The 9 MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Reviews (Better Guideline)

Do you need hard hat that complies with ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 standards and ideal for heavy industrial use? If so, then you should get the MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Reviews.

The Skullgard hats are uniquely designed to offer you an exceptional, premium head protection. They come with a tone of features all intended to enhance comfort, protection as well as durability.

MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Reviews

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Finding the Skull hard helmet can be a challenge to most people. This is because there are different types and classes of these hats. Each type or class is specifically tailored to fit specific work situation conditions.

To ease the hustle, we have done intensive research for you and complied with the MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Reviews. You can now easily choose the list below that comprises full brim polishes in a wide range of suspension and colors.

What is MSA Skullgard Hard Hat

The MSA Skullgard Hard Hat is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to protect workers from head injuries in hazardous work environments. The Skullgard Hard Hat is made by MSA Safety Incorporated, a global leader in the development, manufacture, and supply of safety products for industrial, military, and commercial markets.

The Skullgard Hard Hat is made of a durable and heat-resistant material called phenolic resin, which can withstand high temperatures and protect the wearer from impacts, penetration, and electrical hazards. It has a smooth, rounded design that reduces the risk of snagging, and it comes with an adjustable suspension system that provides a comfortable and secure fit for a wide range of head sizes.

The MSA Skullgard Hard Hat is commonly used in industries such as construction, mining, oil and gas, and utilities, where workers are exposed to potential head hazards from falling objects, electrical shock, or other dangers. The hard hat is designed to meet the safety standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other regulatory bodies.

The MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Reviews 2023

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1. MSA 475405 Skullgard Helmet

This natural tan helmet is one of the most used types of Skullgard hats. This is simply because it is a super comfortable and durable design with a suspension system that is 4-point for easy and quick adjustment.

While achieving 100% protection in work environments such as construction sites is impossible, the MSA 475405 Skullgard Cap stands to try and provide a closer safety target by offering maximum head protection for every user.

MSA is the company behind this safety masterpiece with nearly a century of experience dealing with impact and heat hazards in industrial as well as fire environments.

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1. Staz-On Pinlock: This consists of four main parts located on the suspension liner; adjustable crown straps, a high-quality sweatband, nape strap, and headband.

These attachments will allow you to adjust the liner to achieve a safe and comfortable fit with a 4-point suspension system that allows them to work efficiently.

2. Swing Ratchet: It is always advisable for a helmet to be worn with the brim facing forward.

This provides the ultimate degree of protection against impacts, and this creation by MSA has achieved just that. Furthermore, it allows users to turn the helmet around without interfering with the brim’s mechanism.

3. Fas-Trac III: This MSA helmet comes incorporated with flush rear lug attachments that eliminate pressure points and three levels of nape strap adjustment for a customized fit. Workers get an all-day comfort working with the hat on their heads.

4. Best Safety Standards: It is ANSI/CSA type I compliant, protecting the wearer from vertical impacts and penetrations with sample helmets being tested in extreme temperatures of up to 350F and electrical charges of 2,200 volts.


1. Provides all-day comfort

2. Easy, fast size adjustment

3. Offers protection in hot and dangerous industries


1. Not suitable for extreme temperatures above 350F

2. Not ideal for very high electrical charges above 2,200

3. Your head might not be the right size

2. MSA 482002 Skullgard Cap Hard Hat

Falling objects can be inevitable and especially if you’re working in a construction site, industrial area, or any other work environment that poses various impact hazards to your head.

Getting the most out of head protection is every worker’s dream because they would all feel safe and manage to put in extra effort into their jobs that would’ve otherwise be spent on looking out from every angle.

MSA brings you another unique and sturdy helmet suitable for offering the best head protection.


1. Full Standard Testing: These MSA 482002 Skullgard Cap samples have been thoroughly tested in extreme temperatures but not exceeding 350F providing maximum head protection in work environments that deal with flames or intense heat.

