The Best Helmet for Vespa for 2024

Are you looking for Vespa a helmet? If so, I think the best helmet for Vespa is for you. As a motorbike rider, you ought to always put safety first, Such Vespa helmets protect against head damage.

Vespa helmets are both eternal and classy, a bit like the scooters themselves. The present range of Vespa open-face helmets includes some particularly popular models like the Vespa VJ helmet and therefore the Vespa Aviator Helmet.

Best Helmet for Vespa

Color-matched to the Vespa scooter range, Vespa helmets are the right accessory for your Italian wheels.

What is a Vespa Helmet

Vespa is a well-known brand of scooter that was first produced in Italy in 1946. A Vespa helmet is a type of helmet specifically designed for use with Vespa scooters. These helmets are typically open-faced helmets, which provide good ventilation and a wide field of vision. They also usually have a retro or vintage design that matches the style of the Vespa scooter.

Some Vespa helmets may also have features such as a retractable sun visor, removable and washable inner padding, and a micrometric retention system for a secure fit. It is important to always wear a helmet when riding a scooter to protect your head in the event of an accident.

The Best Helmet for Vespa for 2024

There are many Vespa helmet brands available in the market. Here we are listing the top brands of the simplest Vespa helmets supported by user reviews as given below:

1. Sage Square

2. Autofy

3. Vega

1. Sage Square Helmet

Unlock helmets or three-fourths of helmets cover the highest, back, and side of the top without an inferior chin bar. They are available with break visors to assist riders from sunshine to look angrily.

An open-face helmet provides an equivalent back defense as a full-face helmet.

Sage Square Helmet

View Price

Unlock-face helmets are favored for his or her less tired and weight compensation. This sort of helmet provides recreation for head movements and exposure to air, particularly in weather.

2. Autofy Helmet

Autofy designs two-wheeler and four-wheeler trimmings which add value to daily and long-route riders and commuters. They gust your own horn they need the simplest Indicator Flashers, Fog Lights, Headlights & Helmet range to call some.

Autofy Helmets

Buy on Now

They are the sole brand on Amazon with the very best product ratings within the auto category. This is extremely famous within the middle of the Biker communities of KTM, Royal Enfield, and other common brands. They use Amazon as their online channel for retail sales.

3. Vega Helmet

Vega has been a synonym for safety and quality for over three decades. We have been the protectors of bikers with a good range of helmets artificial with the very best standards of quality and soothe.

Vega Helmets


Q. Is Vega an honest helmet?

A. 5.0 out of 5 stars favorite helmet brand Vega. Vega helmets are worry-free and cheap price section, this helmet was good for daily use and contented.

Q. Is the Vega helmet safe?

A. Vega Crux DX Full-Face Helmet: These full-face helmets are ISI-approved and are extremely popular among middle riders for their flip-up option.

Leather finish touch, and off-road looks. Get these restricted helmets for yourself and secure your fervor ride with superior technology and open features.

This list of the products is not supported by reviews or prejudice, they are directly connected to the number of sales on Amazon.

When you choose products from the top 5 top 10. You will get the just-right balance of quality, dependability, and value for money. Just plow ahead & choose the simplest product as per your requirements.

How to Choose the Best Helmets for Vespa

Previous to we show you our list, allow us to ask you one easy question. Does one skill to select the proper helmet?

If not, let’s see what input features you need to give some thought to before buying the only helmets for Vespa!

Construct Material

Make sure that the simplest helmets for Vespa riders you are getting to buy are made up of the toughest material available to ensure your safety.

Poly-carbonate plastic is additionally an honest alternative. Another great material is EPS foam liner, as it is very cushioned and lightweight.


To get the simplest experience, you ought to search for a helmet that comes with heavy padding for added comfort because it can protect your head from impact.

More importantly, it should provide you with an ideal and secure fit. If possible, get the one that’s light as heavier ones might stress out your neck.


