Best Moped Helmets

The 10 Best Moped Helmets in 2022 – Review & Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the best moped helmets but aren’t sure which one to choose from the variability of models available on the market, we’ve done the research for you.

After hours of researching and comparing all the models on the market, we discover the simplest moped helmets of 2022. Check out the simplest moped helmet below.

Best Moped Helmets

The first helmet we recommend is the Core Vintage Open. It is very elegant, characterized by a leather finish, but at the same time, it is made with the latest materials, in order to guarantee safety.

The interior is comfortably padded with nylon material that keeps the head warm in winter and airy and original in summer. If you can’t find our first recommendation, you should try the Vega Helmets Warrior, which came second on our list.

You can find another helmet here: Jackson Welding Helmet Review

The 10 Best Moped Helmets in 2022

We know that finding the easiest moped helmet isn’t always a straightforward task, considering all the features out there. Take into the importance of acquisition.

That’s why we researched the market where we have written this comprehensive moped helmets review, along with our top picks.

1. AHR Half-face motorcycle helmet

2. MMG Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Model 20 DOT Street Legal

3. Daytona D.O.T Helmets

4. ILM Full Face Road Motorcycle Helmet

5. VCOROS Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

6. Deluxe Half Helmet: Core Helmets

7. Motorbike Scooter Open Face Helmet: PILOT Flip Up Visor DOT

8. Half Face bike Helmet: VCAN Cruiser Solid Flat

9. Half Face Raider 26-617-15 Helmet: Helmet Passes DOT standards

10. 1STORM bike Open Face Helmet

1. AHR Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

The AHR Half Face Motorcycle Helmet is DOT approved according to our safety standards, so you will consider it a very safe option. This model features a head circumference of 227/16 inches to 2213/16 inches.

AHR Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

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In addition, the adjustable strap and webbing improve the fit and secure the helmet to the head. The padding is also comfortable, which makes it suitable for long journeys. Since it’s so affordable, you might even want to buy two and use one once you get a passenger.

2. MMG Open Motorcycle Helmet Model 20 DOT Street Legal

DOT Approved for USA Safety Standards StDOT Approved for USA Safety Standards, Street Legal VVV DOT Approved for USA Safety Standards, Street Legal vanguard, Street Legal.

MMG Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Model 20 DOT Street Legal

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Also, Comfortable Interior Padding, Removable and washable cheek pads, Transparent Windshield, wide field of vision, scratch-resistant technology, lightweight, modern and clean design, cool in the box (original labels and stickers), case included.

3. Daytona DOT Helmets

You can use the straps that form the double D-ring on the helmet to adjust how it fits your head. You will also do it with gloves.

On the look side, this model is smaller than in the photos and does not make your head too fat. It is often a decent alternative to a children’s motorcycle helmet.

Meets and exceeds DOT requirements as it is made of very durable carbon fiber. It is also very light, weighing 2.5 lbs.

Plus, the nylon fabric inside is designed to absorb moisture and keep your head cool and dry.


1. This is a great product, especially if you are looking for a helmet with a minimalist design that emphasizes protection, safety, and luxury.

2. The position of the strap is often adjusted forward or backward for a comfortable fit and men can also use this feature to protect their beards.

3. It is very easy to find the right size because this model is designed for small and large heads and you can choose from a powerful number of 10 unique sizes.

4. This is one of the smallest and lightest low-profile helmets that has passed an authorized lab test to claim the DOT label.


1. When placed on it may feel too tight, but it is best to offer it for a while as the internal foam will compress with use.

2. The straps around the ears will increase the sound of the wind, but not to the point of making it unbearable.

4. ILM Road Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

The ILM is one of those low-cost helmets which can give the potential buyer a chance from the tactic.

At the same time, because it’s weighed down with great features, the particular incontrovertible fact that it’s available at a lower cost than competing full-face helmets gives buyers the feeling that the helmet won’t get on par with its competition, but perhaps no more wrong.

