The Trek Powerfly 5 Review for 2023 (Best Buying Guide)

Are you looking for the Trek Powerfly 5? The Trek Powerfly 5 Review may be an extremely advanced electrical freeloader that comes with spectacular specs to deliver unmatched skillfulness. It offers the sort of power you’ll have to be compelled to tackle difficult cross-country terrains. However, still feels natural on a leisurely weekend cruise round the neighborhood!

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E-bikes are a unit plenty of fun! However there is a unit such a big amount of models accessible that result one that matches your preferences lands up being fairly the confusing make an effort.

When it involves onerous tail electrical mountain bikes. There’s associate awful heap of selection from the large name makers. Once one among my friends known as American state last week to mention he’d brought a Trek, I used to want to attempt it out.

In this Trek Powerfly 5 review I’ll take a better look into the specifications and share with you my opinions once disbursal a few of hours with it on Bodmin moor.

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What is Trek Powerfly 5

The Trek Powerfly 5 is an electric mountain bike (e-bike) from Trek Bikes, a popular bicycle manufacturer based in the United States. The Powerfly 5 is part of Trek’s Powerfly series, which is designed for off-road adventures and features electric assist to help riders tackle challenging terrain.

The Trek Powerfly 5 comes with a durable aluminum frame and is powered by a Bosch Performance Line CX motor, which provides pedal-assist up to speeds of 20 mph (32 km/h). The bike is equipped with a removable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can provide a range of up to 70 miles (113 km) on a single charge, depending on various factors such as rider weight, terrain, and level of assistance used.

The Powerfly 5 features a 9-speed Shimano drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power, and a suspension fork with around 120mm of travel for smooth and comfortable off-road riding. The bike also has wide and grippy 27.5+ or 29-inch tires for enhanced traction and stability on trails. Other features may include a dropper seatpost for improved maneuverability, integrated lights, and a display unit to monitor battery life, speed, and other ride data.

The Trek Powerfly 5 is designed for riders who want to explore off-road trails with the added benefit of electric assist to make their rides more enjoyable and accessible, whether it’s for commuting, fitness, or recreational purposes.

The Trek Powerfly 5 Review for 2023

E-bikes take your riding expertise to consequent level! They permit you to ride on all surfaces with relative ease, one thing that’s unimaginable on an everyday bike.

However, these bikes don’t come back low-cost, and investment in one needs all the due diligence to protect you from buyer’s self-reproach down the road. In this post, we tend to review the Trek Powerfly 5, a good eMTB that has attained praise within the marketplace for its all-around performance!

Allow us to look into the various specs it’s to supply and check whether or not its overall performance is value your dime!

1. FRAME: Alpha Pt Al, Detachable battery with a tapering skull tube

2. TANK ENGINE: Old master Performance 110

3. BATTERY: Old master Power Tube 500Wh, Lithium-ion

4. BRAKE TYPES: Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

5. RIMS: Bontrager Kovee twenty three, Tubeless prepared, double-walled, 32-hole

6. TIRES: Bontrager XR3, 27.5 BY 2.35

1. Trek Powerfly-Frame

The frame on the Trek Powerfly 5 is formed of alpha Pt Al to administer it a rough build for the powerful terrains. This can be bolstered by the motor armor defense to boost sturdiness.

The frame has been manipulated round the motor and options a battery slit on the correct facet of the down tube.

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I fancy however the frame is intended to completely conceal the battery within the down tube for optimum protection against components. The battery may also be removed while not tools, that is extremely convenient. It conjointly slants down towards the seat tube to cut back the stand over height, which is nice for shorter riders.

Overall, the Powerfly incorporates a nice pure mathematics that options a straight bar and helps you to maintain a snug posture throughout the ride. Rack mounts also are enclosed for those long excursions that need you to hold on a bottle and different accessories.

2. Engine

The Trek Powerfly 5 options a gentle old master Performance 110 motor to travel with a 500Wh battery. The smooth mid-mount motor has been designed exclusively for cross-country riding.

