The Biltwell Lane Splitter Review for 2024 (Better Guideline)

Hey! Are you ready to protect your head? One of the best helmet Biltwell lane splitter reviews for you.

Helmets are defensive equipment worn to protect the head, skull, or brain from injury in case of an accident and can be worn while riding a motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, or skiing.

Biltwell Lane Splitter Review

Wearing a lane splitter helmet does not assure the avoidance of head injuries, but it will serve as a pillow for the head, thereby plummeting the impact of a head smash in an accident.

Just once in a while, you come across a helmet that makes you fall in love with it at first sight, and that is accurately what the Biltwell Lane splitter will do to you.

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Biltwell Lane Splitter

If you’re seeking different fields or expanding your horizons, you may have seen the word “Biltwell Lane Splitter.” Being aware of the product and its significance in the market could be helpful, especially if you’re contemplating opportunities in the motorbike sector or similar fields. This article will deliver an in-depth review of Biltwell Lane Splitter, its features, and benefits. Biltwell Lane Splitter. It will explain its characteristics as well as its importance.

Introduction to Biltwell Inc.

Before we get into the details about this Lane Splitter, it’s helpful to learn more about its manufacturer: Biltwell Inc. In 2006, the company was founded. Biltwell is now a well-known company in the motorcycling community that produces elegant and practical, critical motorcycle parts and accessories. Their product range comprises handgrips, helmets, handlebar seats, and many others. Biltwell is recognized for its dedication to high-quality and affordable prices, making its products affordable to all users.

Biltwell Lane Splitter

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The Biltwell Lane Splitter is a fully-faced motorcycle helmet designed with fashion, safety, and style at the forefront. It’s among Biltwell’s most well-known products and is renowned for its unique appearance and sturdy design. It is designed to meet the most stringent safety requirements while providing aesthetic appeal and comfort to users.

Key Features of the Biltwell Lane Splitter

1. Safety: The most crucial purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to safeguard the user. It is essential to ensure that the Biltwell Lane Splitter complies with or surpasses DOT (Department of Transportation) safety standards to ensure the safety of its wearer when there is an accident. The helmet’s outer shell is constructed from an injection-molded ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic that is lightweight yet durable.

2. Comfort: Comfort is crucial during long rides; this is precisely what the Biltwell Lane Splitter provides. It has a hand-sewn, washable, removable liner made of brushed Lycra material that helps absorb moisture and keeps the rider’s head cool. The inside is also cushioned with foam, which provides additional convenience.

3. Ventilation: Properly conditioned airflow prevents overheating, particularly during hot temperatures. Its Lane Splitter includes several vents to ensure sufficient airflow. It features a big front on the chin with a mesh screen and extra vents on the top section of the helmet to allow air circulation.

4. Style: Lane Splitter is renowned for its retro-inspired design, which will appeal to a broad range of riders. It has a clean, aerodynamic design and comes in various colors and styles, letting riders select the style that best suits them.

5. Vision: The helmet is equipped with an injection-molded and optically correct shield, which gives clarity of vision. The shield also resists scratches and comes with an anti-fog coating to ensure visibility throughout the weather.

Why is the Biltwell Lane Splitter Popular?

Various factors influence the acclaim of the Biltwell Lane Splitter with motorcyclists.

Style and Aesthetics

One of the most distinctive characteristics of this Lane Splitter is its unique style. The retro style of the helmet makes it stand out from the different helmets available. Fans of vintage-inspired designs are drawn in particular to its aesthetic appeal.


The Biltwell Lane Splitter can be cost-effective compared to other premium motorcycle helmets. It is an excellent choice for those who need quality helmets without breaking the cost. A combination of affordable pricing and top-quality materials is a significant selling factor.

Community and Brand Loyalty

Biltwell has built a solid group of customers who recognize the company’s commitment to excellence and excellent customer service. Lane Splitter Lane Splitter has benefited from the loyalty of its customers, and happy customers frequently suggest the helmet to fellow users.