1. 2 visors included: Clear + smoked and 1 scarf for winter

2. Aerodynamic aero design reduces wind noise and friction

3. Durable and lightweight ABS shell

4. Quick release closure and strap and removable inner pads

5. Meets or exceeds FMVSS218 and DOT safety standards

5. VCOROS Half-Face Motorcycle Helmet

The newly developed Rebel Warrior half-helmet is that the perfect choice for motorcyclists looking to hunt out a neater and more stylish ride with its technology-rich design, half-light face coverage, and cozy, cool fit.

Show your pride within us with the aggressive Patriotic Flag or choose one of the solid colors for a more streamlined look.

The Rebel Warrior Skull Helmet is right for both men and ladies and is filled with features that provide you with an easier fit and a customized biker cap.

Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet Features:

1. Fully ventilated high-density EPS liner for added strength, cooling, and safety.

2. The optically corrected multi-position shade protects against sun, insects, and rain.

3. Comfort Tech Wick Draining system.

4. Weighs just 2.4 lbs, eliminating neck strain on long trips along with your motorcycle, scooter, moped, cruiser, UTV, ATV, touring bike, or another road bike.

5. Quick-release padded strap system.

6. New custom dial adjuster for a custom fit, ideal for small hard-to-suit heads.

7. Each set of helmets is randomly tested to form sure compliance with safety standards.

8. 3-year limited warranty and sure to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the helmet.

See Vega Website for Full Warranty Details

Sizing: Measure head circumference 1 “above eyebrows and around most of the rear of the head:

1. X Small: 19.50 “- 21.26”

2. Small: 21.65 – 22.05

3. Medium: 22.44 – 22.83

4. Large: 23.23 ″- 23.62″

5. X Large: 24.02 ″- 24.41″

6. XX-Large: 24.80 ″- 25.20″

VCOROS Helmets Rebel Warrior Half Motorcycle Helmet is Back because of Popular Demand and Skimmed.

Is Discontinued by Manufacturer: No.

Product Dimensions: 11.81 x 9.8 x 7.87 Inches; 2.4 lbs

Item model number: VCOROS

Department: Unisex-Adult

Date of first availability: Aug 19, 2019

Manufacturer: VCOROS

ASIN: B08B871Y7P

a. Quick release chin bar Easy to wear and carry remove

b. High-quality DOT FMVSS N218 ABS shell approved for motorcycle, cycling, and other outdoor sports

c. Improved quality, removable and replaceable integrated hinged shaded. Solid Flat Black / Gloss Black Design, 12 colors available, suitable for men and ladies


Your Rebel Warrior motorcycle helmet with cap is backed by our industry-leading 3-year warranty. Check the online site for details on the official warranty.

6. Deluxe Half Helmet: Core Helmets

This model resembles the first helmet engineered by the Bell manufacturer in 1954 and therefore the design is like that period, whereas the security components are all modern.

the event is extraordinarily sturdy and made of thermoplastic alloy, and thus the froth within could be an up-to-date EPS material.

The structural strength helps the helmet to distribute the impact force over a way larger space and thus the inner lining absorbs the force terribly well. The planning is spectacular and it makes the helmet look great.

Additionally, it comes with a protecting and shiny UV finishing. Once you have got the helmet on associate degreed you drive you’ll notice that it’s terribly quiet.


This model feels flare and it options an EPS liner in order that even throughout long journeys you’ll find yourself feeling cool and comfy.

Sturdiness and protection aren’t sacrificed since the unit is DOT approved and it meets and exceeds all the specified safety standards thanks to its durable however light covering material composite shell.


The within vinyl pad covering isn’t very sturdy and it will begin to crack once some months of daily use. The helmet options an occasional profile associate degree if you have got a rectangular head it’ll match slightly shallow.

7. Motorbike Scooter Open Face Helmet: PILOT Flip Up Visor DOT

Being another model that gives a mechanics design, this helmet brings an up-to-date look to you and your moped.

The super clean windscreen helps with creating an aesthetic model, wrapping around the face, and being mounted on 2 points on the sides. Thus, the helmet protects the complete higher face and provides an honest field of reading.

The windscreen doesn’t cowl your whole face downward thus you’d probably wish to think about insects touch your chin whereas on your moped. The helmet attaches throughout a D-ring that options a strap holder.

