The Best Electric Scooter Helmet for 2024 (Top Rated Review)

Safety First Comes! The best electric scooter helmet takes many forms for head safety. The first line of protection and the most popular way to keep you safe on an electric scooter journey is through protective gear.

Here, a mixture of knee guards, helmets, and prod pads can help to keep you protected. However, of all the defensive gears, none is as vital as an electric scooter helmet. A great helmet for an Electric Scooter is necessary to keep your head secluded against crashes, falls, and impacts.

Best Electric Scooter Helmet

Electric Scooter Helmet

Since electric scooters have been recognized as an efficient and tolerable mode of transportation, the need to ensure safety when riding is never more crucial. The most critical protective equipment for electric scooters is helmets.

What is the Electric Scooter’s Helmet?

In this complete guide, we go over everything you should know about electric scooter helmets, including their value and aspects to be considered when selecting the desirable option for your needs.

Why You Need an Electric Scooter Helmet

Electric scooters are a great and effective way of navigating cities, but they come with inherent dangers. Based on various research studies, the head injury is one of the most frequent and severe injuries sustained by the case of an electric scooter accident. Helmets significantly decrease the possibility of a head injury and are vital equipment for any rider.

A helmet for electric scooters has been created to provide more excellent protection than conventional bicycle helmets. These helmets are designed to stand up to a greater force of impact, considering electric scooters’ increased speed and unique driving dynamics. The features of the excellent Electric Scooter Helmet If you are looking to find a perfect helmet for electric scooters, certain key aspects should be taken into consideration:

1. Safety Standards and Certifications

Ensure your helmet complies with safety standards similar to CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) or ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). The certifications prove the helmet is examined and verified to provide sufficient security.

2. Material and Construction

Premium helmets are built with durable components such as polycarbonate to make the outer shell and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam to create the inner layer. This combo efficaciously helps to absorb and disperse the force of impact, thus reducing the possibility of injuries to your head.

3. Fit and Comfort

A properly fitting helmet is crucial for security and comfort. Find adjustable straps with padding and a dial that can be adjusted to ensure your helmet fits perfectly on your head but is manageable. Also, ventilation is essential to stay cool on the rides.

4. Sun and Visor Protection

Certain electric scooter helmets include a visor to shield your eyes from sunlight, the wind, and dirt. This can improve your experience on the road, especially during sunny or windy weather.

5. “Visibility Features” Many modern helmets have reflective elements and LED lights to boost the visibility of other motorists, particularly under low light conditions. Improved visibility is vital to making sure that accidents are avoided.

Popular Types of Helmets For Many electric scooters, helmets are appropriate for riding. The most well-known choices:

1. Half Shell Helmets

The helmets are affixed to the upper part of the head and offer additional adequate airflow. They’re lightweight and comfy, making them an ideal option for casual people. However, they help by providing less security than full-face helmets.

2. Full-face helmets are designed to cover your entire head, including your chin and face, the most effective degree of safety, and are perfect for speedy driving or off-roading. The helmets are generally more heavy and are less air-conditioned than others.

3. Modular Helmets

 Modular helmets provide a choice between full-face and half-shell helmets. They feature a chin bar that flips up, permitting riders to swap between full-face protection and an open-face style. They are an absolute favorite with electronic scooter users.

4. Skate Style helmets

The skateboarders’ helmets influenced them. These helmets provide the perfect balance between safety and fashion. They protect the rear of the head more than conventional bike helmets and are sleek and minimalist in style.

Tips to Maintain your Electric Scooter Helmet: Routine maintenance is vital to ensure that your helmet will give you the perfect protection. These are a few tips to follow:

1. “Regular Inspection Examine for signs of wear, tear, or any damage. If you notice anything, you need to get a new helmet.

2. Clean properly

Apply moderate soap, water, and mild detergent to clean the shell’s outer and interior padding. Beware of harmful chemicals that could cause damage to the material.

3. Storage

Keep the helmet in an excellent, dry location protected from intense sunlight. Overheated temperatures can damage the structure of your helmet.

4. Replacement

The helmets must be replaced at least every 3 to 5 years or right after a collision, even if there is any visible damage.

A helmet for electric scooters is a crucial safety item that makes a significant distinction in securing your head from injury during rides. If you know the basics of an electric scooter’s helmet and identify the features you should look for, you can make a well-informed choice that improves your security and enjoyment on the road.

If you’re looking for an open-face, half-shell, Skate-style, or modular helmet, it is essential to pick one that has the safety requirements, is comfortable, and matches your riding style. Be sure to take care of safety and enjoy the joy and freedom of confidently riding an electric scooter.

