The Petzl Boreo Review for 2024 (Best Guideline)

The Petzl Boreo has some nice qualities. The Petzl Boreo Review highest of the top is protected against falling rocks or alternative rubble by super serious duty EPS foam. Whereas the remainder of the top is protected against knocks or impacts because of falling by slightly lighter-weight EPP foam.

Petzl Boreo Review

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Both of those foam layers square measure in-cased in a very exhausting plastic ABS shell, that not solely protects the froth and will increase the sturdiness and longevity of your helmet.

However, conjointly disperses the load of any impact that the foam will simply absorb through deformation. Merely put: This helmet is incredibly protective and sturdy. It conjointly comes at a superb worth and is fairly snug.

It’s way heavier than the state-of-the-art lightweight foam helmets obtainable lately. It conjointly lacks the adjustability of the strap found on several models. It comes in 2 sizes S/M and M/L.

However, we tend to find our size M/L to be a small amount smaller than comparable adamant sizes, a small concern for those with terribly massive heads, but a profit to those that like smaller sizes.

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What is Petzl Boreo

Petzl Boreo is a climbing helmet designed and manufactured by Petzl, a French company that specializes in producing climbing and mountaineering equipment. The Boreo helmet is designed for all types of climbing, including mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, and Via Ferrata.

The Petzl Boreo helmet features a durable construction that provides excellent protection against impact, with a hybrid shell that combines a hard outer shell with an inner foam liner.

Petzl Boreo

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The helmet is also equipped with a reinforced crown that provides additional impact protection for the top of the head. The helmet’s design includes a ventilation system to prevent overheating during strenuous activity, and it has an adjustable chinstrap and headband for a comfortable and secure fit.

The Boreo helmet also includes a variety of useful features for climbers, such as a headlamp attachment system, a removable and washable foam liner, and four clips for attaching a headlamp or other accessories. It is available in a range of sizes and colors to suit different preferences and needs.

The Best Features of Petzl Boreo

1. Hybrid construction with ta hick ABS crown, AN EPP foam liner, And an EPS foam liner makes it compact on your head

2. Exhausting outer shell resists impact and abrasion and offers strengthened protection against lateral, front, and rear impacts

3. Optimized volume and wide ventilation holes build it a snug helmet for all activities

4. Soft band conforms absolutely to the form of your head and folds into the shell for storage and transportation

5. Four clips provide a secure headlight attachment

6. Compatible with the Vizion eye defense, sold out singly

7. Carries the Petzl prime and facet Protection product label

8. Certifications embrace metallic element nut 12492 and UIAA

Technical Specs

1. Best Use: Climb

2. Helmet Style: Climb

3. Helmet Construction: Hybrid

4. Shell Material: ABS

5. Head Circumference: M/L: 20.9-24 inches & S/M: 18.9-22.8 inches

6. Vents: 8

7. Visor/Brim: No

8. Weight: M/L: 10.4 ounces & S/M: 10.1 ounces

9. Gender: Androgynous

Performance Comparison

A helmet may be an important part of any climber’s instrumentation, and also the Boreo can defend you over most!

Here Derek Franz heads up the locked, however terribly exciting, Running Man.

Fit and Luxury

The Petzl Boreo is one of the easier helmets during this review. Its adjustment system does an excellent job of holding it snugly to the top, limiting any kind of shove movement once climbed.

Its removable fuzzy pads on each of the highest of the top and also the forehead space give adequate artifact. In terms of how well it sits on the top, we tend to desire it right up there with the simplest, however indeed; the additional weight distinction compared to the lightest helmets is noticeable on long days.

Top and Facet Protection

To know what Petzl’s prime and facet Protection testing adds in terms of safety, it’s necessary to know this testing standard (don’t worry, they are not complicated).

The UIAA helmet take a look at focuses chiefly on penetration and impacts on the highest of the helmet, which appears to correspond a lot to impacts from objects falling from higher than they are doing to the lateral And rear impacts usually related to impacts from an actual fall.

During the take-a-look, the helmet is placed on a dummy simulating an individual’s head, with a load device placed on the neck portion.

Facet Protection

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The primary side of the take a look at is the prime impact takes a look at, within which a five-kilogram weight is born on the highest of the helmet from a height of two meters.

A five-kilogram weight is additionally born on the helmet from a height of fifty cm with the helmet revolved 60° within the direction of the impact to perform front, side, and rear lateral-impacts tests.

All told the impact tests, what’s measured is not the number of force the helmet withstands, however instead, it’s the number of force that’s channeled to the neck.

The 5 Best Petzl Boreo Review for 2024

Petzl Boreo is a popular helmet designed for climbing, mountaineering, and other outdoor activities. It is known for its excellent durability and versatility, making it a top choice among many outdoor enthusiasts. Here are the 5 best Petzl Boreo products you can consider:

1. Petzl Boreo Helmet: The original Petzl Boreo helmet is a great choice for all types of climbing and mountaineering. It offers excellent protection against impacts and is highly durable.