A helmet that is not well-ventilated will feel very suffocating. The simplest helmets for Vespa riders will have ventilation at the highest, back, and sides of the structure to market airflow that cools your head as you ride.


Of course, there are numerous helmets out there with different price tags. However, always have a hard and fast budget when you are getting to buy the simplest helmets for Vespa.

That way, you won’t overspend your money. Whether or not you are on a decent budget, do not worry, because there are many affordable helmets out there that are even as good as the expensive ones. Yes, a number of them are on our list!

What is the Aim of Using the Helmet?

Some people buy the helmet as they use bikes for his or her regular road trips. They need to look for the most comfortable and higher-quality helmet.

Many riders like to ride their scooter in a group. During this case, you have got to settle on helmets that make your communication much easier.

Which Features Are Essential to You?

Material on The helmet’s outer material may affect the security standard, weight, and luxury. Usually, the common materials include.

EPS – this is often a highly compressed material, having shock absorbent capacity. It is used for the inside shell. Fiberglass and poly-carbonate– they’re also ready to absorb much energy. Carbon fiber – It helps with the distribution of impact force.

Weight of the Helmet

Most helmets have a weight range of a minimum of 1400 GM, and therefore the heaviest one is probably 1800 grams. However, you have to ascertain whether this weight distributes uniformly throughout your shoulder and head. The whole Face helmets are lighter than modular helmets.

Ventilation and Visibility

After wearing the helmet, you ought to be ready to view everything. The helmet must not prevent you from seeing the encompassing things. There is a visor within the helmets, and it can cause a difference in the level of visibility.

The visor has got to be scratch-resistant and must have a watertight design. The simplest visors do not easily slump. In a few helmets, you will find two visors.

The special mechanism helps you to change the visor and use any of them. The tinted visor is best for sun protection. However, the clear one is true for you while riding the bike in the dark.

Features for Comfort

In a number of the newest helmets, you will find a wind reduction system and built-in sunshade to assist you in riding the bike in a better way.

Other Things to be Checked Are

Gaps— Brow pads and temples must not have any gap

Cheek Pads— These pads should not touch the users’ fact with much pressure

Neckroll— Your helmet may have this feature, and it must not push aside your helmet from your head’s backside

Chin Piece— You will find it in your full-face helmet, and after pressing it, the front part must not touch the chin or nose

Additional Features for Your Safety

The helmet manufacturers have tried to use the simplest technology for designing their products. For example, you will find a cheek pad, or a system, that enables one to get rid of the helmet very easily. The slip-plane or MIPS technology is another feature, which is meant for the reduction of rotation forces.

Is your helmet safe?

Reliable helmet manufacturers always mention their safety standards. Your chosen helmet should be DOT-approved. Other safety ratings are supported by Snell and ECE22.05.

Measurement of Helmet Size

A helmet that is fitted properly saves your life when you have faced a collision or accident. However, while buying the helmet, you have got to understand your head size. A big or oversized helmet won’t give protection to your head in the right way.

Each of the helmet brands presents you with a chart of varied sizes. You will place the helmet straight on the top. The attention port is top has got to be above the eyebrows. Your helmet must tightly be attached to your face and head.

You should also specialize in the form of your head. You will find a small difference in the shape of those helmets. For example, there’s an oval helmet with a rather longer design. It is intended for the oblong head.

Now, we have reviewed the 5 best Vespa helmets for all the riders.

1. Vintage Motorbike Helmet

Vintage Motorbike Helmet, Adults Open-Face Motorbike Helmets, Retro Half Helmet for Scooter Moped jockey cap Men and ladies Street Cruiser Jet Style DOT Certified Helmet 4, One Size 54-62cm.

The way to choose my motorcycle helmet Several criteria are taken under consideration within the choice of shopping for your helmet: the form, brand, design, use, and features.

Unique Design: Retro half/open face helmet, jockey cap design, ABS material, longer brim to raise shield your head from sunshine and rain.

