extensive view clear visors


1. When the vents are left open on hot days the wind sound is extremely troubling

2. Face of the helmet cannot be opened while riding

2. ILM Bluetooth Turnover Up Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Not many full-face helmets offer an incorporated Bluetooth feature. The ILM Modular Flip Up does. The miniature you put on the ILM Bluetooth incorporated helmet; you get a self-assurance boost.

ILM helmets are sleek, fashionable and are designed to give you a badass alteration.

Plus, it is with no trouble one of the Best Bluetooth incorporated lids you will find in the market.

This ILM Bluetooth incorporated Modular Flip Up Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet review will draw attention to its top features and device you up with all the in order to make the purchase.

The Pinnacle Reasons to Love the ILM Modular Flip Up Helmet

At this time are some of the things you will love about this modular turnover-up helmet.

Incorporated Bluetooth

This helmet comes with a fully incorporated Bluetooth system and is easy to put in. It includes built-in earphones and a microphone to answer calls without having to stop your motorcycle or taking off the helmet.

This is a suitable add-on for people who get calls often and cannot help but stop the motorcycle to answer every call.

The helmet also comes with a one-touch board for answering, rejecting, or redialing calls. You only need to bear down on a button – done without stopping the bike.

Let’s say you’re riding while playing any acoustic via Bluetooth. If you acquire a phone call, it overrides the audio (FM, GPS Navigation Audio, Music, or Intercom) so you do not miss it. It is well-matched with most BT units and features glove-friendly water-resistant controls.

The helmet offers one of the improved sound tape player options we have seen approximately too, and the full stereo sound can be quite immersive.

Effectual Communication

When roving in groups, it becomes easier said than done to communicate with your fellow riders. The wind sound cuts through your right to be heard leaving no room for the announcement. So, there is no option other than taking manifold hole in the ground stops.

The ILM Bluetooth Helmet offers a 1000 Feet Intercom service from qualification to qualification. This requires the other rider to be linked to the same service (any ILM Bluetooth helmet) as well.

So, you need not shout anxiously on the road to get your friend’s concentration. Just speak to them via the helmet is intercom.

Suppresses Wind Sound

If you are worried the wind noise will mess with the sound knowledge, this helmet manages that feature as well. With 2 Built-in speakers with full tape player sound the helmet also offers DSP Echo annulment and Noise repression technology.

This allows you to enjoy the Bluetooth feature without much trouble. The sleek design works wonderfully to minimize wind sound.

Appropriate for Different Conditions

The helmet offers the soothe of both a summer helmet and a winter helmet crowded into one. How? There are three adaptable air intakes to ensure the best exposure to air. That is right, adaptable air-eating vents.

So, you can regulate the vents to allow more exposure to air on hot summer days and close them to keep you temperate during winter.

These adjustable air intakes for proper exposure to air make this helmet at ease to wear in all weather conditions. The ILM Bluetooth included modular helmet is great if you like taking long rides or tours. 

Immense Field of Vision 

This modular helmet by ILM comes with two visors–internal and exterior. The external shield lifts right up when you turn over it open. On the other hand, you can slide down the internal protection very easily using a switch on the side of the helmet.

The outside visor is scrape resistant making the ILM Flip-Up helmet one of the best lids in the market. The setting up of the shields works in perfect sync with the helmet is sleek nature.

Features and Specifications

Helmet Style: Modular full-face helmet 

Weight: 4.4 pounds/ 1.995 kilograms

Expertise: Bluetooth 3.0, One-touch control, 2 Built-in high-quality speakers with full tape player sound

Batteries: 1 Lithium metal batteries

Safety Principles: DOT and ECE certified

3. ILM Full Face Street Bike Helmet

Our readers definitely know this by now, but we do want to highlight the fact that if you are paying well for a product most of the time the products are valuable it.

But that does not mean you should be more disposed towards the contemptible or ill excellence products when you do not want to use up much.

Tremendously cheap products have compromised some way or the other. 90% of the time it is the excellence that has been compromised on and that is when you need to make an aware decision about the product by doing a bit of investigation.

This ILM Full Face Helmet Review is going to help you get an approaching into the features and value of the ILM Full Face motorcycle road bike helmet.

ILM has an extensive diversity of helmets to choose from. From LED lights to neck scarfs to Bluetooth and what not.