2. Petzl Boreo Caving Helmet: The Boreo Caving Helmet is specifically designed for caving and is built to withstand the unique challenges of this activity. It has a reinforced shell and is compatible with a variety of accessories.

3. Petzl Boreo Women’s Helmet: The Boreo Women’s Helmet is designed specifically for women and features a smaller, more comfortable fit. It offers the same level of protection and durability as the original Boreo helmet.

4. Petzl Boreo Vent Helmet: The Boreo Vent Helmet is designed for use in warm weather conditions. It features ventilation holes that help keep you cool and comfortable during hot and humid climbs.

5. Petzl Boreo Ski Helmet: The Boreo Ski Helmet is designed for use in skiing and snowboarding. It offers excellent protection against impacts and is highly durable, making it a top choice for anyone who loves to hit the slopes.

1. Petzl Boreo Helmet

The Petzl Boreo is a durable and versatile helmet designed for mountaineering, climbing, and caving. It features a hybrid construction that combines a hard shell in the upper crown with an injection-molded foam liner in the lower crown for optimal protection against impacts. The helmet also has a reinforced front, which provides extra protection for the forehead area.

The Boreo helmet has a comfortable and adjustable fit thanks to its adjustable headband and chin strap. The headband can be adjusted with a single hand and has a magnetic buckle for easy fastening and release. The helmet also has four clips for attaching a headlamp, which makes it an ideal choice for low-light conditions.

In addition to its protective features, the Boreo helmet is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and store in a backpack. It comes in two sizes and is available in a range of colors to suit different preferences.

2. Petzl Boreo Caving Helmet

The Petzl Boreo Caving Helmet is a rugged and durable helmet designed for use in caving and other activities where head protection is essential. It features a hybrid construction that combines an ABS shell with an EPP foam liner for excellent impact resistance and shock absorption.

The helmet also has a comfortable and secure fit thanks to its adjustable chin strap and headband, which can be easily adjusted even while wearing gloves. The headband is also designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking, helping to keep you cool and dry during strenuous activities.

Other features of the Petzl Boreo Caving Helmet include four clips for attaching a headlamp, a visor that can be removed if desired, and a rear adjustment system that allows you to fine-tune the fit of the helmet.

3. Petzl Boreo Women’s Helmet

The Petzl Boreo Women’s Helmet is a climbing helmet designed specifically for women. It is built to provide maximum protection and comfort during climbing, mountaineering, and other outdoor activities.

The helmet features a hybrid construction that combines a thick shell in the upper portion for durability and impact resistance, and a softer lower portion for improved shock absorption. It also has a comfortable and adjustable headband that allows you to easily adjust the fit to your head size.

4. Petzl Boreo Vent Helmet

The Petzl Boreo Vent Helmet is a protective helmet designed for use in various outdoor activities such as mountaineering, climbing, and canyoning. It is designed to provide superior protection against impact, while also allowing for good ventilation and comfort during use.

The Boreo Vent features a hybrid construction with a thick ABS shell and an EPP foam liner. This combination provides excellent protection against both lateral and frontal impacts, while also allowing for a lighter weight and improved ventilation. The helmet also has a unique design with a low-profile headlamp attachment system that reduces snagging and allows for easy and secure attachment of headlamps.

Additionally, the Boreo Vent has adjustable straps and a headband that allows for a secure and comfortable fit for a wide range of head sizes. The helmet also has four clips that allow for the attachment of a headlamp, a protective visor, or hearing protection.

5. Petzl Boreo Ski Helmet

Petzl Boreo is not a ski helmet but a climbing helmet that can also be used for mountaineering, canyoning, caving, and other outdoor activities. It is designed to provide excellent protection against impact, penetration, and lateral deformation.

The helmet features a hybrid construction that combines a hard outer shell with an expanded polystyrene foam liner for improved impact absorption. The Boreo also has a comfortable fit with an adjustable chin strap and headband, as well as ventilation holes to help regulate temperature.

While the Boreo is not specifically designed for skiing, it can be used for ski touring or other back-country activities where a climbing helmet is appropriate.

Pros and Cons:

Here are some of the pros and cons of this helmet:

Excellent Protection: The Petzl Boreo provides excellent protection from impact and penetration thanks to its high-density foam liner and reinforced shell.

Comfortable: The helmet is designed to be comfortable to wear for extended periods, with a comfortable chin strap and plenty of ventilation to keep you cool.

Durable: The Boreo is built to last, with a tough shell that can withstand repeated impacts and rough handling.

Versatile: The helmet is designed for a wide range of activities, including climbing, mountaineering, skiing, and caving.

