The Climbing Helmet Review for 2024 (Best Guideline)

Are you searching for a climbing helmet? A climbing helmet review is an important thing in preparation for out-of-door rising. If you go to the mountains, you must keep your safety in mind. In this case, a climbing helmet may be the best choice for you.

Climbing helmets defend your head from each rockfall and aspect impact and prioritize comfort in an efficient style. In the end, the climbing helmet review is one of the best choices.

Climbing Helmet Review

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There are solid models on the market with the least worth points and created with numerous styles of foam and plastic shell mixtures. We have tested helmets while dragging on single-pitch routes, in addition to mounting alpine routes on large mountains. We tend to fastidiously evaluate every helmet across six completely different metrics that play important roles in their performance.

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What is a Climbing Helmet

A climbing helmet is a type of protective headgear designed for use during climbing activities, such as rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, and tree climbing. It is designed to protect the head against falling objects, impacts from rockfalls, or accidental falls. Climbing helmets are an essential piece of equipment for climbers as they help prevent head injuries and provide an added layer of safety.

Climbing helmets typically feature a hard outer shell made of durable materials such as ABS plastic or polycarbonate, which helps to distribute and absorb impact forces.

The shell is often designed with ventilation holes to allow for airflow and reduce overheating during physical activity. Inside the helmet, there is usually a suspension system, which is made up of foam padding or webbing straps that help to absorb and disperse impact energy, providing additional cushioning for the head.

Climbing helmets also feature a chinstrap that secures the helmet to the wearer’s head and prevents it from falling off during a fall or impact. Chinstraps are usually adjustable for a snug fit and may have quick-release buckles for ease of use.

Some climbing helmets also come with additional features such as headlamp clips for attaching a headlamp during low-light conditions, and removable padding for easy cleaning or customization.

Fast Reply: 7 Best Climbing Helmet Review for 2024

1. Petzl Meteor Climbing Helmet

2. Petzl Boreo Climbing Helmet

3. Mammal Genus Wall Rider Climbing Helmet

4. Petzl Picchu Climbing Helmet

5. Petzl Elios Climbing Helmet

6. Petzl Sandstorm Climbing Helmet

7. Camp USA Arm Our Climbing Helmet

We have decorated the sturdy points for every, and climber and the surroundings they outfit greatest.

A good climb helmet has to match snugly but well, and should not move up and down around plenty when you progress your head. Once guiding, we tend to tend to constantly raise our youngest shoppers if they like sweets.

If the helmet fits, it won’t move where as they specify their love for tasty cold treats. If it moves up and down or involves rest with its forehead showing.

We tend to tend to restrain the rear adjustment and chinstrap. And if the helmet merely floats on the prime of the head extra kind of a yarmulke than a golf cap, it’s deficient.

#1 Prime Pick: Petzl Meteor Ascent Helmet

Petzl Meteor Ascent Helmet at a Glance:

1. Shell & Liner: Polycarbonate shell with distended vinyl benzene liner

2. Weight: 7.6 Oz

3. Certification: CE linear unit 12492 & UIAA certified

4. Best For Rock, Alpine & mount

5. Other: Four integrated clips for headlight, breathable lining

The Petzl Meteor Ascent Helmet is flexible and fitted to a large variety of accomplishments.

Petzl Meteor Ascent Helmet

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It is snug to wear because of its little heaviness, glorious freshening, state-of-the-art, modification system, and easy band. It is out there in two sizes, which is an androgynous model that will work with little and huge skulls. The builder succeeded in equilibrium defense, heaviness, and luxury with the Petzl Meteor.

Fourteen massive vents guarantee you will keep calm, the attractive clip on the chinstrap will be closed with one pointer and you’ll be able to build fast changes while not starting the helmet.

The hairband crinkles back within for loading. At what time damaged, it soothes the helmet by decorating it to the form of your skull. The liner permits wetness to thirst while avoiding water from all-pervading.

The peripheral explosive is water-resistant and sturdy, but not as arduous as arduous soft replicas. The 4 combined fasteners are nice to possess according to a headlight or camera.

The Petzl Meteor is the best ascent helmet for many situations except rock climbing.

#2 Petzl Boreo Climbing Helmet

The Petzl sandstorm is the Ferrari of the ascent helmet world: It’s high performance and light-weight with a tag to match. At $110, the Petzl sandstorm is not the foremost overpriced on our list.