You can choose your helmet consistent with its form, there are 3 types:

A. Jet Motorcycle Helmet

Jet helmet vintage: It is usually a light helmet then pleasant to wear because the lower part of your face is obvious.

For better protection against cold, rain, or wind, it is advised to wear motorcycle goggles or a motorbike mask. The Jet Helmet is often also equipped with a visor depending on the model.

B. Full Motorcycle Helmet

Helmet Vintage: The helmet is safer because it protects your whole head. This sort of helmet offers better protection and increased security. Vintage Motors offers a variety of full-face designs exceptional vintage like Bullitt Bell.

C. Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Modular Helmet Vintage: The modular helmet is between the jet helmet and helmet integral. Sa CHIN GUARD is hinged and may be lifted.

The modular helmet has an equivalent certification thereto of the integral. Some modular helmets also possess the certification of jet helmets, offering more comfort to the rider:

Better ventilation during times of high heat and total disappearance of the fog in winter.

2. Open Face Jet-Helmet

Open Face Jet-Helmet Vintage Chopper Pilot Vespa-Helmet Retro Cruiser Biker Mofa Bobber Moto-Helmet

DOT Certified

– Incl shade

– (54-60cm

Open Face helmets and Jet Helmets from AGV, Airoh, HJC, and MDS. An open-face helmet gives you a sense of freedom. We have helmets in every price range.

Test an open-face helmet with an integrated shade, it is very nice on a sunny summer day. Open-face Helmets offer you the right balance of safety and flexibility.

Featuring a classic open-face design, these are perfect for urban commuting also as touring and are preferred by riders of electrical two-wheeler and classy café-racers.

Featuring a good and scratch-resistant visor, these helmets offer you an obvious and commanding view of the road.

Choose between a single visor or a dual visor with sun-protection options for optimum visibility. Soft, hypoallergenic liner, neck roll, and dynamic air ventilation keep you comfortable.

3. Vespa Modernist Helmet

From the official Vespa store, you will get the modernist helmet at € 196 – note they do not ship to the USA so try It is an easy product with a chic design.

The subtle colors make it perfect for riders who do not like bright helmets that attract an excessive amount of attention.

It is available in a sort of sizes starting with extra small to extra-large variations. The ABS material it is made up of makes this dime jet head cover sturdy and sturdy for long-term use.

Its shell incorporates a leather finish with Eco-stitching for reinforcement. That is not all. The inside of the helmet consists of 3D breathable fabric, making it comfortable to wear for long rides.

With the aluminum visor fastener, this brand fosters user-friendliness not forgetting it’s ECE 22.05 certified. The Matt coating and therefore the glossy middle band increase the sweetness of this product.

You will return it within 14 days after the date of purchase. The manufacturer offers you a 2-year warranty also.


1. Fashionable in design

2. DOT certified

3. Available in three sizes

4. Lightweight

5. Carbon shell

6. Scratch-resistant and UV resistant

7. Laser-cut foam

8. Interior side- antibacterial


1. The inner shield does not fit all

4. Vespa Electrical-Bluetooth Helmet

If you are searching for a helmet that integrates the newest tech, try Vespa’s Electrical. Available in beautiful black and blue highlight colors, Electrical may be a Bluetooth-enabled helmet with a microphone and a cozy band.

It utilizes an ABS shell and a hypo-allergenic interior that does not trigger allergies of any kind. The retention system is micro-metric while the Bluetooth function is integrated into the shell of the helmet.

It is usable with dedicated goggles and allows you to pick up your favorite playlist through the 2 earphones. You furthermore may get to enjoy using GPS instructions.

The driver-to-passenger inter-communication mechanism makes it easier for one person to listen to the opposite, especially in noisy or windy environments.

The included microphone with an intuitive button and therefore the USB port is the opposite aspect to love about Vespa Electrical.

Besides your smartphone, you will connect a further device to the helmet’s Bluetooth set-up for convenience. You furthermore may get to answer calls through the voice command.