Type of Helmet for Best  Electric Scooters?

For the journey, an electric scooter with a helmet ranging from bicycle to motorcycle type can be suitable, depending on your speed and risk.

The following types of helmets are appropriate and listed in order of greater than ever level of defense:

1. Bicycle

2. Downhill

3. E-bike or Motorcycle

1. Bicycle-The Best Helmet for Protection

For journeys under 20 mph and in low-risk conditions, helmet bicycle safety principles are suitable.

Bicycle helmets are the lightest, smallest, and best electric scooter helmets. They come in a lot of styles and price ranges to match your needs. You can even get a failed electric scooter helmet that can be expediently stored and unfolded when needed.

In the U.S.A., the appropriate standards are US CPSC Bicycle, Snell B90A, and Snell B95. These standards are all moderately similar, with the Snell B95 being the most severe.

The standards say aloud performance on the various crash, strap yank, and roll-off tests as well as head reporting requirements.

2. Downhill or BMX Helmet for More Protection

If you are journeying below 20 mph and want more protection, but are not ready for a motorcycle or e-bike helmet, then a downhill helmet meeting ASTM 1952 or ASTM F2032 is the next step up.

Downhill and BMX-certified helmets are experienced to higher crash ratings. If they are full-face helmets, such as the one pictured on top of them, the chin bar is also power tested.

These helmets will offer more protection than a bicycle helmet but are not fairly as unwieldy as an e-bike or motorcycle. They also are inclined to be lighter, better ventilated, and more comfortable.

3. E-bike or Motorcycle Helmet for Even More Protection

For a journey on top of 20 mph (32 km) or in higher-risk circumstances, a helmet meeting the Dutch NTA-8776 e-bike standard or a motorcycle helmet meeting Snell M-2005, Snell M-2010, or DOT FMVSS-218 will give you the utmost protection possible.

These types of helmets are inclined to be better and heavier than bicycle or downhill helmets.

However, they will give you the most head resistance possible. If you are riding your scooter in high speed, off-road, or risky conditions then this is the only type of helmet you should consider.

The Best Electric Scooter Helmet Review for 2024

We will give the impression of being the best choice in each category of helmets:

1. Full Face Helmet

2. ILM Off-Road Dual-Sport

3. Modular Helmet

4. MMG Open Face Helmet

5. Half Helmet

6. Bike Helmet

After that, we will pick and choose two options from each: best quality, and best value. That will give us a total of the 6 best helmets for electric scooters.

1. Full Face Helmet- Shoei RF-SR

While it is not necessary to wear a full-face helmet at the same time as a journey electric scooter, it will offer more protection in case of an accident or a crash.

If you will mostly be journey your scooter in a built-up area, then we recommend that you opt for full-face helmets because they will provide more defense in the crazed, traffic-ridden environment.

However, if you live in an inhabited area where the streets are usually devoid of vehicles, then there’s no need to go for full-face helmets. That thought always chooses a helmet that you are at ease wearing 100 percent of the time.

Shoei is a Japanese producer of premium, high-quality helmets. This comes with all the well-known perks that many Japanese products come with – fanatic devotion to making the best possible product. They have been a market person in charge for more than 50 years.

They manufacture helmets for motorcycles primarily. That is great news for our scooters, as those types of helmets are the safest, most carefully tested, and always conform to the recognized safety standards.

The Shoei RF-SR is one of their top helmets.

2. ILM Off-Road Dual-Sport

If you are looking for a reasonably priced full-face helmet, then consider the ILM Off-Road Dual-Sport which offers a boatload of benefits.

To begin with, it was designed for tremendous sports, which means that it can endure the most horrible of falls off the fastest adult electric scooters and handle the harshest of abuse possible. Exposure to air is a huge plus point of this full-face helmet.

Your head is kept cool, dry, and sweat-free via the smooth air intake system that circulates hot air out and allows cool air to come in.

While the design is subjective, few will not love the tremendous sports style that reflects this ILM helmet’s dirt bike, mountain bike, and ATV heritage.


1. Very durable

2. Made for extreme sports

3. Keeps elements out with full-face coverage


1. Not all and sundry will love the rough road look

3. Modular Helmet-HJC IS-MAX II

Modular helmets are anywhere between full and open-face helmets. HJC is one of the most excellent helmet manufacturers when it comes to these types of helmets.