2. Fas-Trac III: Worker’s comforts have never been more assured than with the flush rear lug attachments that eliminate pressure points and the three levels of nape strap adjustment that enable the users to get a customized fit.

There is also an ultra-smooth rotating graspable ratchet that provides a steadfast hold that improves airflow using the comfort pad and prevents hair pulling.

3. Staz-On Pinlock: The suspension liner comes with a headband, sweatband, nape strap, and adjustable crown straps in a 4-point suspension system, giving the wearer a comfortable fit.

4. Swing Ratchet: The swing ratchet suspension allows users to turn their helmets around without interfering with the brim’s mechanism and still get maximum protection.

5. Comes with custom imprinting and striping options

6. Comes in a variety of colors suitable for use in different work environments


1. Provides a comfortable fit throughout the day

2. Wearers can use pressure-sensitive, non-metallic stickers on them

3. Certified by ANSI and CSA


1. Does not protect users against electrical charges

3. MSA 475407 Skullgard Hard Hat – Natural Tan

Usually, when an object falls on someone’s head, it can be termed as an accident, and sometimes, there would be no case built around it.

However, in work environments that pose various hazards to the heads of the workers, such accidents can lead to significant legal actions taken and especially if the victims weren’t protected.

The MSA 475407 Natural Tan Skullgard helmet designed by MSA offers employers at various jobs the opportunity to protect their workers and save themselves from any harsh encounters with the law.


1. Compliant with Set Standards: It is in compliance with ANSI/CSA Type I hard hat standards and offers protection against extreme temperatures that range as high as 350F.

It can also withstand electrical charges up to about 2,200 volts from conductors in any work environment. This helmet offers protection from vertical impacts as well as penetrations.

2. Equipped with Fast-Trac III Ratchet Suspension: A Flush rear lug attachment removes pressure points within the hat together with three levels of nape strap adjustments for optimum comfort-ability and fitting.

And at the back of the head, there is a ratchet comfort pad that improves airflow and prevents your hair from getting caught in the suspension.

3. Swing ratchet Suspension: Gives users the ability to turn their helmets around with the brim in the same forward position as it’s meant to be.

4. Brim Options: The brim comes in a protective cap design such as a baseball cap or a protective full brim hat that offers complete and all-around protection.

5. Staz –On Pinlock: A 4-point suspension system that enables the user to keep the helmet in place and provide superior comfort.


1. Standard size fits from 6 ½” to 8″

2. Provides 24-hour comfort

3. Fast-size adjustable helmet for the perfect fit

4. Brim comes in protective full brim hat for all-round protection


1. The helmet darkens over time

2. Doesn’t protect users against very high electrical charges

4. MSA 816654 Fas-Trac III Hard Hat

Getting the best head hat for your specific type of job and its environment can be a tricky and risky challenge, especially if you make rash and UN-researched decisions.

The perfect hard hat that provides 100% protection against all head injuries might not exist, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find perfection among the few options available.

That said, the Fas-Trac III, Swing Ratchet Suspension strives to achieve incredible lengths of safety for all workers in hazardous environments.


1. Products designed with end-users: If you were to find any company that involves their customers or clients in their production processes, then such products from these brands would stand out as the best.

MSA has taken it a step further by designing this helmet side-by-side with its end-user giving the wearers the ultimate user experience and maximum safety.

2. Unique and unmatched quality and safety: Rigorous research is done on the production of this helmet, giving it a unique design from the others and extra points for increased safety measures.

3. Swing ratchet suspension: This suspension system allows users to turn their helmets around without disrupting the mechanism of the brim or lowering the resistance against impacts.

4. Weighs a maximum of about 3.2 ounces: The weight of this safety device is relatively meager, giving the user a comfortable and portable feel when wearing it on their heads the whole day.

5. Outstanding Corporate and product innovator


1. Ultimate user experience because it’s designed side-by-side with the end-user

2. Perfect fit for all-day protection


1. Comes in one standard color

2. Head size may differ from the product dimensions making some people uncomfortable

5. MSA 475395 Skullgard Hard Hat – Cap

Hard hats aren’t just meant for construction or industrial workers alone because many other work environments deserve the ultimate head protection.

