The Top 10 Jackson Welding Helmet Review (Best of 2024)

As all of us realize Jackson’s helmet is the sincere sort of high-quality helmet. The Jackson Welding Helmet Review of Each helmet is made uniquely, for a particular purpose.

If you are seeking to hunt out the only Jackson welding helmet then, the number one step is to exercise session which will shape your finances and requirements.

All through this text, we are going to speak about all the most excellent Jackson welding helmets with their distinguished nice and poor points.

Jackson Welding Helmet Review

So, you may without problems compute your high-quality one. Jackson Safety will be a department of Kimberly-Clark Professional, supplying relied-on welding helmets all through a large sort of layout and options.

From passive helmets to auto-darkening helmets to alternative components that provide the one’s helmets an alternative life, the only Jackson welding helmet critiques can let you turn out to be greater efficient with each assignment you are taking on.

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What is Jackson Welding Helmet

The Jackson welding helmet is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) used by welders to protect their face, eyes, and neck from welding-related hazards such as bright arc light, sparks, and debris. Jackson is a well-known brand that produces a range of welding helmets known for their durability, comfort, and safety features.

The Jackson welding helmet typically features a tough outer shell made of durable materials such as high-impact plastic or metal, which protects against impact and heat. It also has a darkened lens or filter that automatically darkens upon exposure to the bright light of a welding arc, helping to protect the welder’s eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation.

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Some Jackson welding helmets also come with additional features such as adjustable headgear for a comfortable fit, a wide viewing area for better visibility, and variable shade settings that allow the welder to adjust the darkness of the lens depending on the welding process and material being welded.

The Jackson welding helmet is a popular choice among welders due to its reputation for quality and performance in providing adequate protection for the face and eyes during welding operations. It is important for welders to always follow proper safety practices and wear appropriate PPE, including a welding helmet, to protect themselves from the hazards associated with welding.

List of Top 10 Jackson Welding Helmet Review for 2024

Picture Name of Product Rating Viewing Area (Inches) Price
Jackson Safety W10 Passive Lift Front Welding Helmet 4.5 4.25×2.0 $40
Jackson Safety SmarTIGer Variable ADF Helmet 4.5 4.75 x2.25 $221
HSL-2 2″ X 4 1/4″ Lift Front Black Shadow 4.8 4.25×2.0 $41
Jackson Safety TrueSight II Digital Auto Dark Helmet 4.8 3.25×4.0 $148
Jackson Safety 46131 Insight 4.6 3.93×2.36 $141
Jackson Safety BH3 Auto Dark Welding Helmet w/ Balder Tech 4.6 3.25×4.0 $254
Jackson Safety Fixed Shade HSL-100 Welding Helmet 4.1 3.50 x3.25 $199
Jackson Safety Insight Variable Auto Dark Helmet 4.8 3.93×2.36 $178
Jackson Safety Element Fixed Shade ADF Helmet 3.8 3.25×2.00 $52
Jackson HSL Lift Front Black Shadow Welding Helmet 4.8 4.25×2.0 $141

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The 10 Jackson Welding Helmet Review for 2024

What time do you check the costs, it is clear that Jackson’s helmets are reasonable. Homeowners and skilled welders can purchase them. Of course, the stipulation may not be the simplest on the market. But they are still satisfactory—also the lower cost.

When it comes to functionality, Jackson aims to incorporate useful things. Ranging from goals to robustness, users get an abundance of detail. not to mention that the design is easy and light. Like everything, there are downsides. Yet they are by no means serious.

On the whole, these are commendable models. They last a long time and are reliable. This is often what is desired to remain protected during welding.

 So in the next few paragraphs, we will present the best models of this brand. In addition, we will discuss their features, advantages, and disadvantages. Good fun!

10. Jackson Welding Helmet: HSL Lift Front Black Shadow Welding Helmet

This is an additional lift design featured by Jackson Safety, but in red and slightly heavier at 2.05 lbs. It has full neck protection, which can be a definite plus, but the headset load tends to settle around the neck in just a few minutes.

We liked the because it performs well in tight spaces, performs as it should, and the helmet construction is of high quality. If you are looking for an aftermarket or student headset, this is what you need.