You can factually get every feature you can ever picture in your ILM helmet and that too with a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

While some of them are highly-priced they do the job of earning your trust to some degree whereas, the ones that are a little low priced might be apparent as a bit out of the sun but a little bit of research and you might find a gem without on fire a hole in your pocket.

Up afterward, we will be discussing some of the major features of the ILM Street Bike helmet which will help you in deciding if you want to get one physically or not.


The first feature of this ILM Dual Visor Helmet has to be the corpse, its design, and its look. To begin with, this is a full-face model and ticks off all the boxes of the new-age features. The pink on the cake is its price which is under $80, an amazing deal.

The mixture of it is price and quality has now set a standard for other companies who are in this business and are flourishing to provide good quality products to their customers with every day passing.

The ABS shell of this helmet has an advanced frivolous feature for adding comfort to the already existing individuality of this helmet.

The significant feature of most of the ILM Helmets is the sleek design that is a basic one but very necessary and amazing that cannot be compromised with.

This sleek design is accountable for ornamental swiftness and plummeting the wind sound. Moreover, though the helmet is priced decently it looks luxurious and feels more high-tech as well.

Once you see it you won’t be able to deduct the price.

Visor: ILM Helmet

When you check out the dissimilar helmets available in the market for riders you will come to know that they are not at all CHEAP and when it comes to astonishing features like these you can well picture them now.

But, if you are obstinate about not compromising with the quality ILM is always there. For example, helmets from other brands in this price variety either come with a clear visor or a smoked visor. You can only decide on one.

But, this appraisal brings to you a helmet that provides you with both the reimbursement at a price you would not find anywhere else.

Moreover, these visors are anti-scrape and anti-fog which speaks of the quality and reminds you that it is going to last you an extended time.

So, still, if the helmet falls a few times the visors are going to be safe and scrape less. However, we should tell you that the anti-fogging outside layer on the second visor does not stand out much for us.

On the other hand, riders who go on long trips with their bikes and do not care about whether it is twilight or dawn are going to be grateful for the two visor agreement here.


We have harassed on the fact before as well that the weight of a rider helmet is a very significant factor in choosing the right one for you.

Be it wearing the helmet for as the crow flies five to six hours on a long ride or just transport it carelessly when you get off the bike, the weight of the helmet needs to be under a necessary range or you would just end up giving up your money on the wrong place.

The  ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet with detachable Winter Neck Scarf weighs 3 pounds, under 5 pounds, and is less than even the earlier pick. This gives you yet another reason to make sure it is out.


When you buy something new you must have noticed that it feels very painful and overpowering at first but when you try to fit into it and cooperate for the first a small number of times it starts getting better from then.

Now, you can picture the same state of affairs for this helmet from ILM as well. When you buy it and wear it the first few times it feels very painful and maddening but after a few uses, it will be totally fine.

But, if you still want to get at ease with it in the first few times, you can wash the liners, and then you will forget if it had this problem in the first place.

That being said, the liners being easily detachable and washable are the features that carry on in this model as well as the earlier one.

In a nutshell, the stuffing is pretty good, quite at ease, nothing out of the world but not a poor quality as well.

Extras: In the last feature of this ILM Dual Visor Helmet evaluation we are going to cover all the left-off features and let you know.

Firstly, how can we forget the detachable winter neckline duster that is an extra feature in its truest sense but you are going to be grateful for it when the weather turns cool and you are to a great extent looking for a warm piece of clothing.

Other than that, it comes with a quick-release hold onto a system like the earlier one and meets all the DOT safety standards as well. You can choose from seven dissimilar colors namely- blue, surface shine black, matte black, red, silver, white and yellow.

4. Best For Women – GDM DUKE DK-140


Weight: ∼4 lbs

Style: Full face

Material: Poly-alloy

Visors: 2

Safety rating: DOT and FMVSS

Key Features

Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial nylon pads

Quick-release D-ring chin strap

UV-resistant and scratch-proof visors

Smooth design

GDM Duke DK-140 Full-Face Helmet Review

We know you can not decide on a helmet based on looks, but if you are looking for high ratings in both stylishness and safety, the GDM Duke DK-140 is our pick for the fierce female rider.

Its sleek shell shape coupled with its rock-hard construction makes for first-class performance and functionally. Rum our has it, this is the best black matte helmet you can own.