The Biltwell Lane Splitter offers a full-face motorbike helmet known for its comfort, protection, airflow, style, and price. If you’re an aspiring, skillful interested in the field of motorcycles or are simply seeking to increase your knowledge of the subject, knowing more about it is that the Biltwell Lane Splitter will provide invaluable insight into the marketplace and what it offers. The helmet is a perfect example of Biltwell Inc.’s determination to create fashionable, practical, and affordable motorcycle equipment that meets the demands of various users.

The Biltwell Lane Splitter Review for 2024

About the Biltwell Brand

Billtwell originated in 2006 with a corporate contract to “Drive Motorcycles, Have Amusing” and this Southern California brand has become ever-present with riders observing to try to do fair that.

This streak of old-fashioned helmets and horse-riding fittings has been well-liked at the shop ever subsequently we began resounding them years ago.

The Lane Splitter is shaped with sufficient fashion to turn heads and sufficient first-rate substances to guard the heads that it covers.

The Lane Splitter helmet capabilities a poly-carbonate shell, hinged face defense, removable consolation liner, and Biltwell’s well-known color options.

Crafted about Biltwell’s proprietary ABS outer shell and capabilities a shock- captivating EPS liner with hand-stitched middle padding, cheek pads, and Bio Foam chin bar pillow for consolation.

Vents in the chin bar get the air sleek and consequently, the rear outlet shall we warm air run away. The Lane Splitter defends specific optics and simple hinge workings for pinnacle fashion and simple elimination for alternative or cleaning.

A self-warranty peg and hollow configuration at the left floor of the defense gives an on-the-spot beginning and steady last with a little trumpet blast or difficulty. Mesh wallets are included in the ear recess–ideal for plenty of aftermarket drop-in assertion systems.


1. Meets ECE R22.05 and DOT protection standards

2. Injection-molded ABS outer shell with hand-adorned finish

3. Expanded polystyrene internal shell

4. Hand-sewn detachable brushed Lycra liner with contrasting diamond-stitched quilted open-molecular foam padding

5. Audio wallet in ear recesses

6. Chin curtain included

7. CNC laser reduces poly-carbonate eye port defense with equal aluminum turning factor covers and mounting hardware as Gringo S helmets.

Specifications of Biltwell Lane splitter
Price Range 249.95 – 299.95
Internal Shape Round Oval
Shell Size Splits 2: XS/S/M, L/XL/2XL
Shell Material Polycarbonate
Country of Manufacture China
Weight (medium) 1575g / 3lbs 7.6oz
Safety Certifications DOT, ECE
Bonus Features
Pinlock N/A
Custom Fit Options Cheek Pads
Upgrades Tinted Shields

Biltwell Lane Splitter of Solid Helmet

Increasingly styled and punctiliously tested, our best ECE-licensed helmet can be a pinnacle preference for high-overall performance riders. Comes with an inoculation molded anti-fog clean face protection.

Helmet Fitment: Please comply with the orders in our sizing chart earlier than ordering a substitute helmet inside the equal length of your cutting-edge model.

ECE-licensed helmets in shape greater warmly than comparable US DOT-compliant fashions to meet Europe’s stricter requirements for effect decrease.


1. Vaccination-molded ABS-plastic outer shell is rugged but light-weight

2. Three-piece Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) protection shell dissipates affect masses and fortifies helmet shape without compromising consolation

3. Molded urethane chin bar pad capabilities the front and aspect vents for cooling airflow

4. CE-licensed poly-carbonate protection is anti-fog and anti-scrape for protection and sturdiness

5. Removable/consumable consolation liner and cheek pads function brushed swindle Lycra touch points to take in and dissolve perspiration

6. Strap capabilities brushed fleece Lycra touch points for consolation and an adjustable strap give up the retainer

7. Built-in recesses for numerous aftermarket audio & commas systems

Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet – Gloss Black

The Biltwell Lane Splitter Gloss Black Helmet can be a go-to preference for its combination of fashion and capabilities. It is an abundance of new capabilities for motorbike riders who need consolation, airflow, and defense, as well as exceptional styling.