This HSL welding helmet is ideal for working in confined spaces thanks to it is ingenious shell design. This design is slim while still providing a large 2 “x 4.25” viewing window.

The window area features a raised face and is ideal for the price-conscious welder. This Jackson welding helmet offers a clear and transparent view of the welding basin and comes with a 10-shade polycarbonate filter.

Physical Hazards

1. Withstands 350 degrees of happy heat

2. Ideal for students, hobbyists, and inspectors

3. Adaptable with a hard hat

4. Meets ANSI Z87.1

5. Meets CSA

6. CE marked


SKU JK3002507-EA
MPN 3002507
Welding Helmet Color Black

09. ADF Jackson Helmet: Fixed Shield ADF Helmet with Safety

Element If welding projects do not require a recurring flash defense booster, there is no point in taking a position during a multi-tone ADF lens. A fixed tint helmet that gives you a grind mode so you just get the quick dimming optics you will need for your model.

Motorized by solar energy and equipped with 2 self-adjusting sensors, the helmet can be a little sensitive to obstacles and sunlight. However, if you are welding outdoors during a workshop, this is often a great value purchase to think about.

Jackson Safety Element Welding with Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF) provides consumer welders with essential functionality at an affordable price.

 It has a tough and fast Shade 10 lens, with two independent sensors, so you can get the job done right. Plus, it runs on solar power, so you never have to worry about batteries. The Jackson Safety Element welding helmet meets ANSI Z87.1.

The Jackson Safety Element Helmet Congregation is packaged in 4 units per box and meets ANSI Z87.12010, CSA standards.

It offers a display width of 3.78 and a display height of 1.65. Comes with a hard and fast shadow lens. Some SKUs in this group support a wide range of power supplies and power sources.


Brand: Jackson Safety

Product Type: Welding Helmet Assemblies

Series: WH30 Series

Lens Type: Fixed Shade

Viewing Area Width: 3.78 in

Viewing Area Height: 1.65 in

Power Source: Solar

Resistant Properties: Impact-Resistant

Number of Sensors: 2

ADF Light State: Shade 4

ADF Dark State: Shade 9 to Shade 13

Trade Name: Element

Package Quantity: 4 units per box

Case Quantity: 4 units per box

Standards Met: ANSI Z87.1-2010CSA

08. Jackson Safety Welding Helmet: Insight Variable Auto Dark Helmet

We respected the design of this welder’s helmet. It still offers full face protection, but with a slim design that provides more consistency.

The digital helmet controls are easy to use and coordinated with the 3.93 x 2.36-inch viewing area suitable for almost any welding, grinding, or cutting process.

There are also 4 arc sensors on this helmet, a rarity at this price, and you have compassion and delay adjustments that provide different durations that will be used. Easily a solid value buy. Jackson Safety Insight Variable ADF welding helmet, star, and scar graphics.


This Jackson Safety Ultra Lightweight Hlx100 Insight welding helmet consists of four independent sensors with lithium batteries, positioned to reduce the risk of jamming during welding.

Design: This ADF helmet has a viewing area of 3.94 In. X 2.36 In. And it offers an unobstructed view during all stages of the welding process, without lifting the hood.

Clean View: With shades ranging from 9 to 13, this helmet features easy-to-use digital controls and sensitivity and delay settings for various activities and times, allowing welders to enjoy visibility and improved color recognition.

Certified Protecting the eyes of energy users while welding or grinding, this product is efficient and economical because it meets ANSI Z87.1 2010 standards and is CSA compliant. Fab number 46 101.


Make & Model
Brand Jackson Safety
Country of Origin VIETNAM
UPSC 46181711
UPC 626053606480
UPC Code 626053606480
Packaging Dimensions Height 14.500 Length 9.130 Size Measure IN Weight 2.700 Weight Measure LB Width 10.250 Certifications & Standards.
Ability                                           One  
ADA                                             Approved  
GSA                                             Scheduled  
Made in the                                 USA  
Meets ANSI / OSHA                    Standards  
TAA/BAA                                   Compliant  
UL                                            Listed  

07. Jackson Fixed Shade Welding Helmet: HSL100

Welding Helmet: This welding helmet provides a traditional # 07 shade in the filter frame and therefore the cover plates are factory-installed. You just download this headset, fit it to your head, and then you can merge.