However, it is close to the highest. That being the same, it’s the lightest on our list.

Petzl Boreo Climbing Helmet

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So if you spend plenty of your time within the alpine and count ounces or want to be the flashiest climber at the cliff, look no additional.

The Petzl sandstorm earns our challenger award for Best Overall Ascent Helmet of 2022. The value is honest for the quantity of technology; it simply comes with a particular work that will not work for each climber.

Price: $60

Weight: 10.1oz

Sizes: S/M (48-58cm), M/L (53-61cm)

Shell: ABS

Foam: EPP, EPS

Colors: 4

Adjustment: 2-handed, plastic strap

What we tend to Like: Sturdy ABS shell, Low price

What we have a tendency to do not: Significant, Lacking some adjustment

#3 Most Versatile: Mammut Genus Wall Rider Climbing Helmet

Mammut Wall Rider Ascent Helmet at a Glance:

1. Shell & Liner: EPP foam with arduous plastic shell

2. Weight: 6.9 Oz

3. Certification: CE linear unit 12492 & UIAA certified

4. Best For Rock, Alpine, Ice & mount

5. Other: A pair of front clips and rubber back loops for the headlight

By the Partition Proviso, the mammal genus delivers A comprehensive ascent helmet that’s sturdy, lightweight, and comfy.

Mammut Genus Wall Rider

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The shell could be a cross between distended plastic and arduous plastic within the forward-facing and midpoint.

That is the method, you will be able to trust within the defense of the arduous explosive and still get the good thing about the EPP artifact assets. Substantial freshening beginnings assist you in keeping cool, and therefore the applied science interior is snug.

The well-rounded strap is adjustable, and therefore the suspension uses skinny webbing that’s purportedly modifiable on the soar also, nonetheless it will take a couple of tries to urge it right through carrying the helmet.

When you discover your work, the Partition Proviso stays on your skull all day while not being uncomfortable. Two clips and a flexible band enable you to connect a headlight within the forward-facing.

The Partition Proviso could be a prime alternative for all kinds of ascent and my prime choice for the best mount helmet.

The mammal genus encompasses an arduous plastic shell that will take numerous influences and can still shield you for centuries to originate!

#4 Petzl Picchu Climbing Helmet

The Petzl Picchu ($60) may well be a very durable and adjustable youth-rising helmet. Quality protective instrumentation for kid climbers is also heavy to look out for, but the Picchu is superior and effective.

As a brand new bonus, the Picchu is boot-certified to be used as a sports helmet.

Petzl Picchu Climbing Helmet

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Built to hold up to years of traditional use, the Picchu is encased in a heavy plastic shell that resists impacts and scratches. The deep dome vogue offers plentiful coverage and enlarged protection against frontal, lateral, and rear impacts.

Though the Picchu can have some little vents, it does not breathe okay and may become uncomfortable in heat conditions.

We have a bent to love that Petzl has incorporated the sunshine attachment system and adjustable harness featured on a variety of adult helmets. The Picchu is supposed for teenagers between the ages of 3 and 8.


1. Durable

2. Protects against frontal, lateral, and rear impacts

3. Additionally certified as a sports helmet


1. Tokenish ventilation

#5 Most Durable: Petzl Elios Rising Helmet

Petzl Elios Rising Helmet at a Glance:

1. Shell & Liner: ABS shell with distended vinyl resin liner

2. Weight: 10.5 Oz

3. Certification: Number fifty-eight nut 12492 & UIAA certified

4. Best For Rock, Alpine, Ice & climb

5. Other: Four integrated clips for lightweight, sliding shutters

A helmet with a troublesome plastic shell offers you the foremost protection and is durable enough to last on the way aspect merely one impact. The Petzl Elios rising helmet is such a model.

The construction choices are a durable ABS shell with an Associate in Nursing distended vinyl resin liner that is relatively comfortable on the highest.

Two big buttons give band adjustment, even once the helmet is worn, though every hand’s area unit is required.

The buckles area unit is placed to the perimeters, keeping your chin free, and you will be ready to position the chinstrap forward or back in step along with your preference.

You can attach a lightweight to the four integrated clips and additionally, the Petzl Elios has ventilation shutters you may be able to shut with a slider simply just in case of precipitation.