Gloss Black is one in every of seven colorations inside the Biltwell Lane Splitter series that riders can pick out from.

The Lane Splitter is made about Biltwell’s branded ABS outer explosive and capabilities a shock-soaking up EPS liner with hand-stitched indoor stuffing, cheek pads, and BioFoam chin bar pillow for consolation.

Generous vents inside the chin bar get the air flowing and consequently, the opening inside the lower back shall we warm air run away.

The Lane Splitter Protect boasts extraordinarily correct optics and clean turning factor workings for pinnacle fashion and clean getting rid of for substitute or cleaning. Replacement shields at some point of a kind of coloration and tints are going to be had later this year.

A self-warranty dowel and hollow configuration at the left aspect of the project gives a rapid beginning and stable last with a chunk trumpet blast or complication. Mesh wallets are protected inside the ear recess–best for aftermarket drop-in statement systems.

1. Inoculation-molded ABS outer shell with hand-painted finish

2. Long-drawn-out polystyrene internal shell

3. Hand-sewn detachable brushed Lycra liner w/complementary diamond-stitched quilted open-molecular foam padding

4. Audio wallet in ear recesses

5. Injection-molded, laser CNC reduces poly-carbonate eye harbor protection with equal aluminum turning factor covers and mounting hardware as our Gringo S helmets

6. DOT, ECE approved

Safety is Guaranteed During Rides

By manner of a Lane Splitter helmet glossing black on, you are positive of your protection. You do not want to be critical up there whilst scooting. It comes lightweight despite having an outer shell crafted from injection-molding ABS.

Plus, it capabilities an injection-molding anti-scratch poly-carbonate aluminum turning factor that offers protection and cover for the eye-port.

What’s greater, the Lane Splitter helmet floor shines black and is covered with enough indoor hand-stitched padding, such as cheek and chin bar cushions that deliver soothing and protection.

Comfort is that the Name

You do not need to terrorize long-distance rides because your shoulders are guided with the Lane Splitter helmet. The load is balanced and provides no exhaustion to the neckline and shoulders.

It is within the full insert, stands during a standing position, and sits well on the top. This helmet breathes comfort with great center cheek pads.

The three-piece Expanded Polystyrene Safety (EPS) liner is meant to take in shock. The helmet also comes with mesh audio pockets within the ear recesses to assist infrastructure.

The helmet’s chin fastening is meant with consumable and detachable hand-strewn brushed fleece Lycra liner also as an adjustable end coach to soak up perspiration and provide comfort.

Easy to Line Up, Use, and Wash

An additional thing you discover tremendously devotees around the Lane Splitter helmet is the fixing, which is humble and a super-easy spring-cleaning process.

The optics are precise, with exact aluminum turning point mechanics faultless for straightforward elimination and high design.

The left-hand side self-assurance dowel and fleabag are founded in such how that the untying, spring-cleaning, or combination of the expedient is super-fast and all-in-one.

Incredible Design

The astonishing strategy of the Lane Splitter helmet jumps with the sleek touch of the expedient. The glossy polish dark is out of this world.

Since the hand-painted appearance of the anti-fog and anti-scratch poly-carbonate shields, Biltwell cannot stop wowing his recurrent clientele.

What about the type of forward-facing and sideways vents within the jaw saloon that cools off airflow and permit hot air to run away? The fleecy Lycra liner differs from the diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam pillow.

The Lane Splitter dimensions are big, so please check and monitor our scope guide under the:

After the successful Gringo and Gringo S helmets, Biltwell transports us to the Lane Splitter. This highly predictable haul competing style helmet is made about Biltwell’s branded ABS explosive and structures a shock-absorbing EPS liner with attractive hand-stitched interior stuffing.