In the future, if you think you can improve yourself with an ADF product, you will trade the filters for Insight, NextGen, or TrueSight II to take advantage of the trendy shading technologies available in our company.

Design: The Jackson Safety Fixed Shade Welding Helmet (W10 HSL 100) features a slim shell design that is perfect for adding tight spaces; Shading grade 10 filter cover and canopy plates are factory installed.

Adaptable: This durable shield is flexible, and comfortable and offers an oversized field of view for a clear view of the weld pool; for use in MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding, arc welding, or TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding.

Adaptable: This product is also flexible for upgraded Jackson security ADFs such as Insight, NexGen, and TrueSight II.

06. Jackson Safety Welding Helmet: BH3 Auto Dark W / Balder Tech Welding Helmet

The Jackson Safety BH3 Auto Sunning (ADF) Filter Lens has the highest EN379 (1/1/1/1) ratings for visual clarity, light scattering, variation in light transmission, and raw confidence, so the welder can see from different angles.

The Jackson Safety ADF has a variable darkness range from 9 to 13 to help shield and shield the wearer’s eyes from the happy energy when welding (MIG welding, TIG welding, arc welding).

Is prepared with compassion and time-frame settings for adaptability to different environments and duration of activity.

High-thickness lightweight plastic shell helps protect the wearer’s face, forehead, neckline, and ears from welding sparks and splashes; The Sleek, curved front cover plate provides heat buildup, glare, and reduced fogging better than HSL 100.

Meets ANSI / ISEA Z87.1 + for mass impact protection and use of welding and DIN Plus requirements for build quality.

Comes with 3 harness settings for an ability to accommodate a variety of welders and jobs; is compatible with exaggerated filters and helmets.


1. Improved viewing angle

2. Improved visibility and color recognition

3. Variable tint (913), adjustable sensitivity, and opening times

4. TIG up to 3 amps

5. Curved front skid plate reduces heat build-up, glare, and fogging

6. Smooth shell designed for better smoke deflection

7. Smooth rounded perimeter for more comfort

8. Quick and easy replacement of safety signs

9. Lightweight

10. Auto on ADF is always ready to weld

11. Comes with Jackson® Harness 370

12. Meets ANSI Z87.1 High Impact 2010 Revised

13. CE Certificate

14. 5-year warranty on l ‘goal

05. Jackson Safety Welding Helmet: 46131 Insight

This welding helmet brings protection and precision to your office with its smart filters that protect your eyes from the efficient welding look.

Like all of Jackson’s other welding helmets, this one also has the compassion to put in adjustments as steering settings. It has accessible functions, thanks to the 4 reactive sensors which are coated there.

Its enormous closeness to presentation makes examination from all sides less complicated. Easily switch from overload mode to welding mode, then you can use this welding helmet for a collection of welding applications.

Best of all, the value is not deplorable for a helmet with it is excellence and features, making it a very good choice for enthusiasts and comparable experts.


1. Variable shadows to defend and protect the eyes from healthy eating at one point of the fuse

2. The neighborhood vision provides unobstructed perspectives at some point from all ranges of interesting

3.  Capless welding mode. Understanding and keeping changes for different functions and times

4. Fuse and grind mode

5. Four self-contained sensors reduce the possibility of a lockout

6. Operates on lithium battery Low battery indicator

Tests and Approvals

ANSI Z87 .12010; Meets CSA specifications Z94.3, CE (DIN Plus)


Color: Black

Country of Origin: VN

Hazmat: NO

Lens Coating / Color: 913

Cartridge Size: 5.25” x 4 , 5”

Used with HLX one hundred shells; lithium batteries; # 40710 Automatic document feeder; # 4,
Window size three, ninety-three inches x 2.36 inches.

04. Jackson Safety Welding Helmet: TrueSight II Digital Auto Dark Helmet

Instinctive, virtual management panel. Features variable color 5-13, compassion, and holdup adjustments. Large, divide buttons with LED indicators for fuse, Torch, and overwhelm modes.

Four self-governing sensors are placed to lessen the opportunity of obstruction at some point of the weld—no retainer for clean helmet putting in and removal. Two clean-to-update AAA batteries are integrated with a low-battery indicator. Meets ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 compliant.