Structure and Style

As the crow flies out of an action movie advertisement, the DK-140 carries much more than just a pleasant appearance in its modern design.

The full-face model is made to quietly encompass your head for maximum comfort and defense, and the chic all-black exterior gives it a personality of its own.

The ergonomic sleek look will without a doubt turn some heads in the hours of daylight, but be careful driving at night if being too not immediately obvious is not what you’re looking for. As much as we love the color, it is, regrettably, the only one available.

If there is anything a smooth helmet design needs, it is a good exposure to the air system to go with it. In conditions of the right balance, the DK-140 doesn’t let down.

This helmet boasts 5 different exposure to air points distributed around its external, keeping both the look and feel fresh with incessant airflow.


GDM has made sure to bunch their Duke DK-140 with an overabundance of features to push the helmet’s presentation up to the utmost.

Two is always better than one, so a dual visor system allows for interchangeability between a UV-protected safeguard and an optically corrected one whenever you have a preference for optimum vision defense.

As well, not only are the inner liner and pads very contented but they are also made of antimicrobial fiber that is easily detachable and washable.

You’ll almost certainly never want to take this helmet off, but thanks to their adaptable designs, GDM has included a double D-ring chin strap that makes it as easy as ever to take the helmet on and off.

The strap also removes the get on your nerves of hanging the helmet when it’s not in use.

The ease of helmet wear is also improved due to it being frivolous. Do not let the weight fool you, though – the helmet’s building is durable, made possible with an advanced composite poly-alloy external. The shell is made to provide you with ultimate defense and take all the hits.

5. Best for Men- 1Storm


Weight: ∼5 lbs

Style: Modular

Material: Hard thermoplastic alloy

Visors: 2

Safety evaluation: DOT

Key Features

Flip-up screen

Anti-reflective and UV-protected visors

Sleek finish

Cushioned plush stuffing

1storm Modular ILM Helmet

If your life, work, or love for motorcycle biking takes you riding on your bike for long hours every day, you will in all probability want a helmet that is at ease and hard-wearing enough to keep you going.

In particular, where there is a hot type of weather, the summer sun, the heat, and sweating could all begin to be a problem if you don’t choose the right helmet that best suits your journey style.

Advantageously, we have brought into being everything that makes a helmet perfect for the hot weather in the 1Storm Modular Helmet.

This model position as one of the highest in terms of breath-ability, backed by its comfort, resourcefulness, and long-lasting staying power.

Wrapped in a sleek look, the flip-up helmet which serves both quality design and well-organized purpose makes it a pinch.

A Squall in The Market

A full-face helmet is a go-to for many safety reasons, but the adaptability of a modular model is dangerous to beat. The flexibility of the flip-up design that grants you the option of exposing your face makes the 1Storm Modular helmet a strong competitor in the market.

Not to mention it is dual visors allow you to easily change sandwiched between its clear and smoky shields with the turnover of a switch.

The clear shield provides great safety and sound extinction when locked down, offering good visibility and defense from wind, bugs, debris, or even rain from incisive the helmet.

1Storm has put a lot of thought into this helmet: the misty visor is also UV-resistant and is perfect for defense in bright, sunny circumstances.

In terms of supplementary features, we had have loved for this helmet to have built-in Bluetooth. Luckily enough, if you have your own set the 1Storm Modular helmet incorporates three spots for your speakers and intercom plans, making it easy to stay in touch or enjoy music on the journey.

Making an allowance for its tremendously reasonably priced, this helmet follows up its promise of protection while saving you hundreds of dollars, which is attractive great.

Breathable Design

What makes this helmet such a good option for heater weather is the plenty of quality features that make it as breathable as it is.

For example, the outer shell is made out of a hard thermoplastic alloy that prevents the heat from incisive. The plastic shell is long-lasting, although we would not trust it is defense at very high speeds.

The 1Storm also in addition features plush interior stuffing to keep your face and head contentedly.

The cushioned, shock-absorbent pads make available an extra coating of collision protection, and the detachable liner has the advantage of professionally wicking sweat away so you can keep dry and cool.

This helmet is ultimately breathable and smooth design is made complete with good exposure to air control so that airy flow keeps you comfortable for hours on end.

So What Should You Seem for in a Helmet?

Initially, It is approximately always safer to choose a full-face helmet, not a half or three-quarter helmet.