This is a durable rising helmet suited to a whole variety of mountain activities and is my prime decision as a result of the simplest mountaineering helmet. The moderate worth makes it an associate degree honest for beginners.

Women’s Model: Petzl Charles Lamb Helmet – Women’s

#6 Best Lightweight: Petzl Sirocco Rising Helmet

Petzl Sirocco Rising Helmet at a Glance:

1. Shell & Liner: EPP foam with rigid crown injected with EPS foam

2. Weight: 5.9 Oz

3. Certification: Number fifty-eight nut 12492 & UIAA certified

4. Best For Rock, Alpine & climb

5. Other: A pair of hooks and rear elastic for lightweight, storage bag, and spare foam

If you are an Associate in Nursing formidable venture or area unit persuaded each grain substances once approaching you’re coming, the Petzl sirocco rising helmet is for you.

This ultra-lightweight rising and climb model choices enhanced capacity on the highest, superb ventilation, and most ease. It is created with an Associate in Nursing EPP shell and an inflexible crown on prime that is vaccinated with EPS foam.

A modifiable band and chinstrap deliver the essential adjustability whereas the attractive clasp on the chin is also secure with one hand alone. Two pegs and rear elastic change you to attribute a lightweight.

The Petzl Sirocco is so comfortable that it appears to be the simplest helmet, but a word of caution:

It’s more fragile than completely different models and should not last that long if you are a beginner, expect many impacts or rockfalls, and frequently don’t watch out for your helmet.

Pick this helmet if you utterly ought to shed some gear weight.

The Petzl Sirocco first-generation rising helmet is cheaper than the second generation and at 5.6 and 5.8 ounces for the two sizes the lightest riding helmet.

It chooses a mono-bloc EPP shell that lacks the extra protection of a troublesome plastic plate.

The carbonates Vapor is on the market in a pair of sizes of 6.6 and 7 ounces and will be a lightweight, breathable, and comfortable helmet among the upper worth vary.

Slightly heavier but cheaper is the carbonates Vector, a versatile hybrid-shell helmet with 8.1 and 8.5 ounces for the two sizes.

#7 Best Budget: Camp USA Armour Climbing Helmet

Camp USA Armour Rising Helmet at a Glance:

1. Shell & Liner: ABS shell with dilated vinyl benzene foam core

2. Weight: 12.5 Oz

3. Certification: Cerium nut 12492 & UIAA certified

4. Best For Rock, Alpine, Ice & mount

5. Other: Light-compatible, rotating size adjustment wheel

The Camp USA Armour mountaineering helmet is gaining quality because of its budget value Associate in Nursing full protection with an ABS exhausting shell and crash-proof EPS foam liner.

This comes at the value of the weight and this model is the heaviest of our choice, however, the Camp USA Armour is astonishingly snug.

Not solely will it feature generous ventilation slits to stay your head cool, but, it stays well in situ once it’s been adjusted to your head with the spinning dials within the back and therefore the strap.

The helmet sits comparatively high on your head while not making you feel highly serious. The impact is that despite the burden, your head is not pushed down between your shoulders.

There is just one size offered, however additional artifact foam you will add provides additional work and luxury. Despite the burden, the downside of this helmet is the large chinstrap, which is cushioned but may be irritable to some climbers.

Also, the front and back light clips do not seem to be as straightforward to use as on pricier models.

All in all, you do not need to reach deep into your pocketbook for the Camp USA Armour and successively get a completely certified, protecting helmet that’s most likely the most effective rising helmet for beginners and appropriate for many rising activities.

The Edelrid Defend II additionally options Associate in Nursing entry-level value Associate in Nursing comes with a tricky polycarbonate shell over a dilated vinyl benzene core.

The one size includes a dial adjustment to suit heads of the many sizes and you will pad the ergonomically-shaped interior with enclosed foam pads.

When to Wear a Climbing Helmet

From high-elevation alpine routes to edge sport crags, a helmet is often an honest plan. Currently, the apple of carrying a helmet for multi-pitch and jazz rising is widely practiced and nearly universal. Jazz rising Associate in nursing multi-pitch routes is typically a lot of doubtless to involve an elevated risk of rockfall. At outstanding jazz-rising crags like Indian Creek and Waterfall, the majority of climbers wear helmets.