Workers such as welders and others who deal with elevated temperatures in their field of work need a helmet that protects them from the many hazards present and the hard hat is designed for high temperatures is just the helmet they need.


Meets required standards: These hats meet all ANSI/ISEA standards on class G helmets as they were designed in the right way to protect against impacts from falling objects and, most notably, elevated temperatures that do not exceed 350F.

Features Fas-Trac ratchet suspension: The nape strap with three levels of adjustment pave the way for a customized fit. And to prevent any pressure points, the hat is fitted with flush rear lug attachments. It is designed for an easy clip-in to the V-Gard helmet or cap shell.

Weighs about 15.2 ounces: This is a relatively low weight for any helmet and thus giving the wearer more portability with it on their head while working throughout the day.

Smooth crown for easy use of MSA equipment: They are designed specifically for welders with a smooth crown and are compatible with a wide variety of MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Reviews accessories. They have a slotted design that is especially suitable for the welding industry.

Easy-adjust Pinlock suspension: This makes it easier for the wearer to get an accurate fit and feel comfortable all day long while wearing the helmet.


1. Small weight making it easily portable

2. Phenolic construction that withstands extremely elevated temperatures


1. Only available in a standard brown color

2. Does not offer protection against electric charges

3. Hat size may not be suitable for all head sizes

6. MSA Skullgard Full Brim Hard Hat

If you are looking for an adjustable hard hat that is suitable for both commercial and residential use, then this MSA Skullgard helmet is ideal for that. It is fitted with several unique features that make it comfortable and safe to use.

Note that this hat is made in the USA and it meets the ANSI Z89.1 2014 Class G ratings

One lovely thing about this cap is that it is available in a full assortment of custom colors, specifically, 16 different colors. This allows you to not only get a comfortable, safe hat but also get your favorite hat color.

The colors do not fade, flake, or smear off. This hat is also equipped with a Fas-Trac III Ratchet Suspension, which is one of the modern, reliable types of suspension.

This helps you have a comfortable, secure fit; a Sturdy design that enhances durability is another special feature of this hat. This is simply because the cap is made with fiberglass material, which one of the strongest and reliable materials.

So, what are the special features of this hat?


Fiberglass material: When it comes to head protection this material helps offer maximum safety. This material is purposely used to guard your head against high heat environments.

Full Brim: When it comes to overall head protection, this feature becomes more valuable. This is because it offers full-coverage protection.

Fas-Trac III Suspension: Ratchet suspension is better than pin lock suspension in several ways. Mostly, it is because you can adjust the fitting of your hard hat without removing it. You can either tighten the hat or loosen it.

Meets the ANSI Z89.1 2014 Class G recommendations.


1. It is a durable type of hard hat thanks to its impeccable and sturdy hard hat design

2. Easy to adjust and fit

3. Offers premium comfort and protection for those planning to use it all-day


1. Relatively expensive when compared to other similar hats

7. MSA 454664 Tan Skullgard Hard-Hat

MSA 454664 hard hat is among the top-quality helmets in the market. This is due to the fact that it is a Type 1 hat that meets ANSI Z89.1 2003, Class E, and G. It means its certification that meets the applicable requirements for it to be used in relevant workstations.

Unfortunately, it is only available in a natural tan color, which is the most common color when it comes to hard hats. However, this helmet is fitted with several special features that make it an ideal choice for those looking for Type 1, Class E & G hard hats.

This hat is a standard size that fits from 6½” to 8” and is made in the USA. These special features include:


Stay-on suspension system: This hat is equipped with this type of suspension, which is essential in providing a semi-custom fit as well as superior comfort.

Full Brim: This helmet is designed to provide you with complete coverage protection.

Fiberglass body: This hard hat is made with fiberglass material, which aids in protecting your head in high heat places. This hat can, therefore, protect against max radiant heat of 350F but not exceeding that.