Appropriately comparable to the Gringo and Gringo S, the center-line with its detachable cloths and BioFoam chin bar pillow brands for a tremendously relaxed helmet that you simply can wear all day without experiencing any exhaustion or uneasiness.

Retro Styled Helmet

The violent-looking lines of this helmet set it separately from within the retro-styled helmet market. The forward-facing chin bar outlets are a well-known feature and in combination with a venturi vent on the rearmost deliver quite enough airflow.

The injection-molded face shield functions on humble turning point mechanics and therefore the self-assurance pin and whole lock device have been utterly useful up till now beautifully pleasing in their straightforwardness. Initial and shutting the visor becomes a breeze.

The screen safeguards resolutely in situ to stop any wind or rain from leaky confidential. A brave and brutish-looking helmet at a really good-looking price fact, we are immense admirers!

1. Matt black ABS outer shell with hand-painted finish

2. EPS shock-absorbing inner shell

3. Hand-sewn detachable brushed Lycra liner with contrasting rhombus stitch

4. Audio announcement pockets in ear recesses

5. Inoculation-molded visor with self-assurance peg and hole lock device

6. DOT and ECE approved

7. Chin bar vents and venturi vent for ample airflow

8. Double-D strap lock device

Pros & Cons:


Hinged face shield – This face shield is that the CE seal of endorsement and is right for health, safety, and ecological protection. The shield is meant to keep off the fog, thereby making the shield clear to ascertain from side to side in the least time.

Optically right shield – The shield is meant to offer a superb field of vision to minimize deformation then your vision is obvious. The clear visor provides a shield and aid from sun rays, thereby ceremony the eyes safe from the sun’s estate.

Chin vent – The chin vents are built to be always open. this enables the free run of air in and out of the vent and keeps the temperature inside the helmet comfortable and sufficient amount for the rider.

Double fastener – The helmet provides a twice chin band made from a swindle for comfort. This double strap helps keep the helmet on the top in situ against the powerful wind during a case where the rider falls off the bike.

The helmet is going to be in situ to guard the top from directly coming in touch with a tough outside.

EPS interior – The EPS interior offers access to audio and message components. It allows for audio pockets together with the positioning of the ear.

Full face lid – The whole face lid of the helmet offers face defense against weather and road conditions. When at high speed, the whole face lid protects the rider from the wind.


Since head sizes show a discrepancy, the helmet splitter might not always fit completely.


Hand-Sewn Lining

The helmet features a hand-sewn internal lining. In the event of an industrial accident, the inner lining will help provide comfort and defense to the rider’s head.

Twice Fasteners

The double fasteners on the helmet’s chin give the helmet another hold on the top. The chin straps are adjustable with end retainers at the ends of the straps. They are also made from Lycra to offer an emotion of comfort.

Side Vents

The chin bar is the most blatant feature of the helmet and holds five side vents. Three are at the jaw place on the helmet, and two are on what’s more side of the chin bar. There’s also an outsized air vent at the rear of the helmet.

These vent openings permit smooth airflow in and out of the helmet, thereby keeping the temperature inside the helmet comfortable while riding an extended cold.

Cushioned Pads

The boldness and chin pads of the helmet are cushioned for comfort. When this helmet is well seated on the top, these pads fit completely to the rider’s face. Their primary reason is to dam out excessive noise from piercing the helmet.

Injection-Molded ABS

The helmet is formed of an injection-molded Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) outer shell. The ABS is chemical and heat-resistant. It’s a thermoplastic mix together, and it makes the helmet firmer.

Hand-Painted Finish

The outer shell features a hand-painted finish. The finish can either be sleek or not glossy. A sleek finish reflects light on the helmet, while a matte finish gives the helmet a small. A matte finish adds no shine to the helmet when dry.