In alternative rising disciplines, helmet use is much less normal. Within the comparatively controlled setting of the rising athletic facility, few climbers wear helmets because of an ablated risk of falling rock or out-of-control lead falls. Similarly, several climbers opt to not wear a helmet while shouldering or sporting.

Though some rising disciplines are a lot of helmet-prone than others, climbers, in general, are moving toward a lot of frequent helmet use. As specialists in rising and riding gear, we tend to feel helmets offer important protection for any discipline of riding.

Modern helmets are lightweight, snug, and minimally intrusive. We tend to advocate for climbers to wear helmets despite the discipline they are collaborating in.

Climbing Helmet: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

When rising outdoors, bound risk factors stay on the far side of our management. Carrying a rising helmet at the cliff is one of the simplest and best ways in which to guard yourself and be ready. In 2022, high-quality riding helmets will be simpler, more snugger, and lightweight than ever before. All outside climbers ought to have a helmet in their kit.

When choosing the right helmet, there is a spread of vital factors to think about. During this handy buyer’s guide, we will break down vital concerns together with materials, comfort, ventilation, sizing, weight, durability, and far a lot of. We will additionally completely justify some key language you will get to apprehend once creating an Associate in the nursing privy purchase.

Parts of a Helmet

Modern rising helmets incorporate a dome-shaped piece of froth, a tough plastic shell, a harness system for comfort and precise fitting, and a strap. The materials used for every part can verify the most effective uses and supreme value of the helmet.

Helmet Foam

The shock-absorbing qualities of contemporary helmets come back from light-weight shock-absorbing foam. There are 2 differing types of froth on the market, and everyone has their professionals and cons.

All of the helmets we have enclosed on this list have foam that covers the highest, rear, and sides of the top, which is crucial for shielding against numerous sorts of potential impacts.

Expanded Polystyrene

Because enlarged polystyrene foam is effective and reasonable, it’s been employed in rising helmets for several decades. Although EPS feels laborious to the bit, it’s created to crush and crack upon impact to soak up the force of collision forces.

While EPS remains found in several quality helmets, it will have some downsides. Some climbers notice EPS to be fragile, particularly once employed in light-weight and low-profile helmets.

It’s vital to watch out for EPS helmets. Merely dropping one on the bottom inadvertently may end in little cracks. Once cracks have been fashioned, the helmet should be replaced.

Expanded Poly Protein (EPP)

The other foam possibility on the rise helmet market is termed enlarged poly protein or EPP. Unlike EPS, EPP does not absorb impacts by fracturing. Instead, EPP helmets have a bit provided to them and may truly regain their original form once minor impacts.

EPP helmets also are less likely to be accidentally broken, and they typically last longer as a result. Because gold is customary for sturdiness, EPP is quickly turning into the froth of selection within the rising helmet market. As a trade-off for the utmost sturdiness and minimum weight, EPP helmets do tend to be costlier.

Composite Foam Helmets

Some fashionable helmets incorporate EPS and EPP foam in their construction to maximize the protection advantages. On our list, the carbonates Vision and therefore the Petzl duster are samples of composite foam helmets.

Because EPS foam is nice for fascinating the force of prime impacts from falling objects, composite helmets sometimes embrace AN inserted disc of EPS within the crown space. Other than this EPS disc, composite helmets are just like the Vision, and therefore the duster is made of a lot of versatile and sturdy EPP foam.

Helmet Shells

Some rise helmets are associated with a tough plastic outer layer or shell. Most shells are made of either ABS or polycarbonate. Because EPP foam is sturdy and proof against fractures on its own, some EPP helmets do not associate with a full outer shell. Helmets while not full shells are lighter, however, they additionally tend to be less sturdy.

Adjustable Harness System

The harness system within a rise helmet permits the user to regulate the fit comfort and security. Although the varied helmets on our list are associated with completely different harness systems, everyone is superior and straightforward enough to regulate on the fly.

Some helmets, just like the Singing Rock Hex, embrace a harness system that adjusts via an outsized dial and may match a broad variety of head sizes and shapes. Whereas this is often a handy feature, it adds important weight.

Minimalist helmets just like the Edelrid Salathe embrace away a lot of efficient harness systems to reduce total weight. The drawback to the current is that minimalist helmets are less adjustable overall.