This model features a classy tech that makes it an ideal fit for the present generation. Note that each electronic component is within the headset.

The red or blue LED light shows the status of the gadget placed on the microphone. Vespa offers you a 2-year warranty and a 14-day return period on the Electrical helmet.


1. Easy to hold

2. Retro paint high-quality finish

3. DOT standard

4. Outer shell- Much more durable

5. Highly engineered


1. No complaint reported against it

5. Vespa P-Xentia Helmet-Matt Black

Like the other Vespa helmets, the P-Xenia consists of stable, durable ABS material. Available at the value of €111.64, it presents a gorgeous Matt black exterior and an anti-allergenic interior with synthetic leather and fabric lining.

You get to use a micro-metric retention function, an artificial leather guard to guard your chin against injuries, and a goggle holder that fosters comfort.

The three products we have discussed above are just some items on an extended list of Vespa helmets. As mentioned earlier, the corporation offers many other products to settle on from counting on your needs.

If you are buying presents for your loved ones, you are doing not need to purchase different brands, because Vespa offers helmets in various sizes and styles. Enjoy uniform quality, sturdiness, and sturdy construction, as you have fun with friends and family.

Vespa helmets also are elegant and are available in several colors and finishes to match your preferences. The brand features a rich history dating back to the first 90s that creates it a reliable name within the scooter industry. As you ride a Vespa scooter, buy a Vespa helmet also.


1. Stylish motocross helmet

2. Includes goggles within the package

3. Best system for eye protection of the bike riders

4. ABS materials


1. No size option

How Does One Buy the Simplest Vespa Helmet?

Do you get stressed brooding about buying an excellent Vespa Helmet? Do doubts keep creeping into your mind?

We understand because we’ve already been skilled in the full process of researching Vespa Helmet, which is why we have assembled a comprehensive list of the best Vespa Helmet available within the current market. We have also come up with a listing of questions that you simply probably have yourself.

Your questions might include the following:

1. Is it worth buying a Vespa Helmet?

2. What benefits are there with buying a Vespa Helmet?

3. What factors deserve consideration when buying an efficient Vespa Helmet?

4. Why is it crucial to take a position in any Vespa Helmet, much less the simplest one?

5. Which Vespa Helmet is sweet within the current market?

6. Where are you able to find information like this about Vespa Helmet?

We are convinced that you likely have many more questions than simply these regarding the Vespa Helmet, and therefore the only possible way to satisfy your need for knowledge is to urge information.

Potential sources can include buying guides for Vespa Helmet, rating websites, word-of-mouth testimonials, online forums, and merchandise reviews.

Buying Guide

Thorough and mindful research is crucial to making sure you get your hands on the best possible Vespa Helmet. Ensure that you simply merely are only using trustworthy and credible websites and sources.

We provide a Vespa Helmet buying guide, and thus the knowledge is objective and authentic. We employ both AI and enormous data in proofreading the collected information.

How did we create this buying guide? We did it employing a custom-created selection of algorithms that lets us manifest a top-10 list of the only available Vespa Helmet currently available on the market.

This technology we use to assemble our list depends on a selection of things, including but not limited to the following:

1. Brand Value: Every brand of Vespa Helmet features a worth all its own

2. Features: What bells and whistles matter for a Vespa Helmet?

3. Specifications: How powerful they are often measured

4. Product Value: This simply is what proportion bang for the buck you get from your Vespa Helmet

5. Customer Ratings: Number rating grade Vespa Helmet objectively

6. Customer Reviews: Closely regarding ratings, these paragraphs provide you with first-hand and detailed information from real-world users about their Vespa Helmet

7. Product Quality: You do not always get what you purchase with a Vespa Helmet, sometimes less, and sometimes more

8. Product Reliability: How sturdy and durable a Vespa Helmet is should be an indication of how long it will last for you

We always remember that maintaining Vespa Helmet information to stay current might be a top priority, which is why we are constantly updating our websites. Learn more about us using online sources.