1. Brand Name: Jackson Safety

2. Description: HLX Welding Helmet w/ TrueSight* II Digital ADF w/ Balder* Technology

3. Unit of Measure: Ea

4. Weight: 2.75

5. Unit Cube Volume: 0.51

6. Safety Gear Pro Catalog Page Number: 132

03. Jackson Safety Helmet: HSL-2 2″ X four 1/four” Lift Front Black Shadow

This is a further carry off the front layout this is available via way of means of Jackson Safety, however in pink and to a degree heavier at 2.05 pounds.

It has complete neck protection, which is a specific bonus, however, the weight of the helmet does generally tend to clear up across the neck in only a few minutes.

We favored it as it works nicely in stretched areas, capabilities because it should, and the development of the helmet is of excessive quality. If you are seeking out a backup or scholar helmet, that is it.


1. Extended the front will increase throat protection from sparks slag and different physical hazards

2. Meets ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z94.3

3. Size 2″ x 4-1/4″ Lift Front

4. Hard hat bendy the usage of 187-S (15968)

02. Jackson Safety ADF Helmet: SmarTIGer Variable ADF Helmet

If TIG welding is your law of choice, then this needs to be your helmet of choice. It works properly for MIG and arc welding too, however, the high-density synthetic shell and shielding abilities are ideal for the TIG law.

We surely just like the bent front of the helmet particularly because it facilitates dispelling the warmth out of your assignment which can increase across the face and neckline.

Fogging and reflections are negligible with this helmet and it withstands splash and slag very properly. It honestly earned our advice.

Defensive customer’s eyes for the duration of MIG, WIG, or ARC welding, this product comes with 3 style accent setup tweaks to match an extensive variety of welding obligations and helps increase filters and tough hats.

With changeable sun sunglasses from nine to 13, this Jackson Safety frivolous SmarTIGer Welding Helmet has compassion and puts off changes for assorted obligations and duration, permitting welders to revel in stepped-forward visibility and color acknowledgment.

DESCRIPTION SmarTIGer Variable ADF Welding Helmet  
MATERIAL(S) ABS / Poly-carbonate Blend 
STYLE Welding Helmet 
DELAY  1/6,666 sec 
COLOR  Torch Dancer  
BRAND  Jackson Safety  
TYPE  Welding Helmet  
LIGHT STATE  Light to Dark  
VIEWING AREA  3.78 x 1.81  
SUSPENSION  Ratcheting  
WELDING HELMET COLOR  Torch Dancer Graphic  

01. Jackson Safety Welding Helmet: W10 Passive Lift Front Welding Helmet

If you are simply starting to discover the way to fuse, there are colleges of ideas that can be available for your non-public safety. Some say that you really can buy the best equipment feasible so you will examine without anxiety.

Others say you must look for low-priced alternatives that won’t fracture your price range as you building up your skills. This helmet follows the latter faculty of consideration. It’s a passive 10-clear-out welding helmet with a boost to the front.

It receives the paintings preventing any bells or whistles and remains pretty snug even as doing so.


1. The thin shell layout makes this best desire for operating in tight seats

2. Lightweight and worry-free

3. Extended the front will increase gullet safety towards sparks, slag, and vapors

4. Withstands radiant warmness as much as 350 F, a minimal 50% development over the maximum different thermoplastic bullets

5. Standard with a color 10 poly-carbonate filler plate and cover plates – mounted on the factory

6. Includes the brand new 270-S headgear

7. 2″ x 4 1/4″ raise the front

8. Meets ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 standards

Buying Guide


At what time do we point out the welding helmet’s imaginative and prescient, we suggest approximately the range of the imaginative and prescient and consequently the general nice of the image.

Seeing far away on the rims of the helmet is not vital. What subjects for the view region is to precisely depict the welding project earlier than the user.

Each welding helmet earlier than its huge available in the marketplace has been given to go through optical tests. In addition, 4 classes are examined. they may be clarity, the fidelity of the angles bends, and color equality.

Each class is graded with numbers from 1 to 3. 1 is the fine and 3 is the lowest score. Of course, if a welding helmet functions a score of 1/1/1/1, then the imaginative and prescient has absolutely the fine nice.