Oval Shape and Light-Weighted

The Biltwell Lane Splitter helmets suit all head shapes and are available within the surrounding, oval head shapes. They weigh 3.5 pounds, making it straightforward to decline the top for an extended ride.

Audio Pockets

The helmet offers a stipulation for audio, Bluetooth, and other message enhancements. The pockets are roomy enough for speakers.

Benefits of the Lane Splitter Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is certainly the only mechanism that gives maximum safety so one must look out for the simplest benefits of a helmet possible.

The Shell

The shell is formed of poly-carbonate – a rough, lightweight material that would not be too heavy on your face. With high-impact confrontation, the shell helps refuse to travel together with impacts during a smash keeping your head safe and safe and sound.

The ABS outer shell adds more power to the outer jacket of the shell. Advantage, the helmet is immune to scrapes and suitable for rough journeys.

You remove the chin guard anytime you would like. The shell, with a hand-tinted finish, also features a long-drawn-out polystyrene inner shield that adds style and luxury to the helmet.

The Screen

The Biltwell helmet comes with a hinged face shield. The hinged face shield is often very useful just in case you would like fresh air just lift the shield and let the breeze file through.

The Liner

The liner is mechanically cleanable for a simple wash and you would not need to make the additional labor to scrub your liner. You will even get a replacement liner from the manufacturers just in case you would like a replacement two or a sort of liner.

You can even adjust the fit of the helmet by buying daring pads of various sizes to ensure the proper fit.

The liner is important for noise and wind decrease and also to stay temperate in cooler climates. It also adds extra comfort to the rider. The noise decrease helps in making the rider more conscious of his environment and also prevents the danger of hearing injury.


1. Type: Solid Full Face Helmet

2. Technology: Poly-carbonate shell and ABS outer shell

3. Weight: At around 3.6 pounds, this is often one of the lighter helmets you will find. A number of the opposite ones that we have reviewed weigh fairly 7 pounds

4. Finish: Matte black and surface shine

5. Shield: Hinged Shield

6. Certification: DOT accepted

Why Biltwell?

Retro vibe helmets are the in-factor lately. Although they may be of excessive fee, they price the pay cash for.

Bitlwell lane splitters are the best for consolation and those different reasons:


It is likewise bent towards breaks and cracks. ABA cloth can bear the climate of all seasons- it would not smash at some stage in bloodless and would not burn at some stage in the warmth.


The vents agree for a sincere float of air inside and outside of the helmet and preserve the pinnacle cool while using for lengthy hours. The air inside the helmets reduces the likeliness of a pungent helmet lining.


The best helmet match can be an essential element for riders’ protection and luxury. This biltwell helmet functions as a complete-face guard that protects attention, additionally due to the entire face.

It additionally reduces facial accidents at some stage in a crash and protects the riders’ faces from flying objects, and avenue dirt. The front guard glass is UV resistant, thereby protecting the eyes from solar rays.


The handiest openings at the helmet are on the front and consequently the again head sections. The cheek pads and collar rolls are matches sufficient to prevent sound diffusion.

Size and Luxury

The helmet is available in diverse sizes. A length chart is offered on the company’s website. So, shoppers can pick out the most suitable helmet a good way to make to be had them with the best consolation. To pick out the right helmet match, degree your head with a ribbon.

If your size falls among the tiny and common sizes or medium and sizeable sizes as proven on the scale chart, make certain you pick out the smaller of the 2.


Biltwell Full face helmet is mild in weight. Its 4.54-pound heaviness makes it mild at the pinnacle of the rider.

Buying Guide

The Biltwell Lane Splitter is a popular motorcycle helmet known for its unique retro-inspired design and modern safety features. If you’re considering buying a Biltwell Lane Splitter, here’s a buying guide to help you make an informed decision:

Safety Features

1. The Lane Splitter is DOT-certified, ensuring it meets the safety standards set by the Department of Transportation.

2. It features an injection-molded ABS outer shell that provides excellent impact resistance.

3. The helmet comes with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) inner liner that absorbs shock during an impact.