They are based in South Korea and have a lot of factories in Korea and Vietnam, producing more than one million helmets every year. They have been perfecting their 40-step procedure for over 50 years now.

The HJC IS-MAX II is one of their most popular, best-selling helmets. It is made first and leading for motorcycle journey.

The fabric used for the shell is a highly developed poly-carbonate. It has an adjustable chin bar, and thanks to the CAD knowledge it provides great comfort and fits perfectly. The shield release instrument is very simple, it is just one button.

The optically superior pin lock face shield will give you 95% UV protection. You can choose between several different shield shades, and the smoke shade is the coolest one.

You will get great exposure to air and airflow at all times, all the heat, steam, and dampness will be expelled with the channeling exposure to the air system. The interior is continually kept cool and has anti-bacterial protection.

The helmet weighs on the subject of 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg. The sound from the wind is almost completely gone, except for riding at very high speeds. The HJC IS-MAX II is DOT-certified, and fully acquiescent with the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218.

4. MMG Open Face Helmet

Yet another excellent helmet while journey your electric scooter is the MMG Open Face Helmet. It not only comes with a windshield but also a visor that protects your eyes from the sun’s glare and any sort of flying wreckage.

What is additional, the visor is retractable thanks to the flip-up knowledge. Other important fundamentals of this helmet include vents that allow for maximum breathability thanks to easy airflow.

When mutual with inner luxurious padding, the helmet offers excellent moisture-wicking capabilities and top-notch comfort. The padding is washable as well, thus resulting in odor-free wear aptitude of the helmet for longer periods. Rounding up the features is the square-type D-ring strap holder that keeps the adjustable fastening in place.


1. Snug and comfy fit

2. Lightweight

3. Durable


1. The inner padding isn’t removable

5. Half-Shell Helmets for Electric Scooters

A half-shell helmet allows you to enjoy the wind in your face while journeying along. These helmets have a retro look and experience.

Because they do not cover the complete head, they are the lightest types of helmets. Half-shells do not protect the complete face but are also more resourceful when it comes to the field of vision and exposure to air.

6. Mokfire Bike Helmet

If you are looking for the most excellent electric scooter helmet for your scooter that has top speeds of 20 miles/hour or lower, then go for the Mokfire Bike Helmet.

This usual bicycle helmet offers a mixture of affordability, style, and protection and is comfortable, sleek, and tremendously lightweight.

What makes the Mokfire so interesting is its adaptability – it will look good on urban commutes as well as your off-the-road commutes for scenery examination.

Thanks to the durable ABS plastic shell, the helmet keeps your head private even in low-speed situations. In conclusion, the bike helmet does excellent even on the venting end. It boasts obscured channels that efficiently push hot air out of the helmet at the back while bringing in cool air from the front.

Thus, your head is reserved and free of all sweat and is cool and dry throughout your ride.


1. Ground-breaking dial adjustment for worldwide fit

2. Smooth commuter aesthetics

3. Lightweight

Available in many colors


1. Not appropriate for top speeds over 20 miles/hour

How to Decide on an Electric Scooter Helmet

The best helmet for you satisfies two criteria:

1. It offers you enough protection for your speed and journey types

2. You always wear it

While wearing a helmet is mostly a matter of habit, you still need to get a helmet that you will wear the entire time. This is critical. That is why there is an enormous safety vs. comfort discussion going on the whole time.

First, start by finding out what the law requires you to do. Depending on your country, this will mean your helmet has to meet a certain standard. Pretty much all of the helmets listed here should be fine for every country but double-check before buying to make sure.

Next, consider the type of scooter you have and the type of journey you perform. This means, that if you have an off-road scooter, or ride off-road a lot, you will need an off-road helmet.

Another Type of Helmet

If you only ride off-road some of the time, you can go with also an off-road helmet or another type of helmet. However, an off-road helmet will be unmatched for an off-road journey.

If you can afford it, maybe you can get one helmet for regular rides, and an extra for off-road. If not, I recommend getting the off-road helmet only, since it will provide the best protection.

You may be able to get a modular helmet, but a full-face will be a lot safer and can make a big difference if you suffer a serious accident.

If you ride with intermediate speeds most of the time (18 mph / 30 mph), you should still consider a full face or a modular helmet, since those speeds are no joke either. However, with these speeds, you may think about an open-face helmet as well.

Bike Helmet

Half helmets can only be well thought-out if you rarely ride faster than 15 mph / 25 km, and bike helmets are a good choice if you ride at 12 mph / 20 km the majority of the time.