Some helmets have a center or outside knob. These knobs are to be had in one-of-a-kind sizes, too. So, you have to see which one is probably proper for you.

For instance, the knobs, which can be positioned surrounded by, do not supply the welder and get to your nerves and won’t hassle them.

On the opposite hand, welders were given the changes earlier than they began or maybe earlier than they put on the helmet as they’re positioned inside. Outside knobs are regularly used for change at any time.

Further, smaller knobs may not be the most appropriate ones for welders who use protecting gloves.

Type of Lens

Whether it is a changeable or constant kind of lens, capacity customers want to trouble that during their very last judgment, too.

As the call factors out, the changeable color of lenses varies in settlement with the welding project at hand. There are a few helmets whose color variety is pretty 5 assorted sunglasses.

All of that is a way to defend the eyes and guard the welder at some stage in numerous welding processes.

In the constant shadow approach, there’s simply one lens color irrespective of the welding method. the most, not unusual place for constant color lenses is a wide variety of ten in the center of famous brands.


The assurance duration surely approaches something for the entire nice of the helmet. But customers shouldn’t blindly accept it as true and pay no interest to the reviews.

The majority of welding helmets available in the marketplace have assurance intervals of or 3 years. And that’s splendid you may aspire to take care as customers occasionally want to document their product online just so the settlement duration can start and feature an impact.

An extra element is that the assurance is normally associated with what percentage you pay. You would not need to pay a lock for a helmet that has the best year about the settlement. As an alternative, try to get the highest fee for the cash.


There is a preferred illegal rule that customers should not decide for fewer than sensors. You may additionally look for ones that have an utmost of four sensors. Perhaps you are thinking why that is significant.

Extra sensors suggest that the helmet is greater capable of stumbling on arcs as well as lighting and flashes from the welding project. Thus, it is response time is speedier with greater sensors obtainable.

How To Choose Your Jackson Welding Helmet

Jackson Safety organizes its helmets into 4 degrees—aside from the Classic series, the very nice degrees in every tier characteristic Balder.

Technology. Classic: These are passive helmets and locations of revel-in models. Everything else is auto-darkening helmets

Performance: These are ADF helmets with virtual wheels and consequently the HSL100 shell. Insight and SmarTIGer are at some stage in this group

High Performance: These helmets have characteristic analog controls and for this reason the HLX100 shell. The NexGen and BH3 are at some stage in this series

State-Of-The-Art: The TrueSight II is the only helmet at some stage in this level


Q. Are Jackson welding helmets good?

A. Jackson welding helmet reviews are acknowledged for best optics, extraordinary fantastically advanced technology, and market-main comfort. They have a status for durability, especially lasting for years or even many years in tough expert environments.

Q. Where are Jackson welding helmets made?

A. One a number of the handiest motives to decide on a Jackson welding helmet is because of it is the inclusion of Balder technology.

Balder, which produces opt-electronic factors from its headquarters in Slovenia, induces auto-darkening welding to go through a clear-out it is speedy and effective.

Q. How long does a welding helmet close?

A. However, with the right care, maximum auto-darkening helmets need to close you for around seven to ten years.

This extended lifestyle has frequently to attempt to do with the sensors, and lens, which can also additionally be replaced in a few helmets, and with the battery.

Q. Who owns Jackson Welding?

A. Robert Jackson – President – Jackson Welding & Gas Products.

Q. Who makes Jackson welding helmets?

A. Kimberly Clark Professional: Jackson welding helmet review from Kimberly Clark Professional® maintains an exercise of excellence it’s over seventy-five years old.

Final Words

I even have watchfully mentioned those fine Jackson welding helmets and feature defined each helmet with it is distinctive features. All of these helmets are especially appealing and are fine-selling.

Moreover, they are all recognized for their toughness & comfort. This article will help you to decide on the helmet that almost exactly fits your welding needs.

If I proportion my revel in my favorites Jackson helmet inside the center of these is Jackson Safety (46148), HSL one hundred Welding Helmet.

It maximum appropriately suits my flavor and working circumstances. I hope that after studying this article, you have observed you are fine Jackson welding helmet review.

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