Its 75Nm of torsion provides you the facility to well war the foremost difficult grounds. It’ll conjointly get you to a most speed of 20mph on handle help out method.

The bike conjointly uses Bosch’s gear-shift recognition knowledge that holds back the damage on the sequence of the mechanism set because it switches from one gear to a different. The motor has been automatic to chop out at 25km/hr however still provides you plenty pedaling force of up to three hundredth in turbo mode.

Another fantastic addition on the bike is that you just will set it on intelligent e-MTB motor mode. This mode may be a convenient “set-and-forget” mode which will mechanically change the extent of motor help reckoning on the final nature of the tract. It permits you to chuck the struggle and specialize in enjoying your ride.

3. Battery

I have to speak well of Trek for delivering a dependable e-bike that comes with a completely integrated battery. What this will is to make sure that the battery is safe from dirt and dirt that solely will increase its shelf-life. I must conjointly commend the manufacturer for employing a waterproof battery that permits you to continue the ride even once it starts to rain.

The enclosed armor additional shields the battery against stones, twigs, and different junk that area unit common on the cross-country tract. There is conjointly associate external charging port that simplifies charging the battery. My solely grievance is that awaiting the battery to charge seems like associate entireness.

The 7.5hrs it needs to completely charge could find you messing up a once-promising journey within the outdoors. This will increase simple right of entry and practicality after you need to refresh it. The battery boasts a pleasant vary which will get you to 130km in Eco mode or 60km in turbo mode once absolutely charged, that is enough time to relish your journey.

However, the precise run time can rely on variety of things, as well as the tract, your weight, and even riding vogue.

4. Brakes

The Shimano MT200 disc brakes on the Powerfly 5 improve safety after you are a unit riding at high speeds and taking place descents. They need an honest stopping power which will provide you with the riding self-assurance to undertake the foremost feared trails.

The only implicit strike with these thickets is that they’re too soft for a many newcomers WHO square measure simply transitioning from “regular” bikes toe-bikes.

These thickets square measure rather more refined than those you’ll see on utmost ancient bikes, creating it laborious for brand new e-bike riders to estimate what proportion pressure you must apply formerly breaking.

5. Rims

The Bontrager Duster Elite skirting square measure durable enough to repel the penalization whereas riding on irregular shells. The tubeless set bus jointly produce them inflexible to supply advanced grip on the path.

The bike uses Bontrager Kovee double- walled skirting’s that deliver a long performance whereas taking penalization from the rough and enduring bush trails. The bus square measure tubeless-ready creating them stiff to extend disunion and force a stable riding moxie.

6. Tires

The Bontrager XR3 Comp tires on the bike can give nice traction on loose tract. Still, I’ve to say that the bike tends to slightly overpass corners, which may be as results of the 2.35” wide tires.

This may burglarize you of the soundness needed to bear on rugged shells effectively. An attainable resolution would be to use a wider set of tires that may prove pivotal throughout descends.

The Bontrager XR3 tires give smart disunion uncross-country trails. Still, I noticed that my Trek Powerfly four unbroken on over-shooting corners a touch. I credit this to the 2.35 wide tires, that don’t specifically give you with the kind of stability you would like in rugged tract.

One issue i will recommend dynamical is that the size of the tires. A wider set will clearly give you with advanced operation of the lift, particularly throughout descends.

What Can We Like Concerning Trek Powerfly 5?

The nascence metallic element frame of the bike is important enough to attack Rough Rider’s still light- weight enough to stay your lift snug and nimble.

This makes the bike terribly protean in its style. This style makes it snug to ride on each enduring cross-country trails further as laid- down sails on the tarmac.

The as lope style of the frame makes it straightforward for riders to prompt on or off the bike. It jointly options multiple rack mounts for carrying water bottles and accessories sort of a bike pump once you’re embarking on an extended trip. I can’t forget to say the Removable Integrated battery used on the Powerfly that makes for sturdy operation and allows riding on every kind of conditions.