Easy to Adjust: The helmet is easy to adjust to ensure a perfect fit, with a simple adjustment system that can be operated with one hand.

Heavy: The Petzl Boreo is a bit on the heavy side compared to some other helmets on the market, which can be a downside for climbers looking to minimize weight.

Bulky: The helmet has a relatively bulky design, which can make it difficult to store in a backpack or carry on long climbs.

Price: The Petzl Boreo is a bit on the expensive side compared to some other helmets on the market, which may be a downside for budget-conscious climbers.

The Petzl Boreo is a great choice for climbers and mountaineers looking for a durable, comfortable, and versatile helmet that provides excellent protection. While it may be a bit heavy and bulky, its other features make it a great choice for a wide range of activities.

International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA)

For the UIAA, the force should not exceed eight kilonewtons, or roughly 1800 lbs of force, whereas the metallic element commonplace is slightly less demanding, with a liquid ecstasy force of ten kilo-new tons.

Finally, the UIAA performs a penetration take a look at, within which a three-kilogram cone-like weight is born from a height of one meter on the highest of the helmet.

So, as to envision if it will penetrate the helmet through to the top kind. If it penetrates through the helmet, the helmet fails the take a look at it.

In Petzl’s further high and facet Protection testing, a five metric weight unit weight is born from fifty cm on the face and back of the helmet at 0° and on the front of the helmet at a -10° angle. The force of those tests should not exceed ten kilo-new tons.

Petz’s impact tests area unit is designed to simulate impacts caused by lead falls instead of simply overhead rock falls.

The Borea covers a lot of the rear and facet of my head compared to the recent Petzl Elios. The front of the Boreo offers particularly sensible coverage of my forehead.


The adjustment system on this helmet is simple to use however lacks several buckles and adjustment points that build an extremely tuned work attainable.

Like most helmets during this review, it’s a lightweight plastic strap across the rear of the pinnacle with twin adjustable buckles and corresponding grooves that adjust the work around the head.

This system works well and is simple to govern. We tend to advocate 1st gapping the helmet up all the method, swinging it on, then sloppy the buckles along till the foremost snug and secure work is found.

However, this is often conjointly one among the few helmets during this review that has mounted and stitched v-yokes for the strap wherever it splits removed from the straps that surround the ears. The ear straps themselves will be adjusted with the helmet off moderately simply.

However, while not the everyday adjustment points for the chin strap; there’s an opportunity some individuals will not find you with a wonderfully snug work. For maximum simple adjustability, we tend to still like the clicking wheel combined with the associated adjustable strap.


Our size M/L Boreo helmet weighed in at eleven ounces on the associate freelance scale. The M/L size designation is the same as different Petzl helmets labeled as “size two.”

Frankly, for the number of froth and ABS shell protection that you simply get once sporting this helmet; it looks outstanding that it solely weighs eleven ounces.

However, for those who have spent a protracted day sporting solely the ultra-light Petzl helmets, the distinction is incredibly noticeable.


The Boreo has offset vents within the ABS shell versus the EPP foam at a lower place, such a number of the froth is visible, a motivating visual result.

However, the net takeaway is that there is a unit eight total vents, of affordable size; four on both sides of the pinnacle. This helmet sits right within the middle of the vary for ventilation.

Notably, the adjustability of the vents found within the older Elios model, that this one replaces, is currently gone. On hot days we tend to feel way more flowing than with different minimally ventilated ABS shell helmets.

However, it’s not nearly as cool because of the lattice-work styles found on the lightest-weight foam helmets.

Headlamp Attachment

Like several helmets, the Boreo sports four clips on every of the “corners” of the helmet designed to carry a headlight firmly in situ. In contrast to several of the styles used lately, the clips on the Boreo area unit are super easy, straightforward to use, and hold the headlight in situ nicely.

Gone area unit the recent indents within the Elios that created the clips laborious to carry openly. On his 1st attempt, with the helmet on his head and no mirror to look into, our head tester managed to simply secure his headlight in situ in but ten seconds.

We tend to conjointly find that a touch tooth on the side of every clip effectively grips the headlight band, holding it in situ over the long run.


For full revealing, we tend to fail to have time to wear and check this helmet for multiple seasons before cathartic this review.

However, we tend to store its support from the skin of our pack for the multiple months of testing we tend to place it through, with great care that it had additional opportunities to be thrown around and banged up. It withstood this abbreviated check quite well!

There is no debating that the thick laborious shells found on the skin of ABS helmets square measure improbably additional sturdy and longer lasting than either the skinny polycarbonate plastic shells found on several helmets of late, or helmets merely depart the EPP foam exposed.

Frankly, the sturdiness and longevity of a helmet square measure enthusiastic about however massive of a blow it takes. Avoid a big knock, and this helmet might last you for several years or maybe longer.