ANSI/ISEA/CSI Type 1 helmet: This helmet meets these requirements, protects against 2,200 volts max electricity. Furthermore, it can prevent your head from the vertical impacts of falling objects.


1. Can prevent against radiant heat of up to 350 F but not over that

2. Meets the quires standard to be used for both home and commercial use

3. Ideal for ones seeking 2,200 max volts dielectric protections

4. It’s a durable cheaper design


1. The hat will darken over time

8. MSA 454665 Skullgard Full Brim Hard Hat

MSA is excellent when it comes to impact and heat protection, which is why they are among the leading quality helmet producers. This MAS 452665 hat is one of the MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Reviews are designed with at-most diligence to give an unmatched performance.

This hard hat will always be guaranteeing you premium protection in a high-temperature environment. This is because MSA has set high standards for outstanding protection in hot and risky industries.

Furthermore, this hat is adorned with several special features that are essential for both comfort and protection. These features include:


Fas-Trac III Suspension: This feature offer both comfortable and customized fit. How? Because the hat features a nape strap adjustment that aid in custom fitting, and an attachment of a flush rear lug that abolishes pressure points.

Ratchet Comfort Pad: To enhance comfort, a helmet should prevent hair pulling as well as improve airflow. This feature is therefore included just for that.

Staz-On Pinlock: It also includes nylon height adjusters, which helps enhance the secure and comfortable fit users can adjust the liner. In addition, it also features an adjustable crown strap, high-quality sweatband, headband, and nape strap. All these tools are included to provide superior comfort.

4-Point Suspension: This feature is purposely designed into this hat to help keep the cap in place.

Swing Ratchet: This helmet should be worn with the brim facing forward for superior protection. But in case you need to turn your hat backward without removing the cap, then Wing-ratchet suspension will help. The suspension type included is size 6-1/2-inches through 7-5/8-inches.


1. Offers premium comfort and protection

2. You can adjust your helmet easily and quickly without removing it

3. Doesn’t sacrifices your comfort for safety


1. The helmet will darken over time

9. MSA 475408 Skullgard Full Brim Hard Hat

MSA 475408 Skullgard helmet is a Type 1 hard hat that offers top impact protection. This cap design meets the ANSI Z89.1 2003, Class E, and G outlined requirements. It is a full brim design with a Phenolic fabric type and Fas-Trac III suspension.

Rather than using the traditional plastic MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Reviews has utilized phenolic material when making this hat. This makes the helmet suitable for use in construction, shipbuilding, as well as welding industries.

Furthermore, it can be sued in several other workstations like the chemical industry, electric, hazardous materials, oil, gas, nuclear and mining environments.

To make it useful in all these sites, this hard hat is therefore equipped with some of the distinctive quality features.


Swing-Ratchet Suspension: Despite being recommended that you wear your cap with the brim facing forward, sometimes you feel the need to wear it backward. Therefore, this cap is fitted with a swing-ratchet feature that allows you to turn the cap without removing it.

Fast-Trac III Suspension: This suspension feature helps eliminate pressure points, prevent hair pulling, and ensure that your hat stays in place. This helps in relieving the pressure exerted by straps and increases comfort.

Stay-on Pinlock: This is another suspension liner that comes with this hat. This liner includes adjustable crown straps, nape straps, headbands, and sweatbands. The aim for all these is to make clip-in easy such that you can be able to adjust the liner for a secure and comfortable fit.

It is a standard size hat that fits from 6.5” to 8″


1. Protects against vertical impacts and penetrations

2. It’s a Type 1 helmet, thus providing 2,200 volts of dielectric protection

3. Easy to adjust

4. Offers comfortable fit as well as premium protection


1. This hard hat will darken over time

Buying Guide

If you are in the market for a hard hat, the MSA Skullgard Hard Hat is a great option to consider. Here is a buying guide to help you make an informed decision:

Safety Standards

The MSA Skullgard Hard Hat is compliant with ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 Type I, Class G (general) and E (electrical) safety standards. Make sure the hard hat you choose meets the safety standards required for your industry.