Keep in mind, that the perfect helmet is the one you wear at all times, not just the one donating the most protection. While it is huge to get the most protection you can, there is no point in getting a super-expensive, feature-full helmet that you will never wear because it is too much work.

At a standstill, if you’re after the most protection possible, and can get used to any helmet, the comprehensible choice is a full-face helmet.

For me at least, everything is more enjoyable when I know I am doing everything I can to be as safe as I can. As a final point, you will pick your size, your fit, and your color.

Why Do We Need to Wear a Helmet When Journey an Electric Scooter

Exhausting a helmet every time you go journey your scooter, even if it is just to run down to the bend for the morning paper is a habit you should practice.

Just like you mechanically reach over your shoulder for the seat belt in a car, your hand should automatically reach for the helmet every time your opinion turns to go out for a journey on your electric scooter.

Yes, there’s the out-of-the-ordinary one out who thinks they look like a dork when wearing a helmet. I would rather look dorky and be flesh and blood with a fully functional brain than cool bareheaded one minute and a drooling vegetable or not as good as, a cold corpse the next. Mishaps can happen at any time.

Keep in mind, that on an electric scooter, you are touching much faster than on a kick scooter, and your body is, therefore, open to the elements to exponentially more danger.

Buying Guideline

The Best Electric Scooter helmets are of different types. You can decide any one of them for your kid.

But here are some ready-to-lend hand tips for you that will help you to buy the most suitable Helmet for you and your kid to ensure the safety of you and your baby.


Size is one of the most important factors before buying a Helmet. All the Helmets are not comparable sized.

So, you must test the size of the Helmet by wearing it to you and your baby or taking the dimensions of you and your kid’s head.


Most of the Helmets are made with hard plastic. You must choose a long-lasting Helmet that will provide better defense. The Helmet must have padded and bubble construction into it to save the kid from any facial injury.


If the Helmet is movable, it will be in motion around or fall off. If the Helmet is too tight, you and your kid will feel uneasiness. So, you should buy a Helmet which will regulate the head of your kid completely.


Padded and foam building in the Helmet ensures the comfort of the kid. Vents are also equally important to provide air movement into the Helmet which helps the head of your kid to remain cool while journeying on the scooter.


You must choose the Helmet which has straps that will attach the Helmet tightly to the head of the kid with no chance of falling.

Price and Warranty

Most of the Helmets are cheap and reasonably priced. You will get an immense Helmet within your budget. There are diverse types of guarantees given by the manufacturers from 30 days to natural life. Whatever the warranty, you must not buy a Helmet without a warranty.


Q. Do you need a full-face helmet for a scooter?

A. Usual open-face helmet won’t defend your jaw and face. We recommend that electric scooter riders decide on full-face helmets because they will provide more protection.

However, some people do not find them at ease. Always choose a helmet that is comfortable that you will wear 100% of the time.

Q. Which type of helmet is best?

A. Full-Face Helmet: The full-face helmet offers the most reporting around your head and neck and is well-thought-out the safest type of motorcycle helmet to protect you from possible impact.

A unique feature of the full-face helmet is the chin bar, which is a key safety feature that many helmets are deficient in.

Q. How tight should a full-face helmet be?

A. A correct-sized full-face helmet should feel comfortable on your head and should not move back and onward or side to side when you move your head.

One method to test if a helmet is appropriate for you right or not when you put the helmet on is the front should be no more than a move slowly above your eyebrows.

Q. Which Color helmet is best?

A. What is the most excellent color for a motorcycle helmet? White is the most excellent color for a motorcycle helmet.

Experts have found that white motorcycle helmets are the safest and most able-to-be-seen helmets a motorcycle qualification can use. White helmets are associated with a 24% lower risk of crash-related injuries compared to black helmets.

Q. Are expensive helmets worth it?

A. Up to a convincing point, yes. As development is luxurious, by buying something more costly, you will potentially be getting a more thought-out helmet, with better comfort, aerodynamics, and maybe to some extent safer.

Final Thoughts

As the journey world transitions from putting the boot into electronic scooters, buying and wearing a helmet is becoming a bound-to-appear fact.

The preliminary whining we heard only a few years ago of people saying, “It makes me look like a sissy!” is changing. Now, the fool is the macho guy trying to pull aerobatics while journeying without a helmet.

All it takes to be part of the new cold is to treat your body with admiration and care – spread the word!

I hope you enjoyed reading my article. If you have comments or reactions or would like to advise another helmet, I will be very pleased to hear from you in the comments! Now it’s your turn!

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