The battery remains free from water, dirt, slush, smut, etc. to not mention that the retired battery style won’t produce it egregious to the general public that you’re “cheating” with an electrical bike.

What Won’t We Tend to Like Concerning Trek Powerfly 5?

This can be veritably true after you contemplate that riding the Powerfly while not the pedal help may be a whole fully different ball game! Battery life is important- still one thing that’s in all probability as important as what proportion time you ought to recharge those batteries.

That may not be a distraction for everyone; folks tend to charge their electrical bikes nightlong, barring the matter of staying. Still if you’re continuously on the go, this can beget a distraction. In order to avoid this, you may bring a spare battery- still that adds to the cargo and trouble of removing one and fixing another.

Advice to Consumers

The Trek Powerfly 5 may be a superior electrical off- roader that may permit you to expand the compass of terrains you wish to explore.

The bike is light- weight nonetheless important and is incredibly protean. It’ll give you with a good lift on a tricky and rugged cross-country trip, further as a good lift on rest sails. It’s simply the proper machine for whenever you wish to gutter the indoors! All the same, the bike can value you overhead of $4000.

So, if you have got a budget that may stretch this so important, I see no reason why you shouldn’t invest in similar associate degree admiration- inspiring bike!

Buying Guide

Sure! The Trek Powerfly 5 is an electric mountain bike that offers a blend of power, performance, and versatility for off-road adventures. Here’s a buying guide to help you make an informed decision when considering the Trek Powerfly 5.

Electric Motor

The Trek Powerfly 5 is powered by a mid-drive motor, which is located in the bike’s bottom bracket area. It provides power to the bike’s chain, which helps with better traction and performance on steep hills and technical trails.

The Powerfly 5 features a Bosch Performance Line CX motor, which is known for its reliability, power output, and efficiency. It offers multiple levels of pedal assist, allowing you to choose the level of assistance that suits your riding style and terrain.

Battery Range

The Powerfly 5 comes with a removable and rechargeable battery pack. The battery range is an important consideration, as it determines how far you can ride on a single charge.

The Powerfly 5 is equipped with a 625Wh battery, which provides a good range for most off-road adventures. However, the actual range may vary depending on factors such as rider weight, terrain, and level of pedal assist used.

Frame Design

The Powerfly 5 features a durable and lightweight Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame, which is specifically designed for electric mountain biking. It has a balanced geometry that offers stability and control on rough trails, with features such as a tapered head tube, internal cable routing, and Boost spacing for enhanced stiffness and responsiveness.


The Powerfly 5 comes with a suspension fork that helps absorb impacts from rough terrain and provides a smoother ride. It features a front suspension with 120mm of travel, which is suitable for most off-road trails. The fork is typically adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune the suspension to match your weight and riding preferences.


The Powerfly 5 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, which offer reliable stopping power and better modulation in all weather conditions. They are low-maintenance and provide consistent braking performance even on steep descents. Look for models with larger brake rotors for improved heat dissipation and braking power.


The Powerfly 5 typically comes with a wide-range Shimano or SRAM drivetrain that offers multiple gears to tackle varying terrains. A 1x (single chainring) setup is common on electric mountain bikes, as it provides simplicity, weight savings, and improved chain retention. However, some models may come with a 2x (double chainring) setup for those who prefer a wider gear range.

Wheel Size

The Powerfly 5 is available in different wheel sizes, typically 27.5 inches or 29 inches. 27.5-inch wheels offer better maneuverability and acceleration, making them suitable for technical trails and tight corners. 29-inch wheels provide better rollover performance and stability, making them suitable for rougher terrain and longer rides. Choose a wheel size that matches your riding style and preferences.

Additional Features

The Powerfly 5 may come with additional features such as dropper seat post, fenders, lights, and rack mounts. Consider your specific needs and preferences when evaluating these features to determine if they are important for your riding style and intended use.