The MSA Skullgard Hard Hat is made from a durable, heat-resistant thermosetting resin. This makes it ideal for use in high-temperature environments, such as those found in the construction, welding, and metalworking industries.


The MSA Skullgard Hard Hat comes in a variety of sizes, so make sure to measure your head to ensure you get the right fit. A hard hat that is too small will not provide adequate protection, while one that is too large may slip off or be uncomfortable to wear.


The MSA Skullgard Hard Hat features a Staz-On suspension system that provides a secure, comfortable fit. Look for a hard hat with a suspension system that is adjustable to fit your head properly.


The MSA Skullgard Hard Hat comes in a variety of colors, including natural tan, white, and black. Choose a color that is appropriate for your industry or workplace, or that reflects your personal style.


Consider purchasing accessories for your MSA Skullgard Hard Hat, such as a sweatband or chin strap, to enhance comfort and safety.


Regularly inspect your MSA Skullgard Hard Hat for signs of damage or wear, and replace it if necessary. Clean it with a mild soap and water, and avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents that can weaken the material.

How to Choose the MSA Skullgard Hard Hat

Safety in a working place is an aim that each company endeavors to realize. The use of hard hat in jobs which involve the physical hazards is one way of ensuring safety. There are several hard hats that fit every personality, job, and working environment.

With the availability of many hard hats in the market place here are the five tips you need to consider to acquire the right one for your needs.

Select An Accessory Ready MSA Hard Hat

Users of the hard hat are needed to include hearing protection, face protection while wearing a MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Reviews. An excellent hard hat includes all the necessary accessory slots which are used for the required accessories.

It would be best if you considered all the accessory needs as you purchase your hard hat to suit all your needs.

Select an ANSI Approved MSA Hard Hat

Any good hard hat without exception has to have an ANSI Z89.1-2014 approval. The industrial head protective is categorized as Type 1 that is for the top protection and the lateral impact is Type II. Class ratings for the hard hats are also available which includes;

1. Class G for General Hard Hats

2. Class E for Electrical Hard Hats

3. Class C for Conductive Hard Hats

When choosing your hard, be sure to read the standard, consider your working environment, and choose the right type, and the appropriate class of the hard hat. Examine all these considerations and buy one that will satisfy your needs.

Select One That Offers Comfortable Fit

Having a hard hat that is comfortable on the user’s head is an essential thing to consider when choosing the best hard hat. The more comfortable the hard hat is, the more it will stay on the head of the worker.

With the recent innovations and designs in the headgears, hard hats have not provided comfort to workers. Ensure to opt for a hard hat with an ample webbing built-in suspension and with a sort of padding that offers comfort.

Opt for One Made from Newer and lighter Materials

Hard hats made from lightweight materials are good for your head to sustain them during your work. ABS plastics and Composite materials are durable and exceed ANSI requirements, and they offer the advantage of being lightweight.

So, if you need the right MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Reviews for your needs, choose to consider one made from lightweight materials.

Select One That Offers Personalized Adjustable Fit

The fundamental to user acceptance of a hard hat is comfort. Hard hats made from the lightweight materials are less cumbersome, but if it does not have an adjustable fit, it will spend less time on the worker’s head. A good hard hat allows its user to make adjustments to its size and position for effective comfort and performance.

Properties such as padding around the forehead or the ratchet-style headgear and the absorbent materials provide comfort, adjustability, and acceptance to users of the hard hat. Look out for this vital feature when purchasing your MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Reviews.


The MSA Skullgard Hard Hat is a type of protective headgear designed for industrial use in high-heat environments. Here are some specifications for this product:


The Skullgard hard hat is made of durable phenolic material, which is a type of thermosetting plastic that is resistant to high temperatures and impact.