Regardless, the Boreo has the foremost protecting foam found in any helmet during this review, paired with an associate ABS shell. That’s why we have a tendency to decide it is the foremost protecting and rugged, and its sturdiness can depend upon what happens thereto.


This helmet is one of the cheaper models in our review. It’s not quite as low cost as our greatest Bang for the Buck award winner, however still presents an identical worth.

Pros: Sturdy, terribly protecting, versatile for several differing types of ascent, affordable

Cons: Serious, not as adjustable as others

Buying Guide

The Petzl Boreo is a popular climbing helmet known for its durability and versatility. Whether you’re a rock climber, mountaineer, or caver, choosing the right helmet is crucial for your safety. Here’s a buying guide to help you make an informed decision when purchasing the Petzl Boreo or a similar climbing helmet:

Safety Certification: Ensure that the helmet meets safety standards like the UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation) or CE (European Conformity) certification. The Petzl Boreo is typically certified to these standards.

Fit and Sizing: Climbing helmets come in various sizes, so measure your head circumference and choose the appropriate size. The helmet should fit snugly but not be uncomfortably tight. Look for a helmet with an adjustable chin strap and headband to fine-tune the fit.

Comfort: Climbing helmets are worn for extended periods, so comfort is essential. The Petzl Boreo has foam padding on the inside for added comfort. Ensure the padding is removable and washable for hygiene.

Ventilation: Consider the climate and conditions in which you’ll be climbing. Helmets with good ventilation will help keep you cool in hot weather. The Boreo has a hybrid construction that balances protection and ventilation.

Weight: While weight is not the most critical factor in a climbing helmet, you don’t want something too heavy. The Boreo strikes a reasonable balance between protection and weight.

Shell Material

The Boreo features a durable ABS plastic shell, which offers excellent impact resistance. Make sure the shell material can withstand the types of activities you plan to undertake.

Adjustability: Look for a helmet with an adjustable chin strap and headband. This allows you to customize the fit to your head shape and size, as well as accommodate wearing a beanie or balaclava in colder conditions.

Attachment Points: If you plan to do multi-pitch climbing or mountaineering, check if the helmet has attachment points for headlamps or other accessories. The Boreo has four clips for headlamp attachment.

Price: Compare prices from different retailers and consider your budget. While it’s essential to invest in a quality helmet for safety, there are various options available at different price points.

Reviews: Read reviews from other climbers who have used the Petzl Boreo or similar helmets. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the helmet’s performance and durability.

Warranty: Check if the manufacturer offers a warranty on the helmet. This can provide peace of mind in case of any defects or issues.

Proper Care: Once you have your helmet, take care of it. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance to ensure it continues to provide adequate protection.


Q: What is the Petzl Boreo helmet?

A: The Petzl Boreo is a helmet designed for climbing and mountaineering. It offers good protection and durability, while still being lightweight and comfortable.

Q: What are the features of the Petzl Boreo helmet?

A: The Petzl Boreo helmet features a hybrid construction, with a hard shell on the top and sides for protection against impact and a soft shell around the head for comfort. It also has a headband that is adjustable for a secure fit, and four clips to attach a headlamp.

Q: How does the Petzl Boreo helmet perform in terms of protection?

A: The Petzl Boreo helmet is designed to offer good protection against impact, with a hard shell on the top and sides. It also has a reinforced front to protect against falling rocks or ice.

Q: Is the Petzl Boreo helmet suitable for all types of climbing?

A: The Petzl Boreo helmet is suitable for a wide range of climbing activities, including sport climbing, trad climbing, and mountaineering. However, it may not be suitable for certain types of climbing that require specialized helmets, such as ice climbing or big wall climbing.

Q: What are the pros of the Petzl Boreo helmet?

A: The Petzl Boreo helmet is lightweight, comfortable, and offers good protection against impact. It also has a durable construction that is designed to last.

Q: What are the cons of the Petzl Boreo helmet?

A: Some users have reported that the Petzl Boreo helmet can be difficult to adjust to fit properly, and the ventilation could be improved.

Q: Is the Petzl Boreo helmet worth buying?

A: Yes, the Petzl Boreo helmet is a good choice for climbers and mountaineers who want a helmet that is lightweight, comfortable, and offers good protection. However, it’s important to make sure that it fits properly and is suitable for the type of climbing you plan to do.

Our Finding

Sporting the best combination of protection from each prime and aspect impact and sheathed in an exceedingly solid ABS shell, the Petzl Boreo Review is the most rugged and protective helmet in this review.

Regardless, climbers World Health Organization need a helmet that gives the foremost protection for his or her dome, whereas conjointly being rugged enough to soak up quite one blow ought to look no additional than the reasonable Boreo. It is a good alternative for beginners and is flexible enough for all kinds of ascent.

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