Who We Are

Vega Helmets was established in 1994 to offer a top-quality motorcycle/ATV/UTV and snowmobile helmet with the foremost wanted features at a cheap price.

Part of having a top-quality product is functioning in our factory in Ningbo China. We control the standard and safety of everything that goes into our helmets.

We offer a selection of varied helmets to suit every need, and accessories for every helmet we manufacture, including mirrored shields, ear pads, and snow accessories.

For quite 25 years now, we have continually disrupted the helmet industry, ensuring that every rider has the proper protection. Safety should not be forgone due to a scarcity of affordability which is why we elect to keep our prices down. Affordable Protection is sort of a tagline at the Soaring Helmet Corporation, it is our mission!

As we enter our 27th year, the joys are building here at VEGA as we prepare to unveil our all-new line of helmets, Full face, Modular, off-road helmets, and a full line of kids helmets, it is all being retooled.


Q: Why is it important to choose the best helmet for riding a Vespa?

A: Choosing the best helmet for riding a Vespa is crucial for safety. Helmets protect your head and reduce the risk of head injuries in case of accidents. They are a vital piece of safety gear for Vespa riders.

Q: What are the key factors to consider when selecting a helmet for Vespa riding?

A: When selecting a helmet for Vespa riding, consider factors like safety certifications (e.g., DOT, ECE, or SNELL), fit, comfort, style, ventilation, and noise reduction. These factors ensure both safety and comfort.

Q: What are the different types of helmets available for Vespa riders?

A: There are various types of helmets available, including full-face helmets, open-face helmets (3/4 helmets), modular helmets, and half helmets. The choice depends on your preferences and the level of protection you desire.

Q: Is it better to choose a full-face helmet or an open-face helmet for Vespa riding?

A: Full-face helmets provide the highest level of protection for Vespa riders as they cover the entire head and face. Open-face helmets offer more airflow and visibility but provide less protection. Your choice should prioritize safety and comfort.

Q: What size helmet should I choose for my Vespa ride?

A: To determine the right helmet size, measure your head’s circumference and refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart. A properly fitting helmet should be snug but not uncomfortable.

Q: Can I use a bicycle helmet for Vespa riding?

A: No, bicycle helmets are not suitable for Vespa riding. They do not provide adequate protection at higher speeds. You should always use a helmet specifically designed for motorcycling.

Q: How often should I replace my Vespa helmet?

A: Helmets should be replaced every 5-7 years, even if they appear undamaged. If you’ve been in an accident or dropped your helmet, replace it immediately, as damage may not be visible.

Q: Are expensive helmets always safer than cheaper ones?

A: Not necessarily. The price of a helmet is not always an indicator of safety. Look for helmets that meet safety standards and have good reviews. Fit and comfort are also essential considerations.

Q: Can I customize my Vespa helmet?

A: Some helmets allow for customization through interchangeable visors, graphics, and accessories. However, ensure that any modifications you make do not compromise the helmet’s safety certifications.

Q: Where can I purchase the best helmet for my Vespa?

A: You can purchase Vespa helmets from reputable motorcycle gear stores, online retailers, or directly from Vespa dealerships. Ensure you buy from a reliable source to guarantee the helmet’s authenticity and quality.

Remember that safety should be your top priority when selecting a helmet for Vespa riding. Choose a helmet that provides the best protection and comfort to ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

All the Vespa helmets mentioned within the above-given list are updated and described only after considering their features and thus the worth for money.


There are various kinds of Vespa helmets on our top 10 listing and each one of them comes from a special budget range and features so that every single one of you will find a Vespa helmet to best suit your budget and needs.

Thus, read the review of Vespa helmets and buy the right one to ride your bike safely. You would like to understand your responsibility to ensure safety at the time of riding a motorcycle, scooter, or bike on the highway.

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