4. Look for helmets with ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) certification if you’re purchasing them outside of the United States.

Fit and Sizing

Proper fit is crucial for comfort and safety. Measure your head circumference accurately and refer to the Biltwell sizing chart to find the right size for you.

The helmet should fit snugly without being too tight or causing discomfort. Consider trying the helmet on before purchasing, if possible, to ensure it fits your head shape properly.

Design and Style

The Lane Splitter has a unique and distinctive retro-inspired design that appeals to riders looking for a classic aesthetic.

It comes in various color options, so choose one that matches your motorcycle or personal style. The helmet features a removable shield, allowing you to customize the look and adapt to different riding conditions.

Ventilation and Comfort

The Lane Splitter has multiple vents strategically placed for adequate airflow to keep you cool during rides.

Check for adjustable vents that allow you to control the airflow based on weather conditions. The helmet should have comfortable padding and a removable, washable liner to maintain cleanliness.

Noise Reduction

Some riders may find that the Lane Splitter helmet allows more wind noise compared to full-face helmets due to its design.

Consider using earplugs or investing in a helmet skirt or wind-blocking accessories to reduce noise if it’s a concern for you.

Price and Value

The Biltwell Lane Splitter is considered an affordable option in the premium helmet segment. Compare prices from different retailers to find the best deal, but prioritize purchasing from authorized dealers to ensure authenticity.

Reviews and Feedback

Read customer reviews and feedback from riders who have used the Biltwell Lane Splitter to understand their experiences. Look for reviews that discuss fit, comfort, durability, and overall satisfaction with the helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Biltwell Lane Splitter safe?

A. The Biltwell Lane Splitter functions as a polycarbonate ABS shell with what Biltwell calls a urethane chin saloon.

It’s truthful to say that it is a fairly fundamental helmet even though, so there are not any greater superior protection functions at the Lane Splitter cloth-like right anti-fog inserts.

Q. Is Biltwell a sincere brand?

A. Overall Summary. Like we continually do, we have got scored the Biltwell Gringo on a variety of factors that the majority of motorcyclists moderate a helmet on.

But it is in no way getting to offer almost as true protection collectively of our best protection-rated everyday helmets (even though it is DOT-rated, a chunk like different non-novelty helmets).

Q. Who is Biltwell?

A. Biltwell Inc. Was discovered in 2006 with the aid of some buddies with over forty years of blended enjoyment inside the motion sports activities industry.

Burnt out on operating for people, they looked for an alternate and got here to an awareness that custom bike elements and add-ons had been manner too costly and over-styled.

Q. Are biltwell helmets quiet?

A. Sound: As predictable, the Gringo without a display is loud. Okay, it is not always amazing quiet, however, the masses are quieter than I expected.

Customer Verdict

Those who have attempted out the synthetic items have sincerely fallen loopy with it. With functions just like the below-chin gator impressing an oversized range of purchasers, it is no surprise that the helmet has a traditional any such heat welcome.

A lot of purchasers do agree that the helmet isn’t always without difficulty affordable, however, upon the use of it and getting a sense of its excellence.

They stated that the helmet becomes valued in each forex and sensibly priced as compared to numerous others inside the marketplace which are much less well-prepared but fall inside an equal fee range.

An extra factor to be aware of is that Biltwell failed to discover the middle floor the making plans of the helmet actually as it were so long as you with a helmet complete of functions–it appears great!

Final Thoughts

A bike or bicycle would not offer riders the protection form of an automobile would. Helmet hard is one of the approaches the pinnacle are frequently non-public from harsh head accidents due to the fact the pinnacle and consequently the intelligence are the most liable to harm at some stage in a crash.

Biltwell Lane Splitter Lane Review evaluation indicates the recompense of the Biltwell Lane Splitter Solid Full-face Motorcycle Helmet and the manner it towers above the rest of helmets inside the marketplace.

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