The hat has a smooth, round crown that provides a comfortable fit and maximum protection to the head. It also features a brim that extends out over the face and neck to provide additional protection from falling debris.


The standard color for the Skullgard hard hat is natural tan, which is the color of the phenolic material. However, some models may come in different colors, such as black or white.


The hard hat comes in various sizes to fit different head sizes, from small to extra-large. The sizes are adjustable using a suspension system that includes a headband, crown straps, and nape strap.


The Skullgard hard hat meets or exceeds various safety standards, including ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014, Type I, Class G and E; CSA Z94.1-2015, Type I, Class G and E; and SEI certified to NFPA 1977-2016. This means that the hard hat is suitable for protection against impact, penetration, and electrical shock.


The Skullgard hard hat can be fitted with various accessories, including chin straps, visors, and hearing protection. These accessories are designed to provide additional protection and comfort to the wearer.

Overall, the MSA Skullgard Hard Hat is a reliable and durable headgear designed to protect workers in high-heat environments. It meets or exceeds various safety standards and can be customized with different accessories to meet individual needs.


Q. How do I Identify the Standards of My MSA Hard Hat?

Answer: There are permanent markings and labels that are made on the MSA hat as recommended by both CSA and ANSI head protection standards.

The CSA labels feature; the manufacturer’s name, the model designation, Type of the cap, Class, Year and the month of manufacturing, its size range, and the warnings on the use to the user.

ANSI labels include; the name of the manufacturer, date of manufacturing, ANSI/ISEA Z89.1, Type, Class, and Head size. Also, there is the inclusion of reverse donning, lower temperature, and high visibility.

Q. Do I Need to Replace the Hard Hat After a Certain Age?

Answer: The service life of your hat depends on the job, the working environment, and its maintenance. It is good for any user to have a maintenance program for the hard hat.

You can replace it yearly or after two years, but you need to keep a record of the purchase date for you to replace it regularly. Replace your hard hat if there are signs of wear or any damage to it for your safety.

Q. Can Paintings Interfere with My Hard Hat?

Answer: Painting your MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Reviews can damage the shell of your hat, and this can reduce the degree of protection initially provided by the hat. Be careful and avoid any painting as this can cause shell degradation.

Q. What Does the Date Code in the Hard Hat Signifies?

Answer: The date code on the hat indicates the manufacturing date of the hat. The date usually includes the month and year when the hard hat was modeled, and it is normally underside of the brim of the shell.

The date does not indicate the service length of the hard hat, the service length of the hard hat begins when you put it on service. Can I.

Q. Wear a Skullgard Hard Hat Backward?

Answer: There are helmets that can be worn in a reverse way, and they usually display reverse donning. When wearing the hard hat backward, ensure to reverse the suspensions so that the nap strap faces the brim.

Be cautious before using accessories wearing the cap backward. Wear a cap while the brim faces the rear can reduce the accessory’s performance such that they will not meet.

Q. How Do I Clean and Store Hard Hat?

Answer: You can clean your hard hat using mild soap and warm water. Rinse and wipe thoroughly, or you can air dry it after washing your hat.

Do not use abrasive or solvents if you are removing tar or other materials that may not come out using the normal washing as it can damage the shell.

The helmet needs to be stored in a clean and safe area that is free from contamination, damage, distortion, or direct sunlight. Do not store near the furnace, ovens, or high heat areas.

Answer: You should check the shell and the suspension daily before you use them to look for cracks and cuts in the shell. Also, check the suspensions to check for any cuts, cracks on the plastic. If there is any damage, please you should consider replacing it.

Final Thoughts

Remember it is not only mandatory but also essential for you to wear a quality MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Reviews when working in hazardous environments. The Nine helmets that we have provided above will provide you with both comfort and security.

But to get the best one in those nine helmets you will need to check the tips provided in our buying guide. Otherwise, keep safe by equipping yourself with the best cap.

If you interested in checking other best hard hat be sure to check the Best Hard Hat Safety and these other articles.


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