The DOT normal and the tougher Snell standard, which is still contentious in the bike group of people– some people feel that the Snell test. Encourages manufacturers to make helmets harder.

Which may in point of fact cause more unnecessary head injuries in more ordinary low-impact smashes. At a standstill, there is no hesitation that a Snell-certified helmet offers more protection than a DOT one.

Make Clear in Your Mind it Fits

Fit is necessary; what needs to fit is the EPS pool liner, not the comfort liner. When you try on a helmet, first make tighter the chin fastening so that only two fingers can fit between the fastening and the head.

After that check that there are no gaps at the top, front, back, or sides of the helmet.

When you turn around the helmet, your cheeks should be in motion; if the helmet moves or slips when you turn around it or move your head up or down, it is not a high-quality fit.

To test the strength of the chin strap, look down towards your chest, and try to push the back of the helmet up. If it does be in motion up, keep looking for a better-fitting helmet.

Be Watchful with the Sound

Non-safety factors that also make a big dissimilarity in a helmet is quality comprise the feel of the safety liner, the quantity of airflow, and the size and profile of the eye-opening.

Weight is more a soothe factor than a safety factor, although heaviness may also make a dissimilarity in positive misfortune situations.

Buying Guide

An ILM helmet is a type of motorcycle helmet that is designed to provide riders with maximum protection and comfort while riding. If you are planning to buy an ILM helmet, here are some things to keep in mind:

Safety Features

The primary purpose of any helmet is to protect your head in the event of an accident. Look for a helmet that meets the safety standards set by your country’s regulatory body, such as DOT, ECE, or Snell. Additionally, look for helmets with features like multiple density EPS liner, reinforced chin strap, and a secure visor mechanism.

Fit and Comfort

A helmet that fits well is essential for both safety and comfort. Consider the size and shape of your head when choosing a helmet, and ensure that it fits snugly without being too tight. Look for helmets with removable and washable liners to keep your helmet clean and fresh.

Style and Design

ILM helmets come in a variety of styles and designs, so choose one that fits your preferences. You can opt for a full-face, half-face, or modular helmet, depending on your riding style and preference. Some helmets also come with additional features like Bluetooth connectivity, sun visors, and air vents.


Visibility is crucial when riding a motorcycle, and a helmet with a clear, scratch-resistant visor can make a significant difference. Look for helmets with anti-fog and UV protection coatings to ensure clear visibility in all weather conditions.


Finally, consider the price of the helmet. ILM helmets are available at different price points, so choose one that fits your budget without compromising on safety and comfort.

By considering these factors, you can find an ILM helmet that is both safe and comfortable to wear, and suits your riding style and budget.


Q. Are ILM helmets DOT approved?

A. ILM DOT Approved Full Face Motorcycle road Bike Helmet with detachable Winter Neck Scarf + 2 Visors.

Q. How do you measure your head for an ATV helmet?

A. To best get hold of the measurement for your helmet size, use a fashion design measuring ribbon and measure the perimeter around your head from 1 above your eyebrows to the fullest part of your cranium.

Again, follow the sizing chart guidelines for each detailed helmet to choose your correct size.

Q. Are expensive motorcycle helmets worth it?

A. Up to a positive point, yes. As development is luxurious, by buying something more expensive, you will potentially be getting a more thought-out helmet, with better soothe, aerodynamics, and maybe somewhat safer.

Q. Are more expensive bike helmets safer?

A. If you journey lots or on technical trails, a more expensive helmet will suit you better (as a guide, over $80).

Spending this amount will signify that you get a helmet with greater treatment to protect more of your head and will it will generally come with impact defense/ slip hydroplane technology.

Q. Are open face helmets dangerous?

A. The open face helmets are safer than not wearing any helmet at all. On the other hand, they might not be as safe as wearing a full-face helmet.

Closing Words

At the present that we are at the end of our ILM modular helmet review, you can see that a sub-$100 modular helmet can be meaningful, depending on your type.

Of course, the be short of visor sealing, high wind sound, and unstable face shield screws tell us a message that this helmet is appropriate for daily commutes, but not the best helmet for on the road.

Well, when you believe it is price, that’s not such a dreadful thing, as you get even more than what you pay for! If you are ready for a few small modifications before riding, we enthusiastically recommend this helmet!

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