The inner cushioning is comfy associate degreed quite thick, and it doesn’t cause any inconvenience during hot summer days.


It’s a mechanics style with a sturdy shell gives that has an increased shield against impacts and shocks.

The big visor features anti-scratch technology and it’ll provide you with an honest field of view and protect your face from the wind which may carry dust, debris, and bugs.

It’s a cool and stylish style that’ obtainable in a very multitude of colors and sizes in order that everyone can realize the proper helmet for his or her needs.


The screws and therefore the facet piece that attaches the visor to the helmet are fashioned from flimsy plastic that can break easily.

The chinstrap flaps against the side of the helmet once riding at high speeds which creates an unpleasant noise.

8. Half Face Bike Helmet: VCAN Cruiser Solid Flat

a. High-quality ABS thermoplastic shell that meets DOT standards

b. Over thirty Years of motorcycle Helmet producing

c. Lush interior cushioning for comfy work

d. Adjustable double D ring secured nylon strap, Meet Federal automobile Safety commonplace (FMVSS) a pair of18

e. Prime 2 Manufacturer among the globe

9. Half Face Raider 26-617-15: Helmet Passes DOT Standards

This half helmet is comfortable enough to mention no to all or any of your adventures on the moped.

The thermoplastic alloy shell is sturdy and onerous and it can cause you to feel safe, whereas it isn’t too heavy. Of course, the helmet passes DOT standards. carrying this headgear will cause you to look trendy once riding.

The matte black finishing And therefore the little size give it a sleek look. The neck curtain is to boot removable if you’re feeling that it’s an excessive quantity for your taste.

The strap options a double-D model, to stay your helmet firmly on your head. Safety is additionally ensured by the front visor that’ removable when needed.

Perhaps the only feature that this helmet has is that it’s able to accommodate a communication system, sort of a Bluetooth bike headset, mounted thereon.

You won’t be having problems making an attempt to properly work the helmet as it’s less constrictive than different models.


1. The outer shell is created from light-weight thermoplastic that’ DOT approved and tested to handle impacts and shocks.

2. You’ll fit your favorite communication system within so that you’ll still be connected and speak in conjunction with your friends or family whereas riding your moped.

3. It’s a vintage style that’ terribly trendy among customers that you’ll either get in flat or gloss black or choose between 3 totally different color full styles with cool graphics that stand out.


The helmet is lined with a soft and comfortable Cloth that may keep your head cushiony and guarded, particularly once used aboard the nonobligatory zip-off neck curtain.

10.1STORM bike Open Face Helmet

a. Advance twin Visors/Double Shields style (inner smoke-cured lens and optional outer clear, smoked or tinted lens)

b. Ultra-lightweight sturdy mechanics thermoplastic alloy shell

c. Heavily cushioned and cozy interior, Removable and washable

d. Stunning shiny ultraviolet radiation protecting end

e. DOT Approved


1. It’s quite massive and once worn on tiny heads it’ that mushroom head results that loads of riders tend to not like.

2. The helmet’s foam portion is usually uncomfortable for the first week or so however with regular use, it’ll fit your head.

The Thanks to Buy the Only Best Moped Helmets?

Do I feel stressed about buying great moped helmets? Do the doubts keep creeping into your mind?

We understand why we’ve already qualified the full search process for moped helmets, which is why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the only moped helmets are available within the market today. We’ve also created an inventory of questions that you simply are probably also asking yourself.

We’ve made things as simple as possible with our thoughts and suggestions, but it’s still essential that you simply just do thorough research on your own for the moped helmets you’re considering purchasing. Your questions may include the following:

1. Is it worth buying a moped helmet?
2. What are the advantages of buying helmets for mopeds?
3. What factors should be considered when purchasing effective moped helmets?
4. Why is it essential to take a position in any moped helmet, let alone the simplest?
5. Learn more about us using online sources.

What Type of Model are You Looking For?

One of the most popular headgear is the half helmet. While it lets you feel the wind blowing your face, it still offers decent protection.