The Trek Powerfly 5 is positioned as a mid-range electric mountain bike, and the price may vary depending on the model year and location. Set a budget that suits your needs and compare different options based on their features, components, and overall value for money.


Sure! I’ll do my best to help answer your FAQs about the Trek Powerfly 5 electric mountain bike.

Q: What is the Trek Powerfly 5?

A: The Trek Powerfly 5 is an electric mountain bike that is designed for off-road adventures. It features a motor and battery system that assists the rider in pedaling, providing extra power to tackle tough terrains and extend riding range.

Q: What are the key features of the Trek Powerfly 5?

A: The Trek Powerfly 5 comes with a variety of features, which may vary depending on the model year and specific configuration. Some common features include:


The Powerfly 5 typically comes with a mid-drive motor, which is integrated into the frame and provides pedal-assist up to a certain speed (e.g., 20 mph or 28 mph).


The Powerfly 5 is powered by a removable lithium-ion battery, which can be charged on or off the bike. The battery capacity and range may vary depending on the model and terrain conditions.


The Powerfly 5 is built with a sturdy frame designed for off-road use, typically made from aluminum or carbon depending on the model.


Most Powerfly 5 models come with front suspension forks to absorb bumps and enhance rider comfort on rough trails.


The Powerfly 5 usually comes with a wide range of gears, allowing riders to tackle various terrains with ease.


The Powerfly 5 is equipped with disc brakes, providing reliable stopping power even in wet and muddy conditions.

Wheels and tires

The Powerfly 5 typically features durable wheels and wide, knobby tires designed for off-road traction.

Q: What is the range of the Trek Powerfly 5?

A: The range of the Trek Powerfly 5 depends on various factors such as rider weight, terrain, weather conditions, and level of motor assistance. On average, the Powerfly 5 can provide a range of 30-60 miles on a single charge.

Q: How fast can the Trek Powerfly 5 go?

A: The top speed of the Trek Powerfly 5 is typically governed by the motor’s pedal-assist system, which provides assistance up to a certain speed, usually around 20 mph or 28 mph, depending on the model and local regulations.

Q: Can I ride the Trek Powerfly 5 on trails?

A: Yes, the Trek Powerfly 5 is designed for off-road use and can be ridden on trails. However, it’s important to check local regulations and trail access rules, as some trails may have restrictions or limitations on e-bike use.

Q: Can I remove the battery on the Trek Powerfly 5?

A: Yes, the battery on the Trek Powerfly 5 is typically removable, allowing you to easily replace or charge it separately. However, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for battery removal and installation to ensure safety and proper functioning.

Q: How much does the Trek Powerfly 5 weigh?

A: The weight of the Trek Powerfly 5 depends on the specific model and configuration, as well as the size of the frame. On average, the Powerfly 5 weighs around 45-55 lbs (20-25 kg) without accessories or additional modifications.

Q: Can I ride the Trek Powerfly 5 without using the motor?

A: Yes, the Trek Powerfly 5 can be ridden without using the motor, just like a regular non-electric mountain bike. You can choose to turn off the motor or ride in a mode with lower assistance levels to get a more traditional biking experience.

How presto is a journey Powerfly 5?

This is15.5 mph. This stoner-friendly electric mountain bike is erected according to Trek’s performance trail heritage with exclusive tech; great suspense and a motor that can help you sustain pets of over to15.5 mph.

What’s the difference between Trek Powerfly and journey rail?

The Trek Powerfly has a lower seat angle than the Rail. As a result, you sit more stretched out and lower upright on the bike. At the same time the nethermost type hangs a little lower above the ground.


The Trek platoon has done a decent job of integration the battery and motor into the Powerfly 5 frames, delivering a one- of-a-kind e-bike. It’s a snug style and feel, further as important battery and motor of this quality provision make sure that you get pleasure from thee-bike moxie on a range of terrains.

Still, the Trek Powerfly 5 may be an exceptional possibility that may take you thru all manner of trails, if you are searching for associate degree e-bike that packs fresh power to extend the period of your trip.

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