We suggest that every climber put helmets on beforehand or a minimum of living your head’s dimensions before creating procurement, particularly with minimalist designs. For winter rise, it’s nice to possess the choice to wear a hat beneath your helmet, therefore lots of adjustment abilities are vital.


In addition to a harness system, most rise helmets are lined with removable, wash-and-wear cushioning. Within the case of most up-to-date helmets, solely several little strategically placed pads are needed to make a secure and cozy match.

Helmet Chin Straps and Buckles

All rise helmets are secured onto the pinnacle victimization straps that match around the ears and underneath the chin. A lightweight and adjustable buckle connects the straps and offers custom fitting.

While classic side-release plastic buckles are tried and true, they will be troublesome to unharness when carrying gloves. Ice climbers and mountaineers might want a harness with a magnetic buckle, like the Petzl duster.


Climbing helmet review is typically worn for multiple hours on finish, and luxury is preponderant. As a result, no 2 climbers can have a regular head form, the foremost comfy vogue for you may not work for your partner.

For this reason, we tend to continuously suggest testing multiple designs as you rummage around for the correct model.

Aside from the form, a helmet’s harness system can have the best impact on its comfort. Whereas testing many various rise helmets, we tend to find minimalist helmets with straightforward harnesses tend to be the foremost comfy, particularly for climbers with long hair.

Climbing helmet review just like the Petzl windstorm and Edelrid Salathe utilize easily adjustable straps rather than large adjustment dials or plastic bands. Sadly, minimalist helmets are the smallest amount adjustable.

Well-placed interior liner pads also can add important comfort. Pads mix with the harness system to hug the form of your head, and most are removable and wash-and-wear.

On this list, we tend to notably just like the artifact system found on the genus Mammut drop Sender and therefore the Edelrid Salathe.


Climbing helmets reviewed with strong plastic shells like the Petzl Boreo tend to be additional sturdy than helmets with several exposed foam just like the Petzl windstorm.

Several climbers merely toss their helmets into their packs with their rack and cord, and therefore the ensuing turbulence will cause injury over time.

However, if you treat a rise helmet with care, it ought to last for several years unless it endures a big impact, of course.

On our list, the Singing Rock Hex and therefore the Petzl Boreo are among the foremost sturdy helmets.


On long approaches or alpine missions, an extremist lightweight helmet will improve comfort and lighten your load. While the distinction of simply several ounces could appear insignificant.

We have found that extremist light-weight helmets are abundantly appreciated once you are ten pitches up an all-day journey route.

Generally, extremist light-weight helmets sacrifice some adjustability to keep their total weight low.


At some purpose, you are getting to get hot and sweating while out at the drop. For humans, a well-ventilated head is crucial for thermos regulation.

While several vents are nice for staying cool, too several vents will decrease the effectiveness of the Climbing Helmet Review overall. The simplest rise helmets have strategically placed vents that breathe well while not compromising protection.

On this list, we predict the Edelrid Salathe and therefore the Petzl windstorm helmets provide glorious ventilation systems.


Every helmet manufacturer has its size system. Generally, adult helmets are available in 2 or 3 sizes. Every size can cover a spread of head diameters.

Helmets that embody harnesses with plastic bands or dials tend to be additional adjustable and work for a wider range of head diameters. We tend to suggest activity on your head and ideally run multiple Climbing Helmet Reviews before getting one.


Q. What Is the Safest Climbing Helmet?

A. The best helmet is the one that’s on your head. All of the helmets we have included on this list offer top-notch protection. Any of these models will help alleviate safety concerns. Always make sure your helmet is as it should be built-in and sized.

Q. Do Climbing Helmets Work?

Yes, Climbing Helmet Review makes available very real safety against hazards including rock falls and side impacts that can take place during lead falls. To get the most safety out of your helmet, be sure it’s sized and built-in in the approved manner.

Your helmet should stay resolutely on your head at all times without slippage. An injured helmet may not be effective. Be sure to check your helmet regularly for fractures.


Climbing helmets has returned a long approach in recent years. Manufacturers unit churning out ever lighter, better-off selections for today’s adventurers.

The headache is on you to wear them. We hope that this climbing helmet has helped you to decide on the right model for your budget and mounting needs.

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