These helmets provide a classic look to you and your moped, they are lightweight, but they don’t offer as much protection as a full-face motorcycle helmet.

Some of them offer the possibility of increasing the safety at the level of the face through the use of a windshield or a visor. You will get extra protection around your neck and ears with a neck curtain which is usually detachable.

The Half face models facilitate the connection of a communication system. Some of them have nothing to cover their ears, so you are free to use headphones or Bluetooth devices. You will only have to verify that you can just still hear what is going on in traffic.

If safety is more important to you than look or feel, full-face helmets are definitely what you just want. These models cover the entire head, face, and chin, which are more robust.

Because they feel a bit heavier, and you won’t feel the wind blowing in your face while driving, we recommend that you consider whether you’re willing to sacrifice comfort and fun a bit for safety.

They will still allow you to mount a motorcycle helmet camera on them if you want to film your adventures.

There are full-body models that look great and there are plenty of models to choose from. They offer many features and some of them have removable internal pads.

You can throw the padding around the ears at a number of them in order to tighten up a communication system.

What is the Helmet Made Of?

When purchasing a helmet for your moped, you will need to consider the materials of construction. Inexpensive moped helmets have a molded ABS polymer shell that provides enough protection for a coffee price. Ready to spend more, you will get a premium model in fiberglass or Kevlar.

The latter will absorb more energy on impact and may convince it to be safer. Carbon fiber is another premium option and once you make a helmet out of it you will enjoy effective protection and also the fact that the helmet is extremely light. If you want to know more about carbon fiber helmets, take a look at our article.

As for the protective layer on the inside, most models use EPS foam. That said, a variety of manufacturers go out of their way to provide the user with dual-density foams that absorb an impact better.

If you take the simplest electric scooter for commuting or the easiest electric scooter for adults, you need a safety helmet, but a scooter may be too heavy or cumbersome to wear for about a day or so. time.

Ventilation and Interior Padding

If you’ve been driving for a short time, you find that after spending hours on the moped you want your helmet to stay dry and keep your head cool. Once you are gone in the last season your helmet needs to keep the heat away and without a well-built air circulation system this is not possible and you cannot enjoy your rides.

Most of the time, full-face helmets incorporate a double ventilation system. The vents open at the front, allowing air to flow through the best part of the helmet and then redirect it back. There are models that circulate the air around your head, which also allows the wind to draw heat away from your head.

Some half helmets only cover the best part of your head, so manufacturers don’t go to much trouble to ventilate them properly because you’ll look all you want while riding.

Speaking of a cool head, you should also look for an honest moped helmet that allows you to peel off the inner pad and wash it off. This is especially useful when you tend to sweat more when you tend to sweat. The interior padding is not the only one that should be washed easily. The exterior matters too.

With all the bug splatters and therefore dust covering your helmet, you want to be sure to keep the matte or glossy finish clean. you will have more time to clean models with removable visors, windshields,s or vents.

Be sure to put your helmet back on properly, because there is nothing worse than parts coming out of them while driving, disturbing you, making a lot of noise, and putting your life in danger.

(FAQs) About Best Moped Helmets

Q. Can a motorcycle helmet be worn on a moped?

A. It is necessary to have the identity card of the moped with you as soon as possible when using the moped. Motorcyclists must also wear an approved safety helmet when riding on public roads.

Q. Do scooters need full-face helmets?

A. Yes, you would like to wear a helmet when riding an electric scooter. There is no specific helmet for electric scooters, but there are different types of bicycle and motorcycle helmets that you can just use instead.

Q. How do I choose a scooter helmet?

A. An honest helmet should fit properly over the top of the rider. A helmet smaller or oversized than the size specified renders the helmet unusable.

The helmet should be comfortable and not wobble or suffocate the rider if it is too tight. in the case of large helmets, they will start in an accident.

Q. Do I have to buy a full-face helmet?

A. Full Face Helmets:

Advantages: The main apparent advantage of a full-face helmet is the additional protection it offers to the chin and face.

The full-face helmets also offer better protection against noise, sun, wind, rain, cold, insects, and stones. there is also a pleasant feeling of privacy in wearing a full-face helmet.

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