The Caravan Annex Matting Reviews for 2024 (Best Guideline)

Are you finding the caravan annex matting for flooring. Caravan Annex Matting Reviews is a piece of the necessary equipment in every campers’ set and it comes in handy when enjoying the outdoors and will complete your outdoor setup enabling you to make the most out of your camping and caravan holiday.
Individuals’ requirements vary depending on the correct size and the surface that your mat will lie on.
Some of the benefits of the best annex matting include:
1. It provides more comfort while relaxing outside
2. It disperses water and dirt quickly
3. Help to reduce dirt, dust, and grime in your recreational vehicle
4. It is also easy to clean hence a time-saver
Caravan Annex Matting Reviews

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It is essential to purchase the Best caravan annex mat because any disadvantageous perks may lead to your caravan holiday being ruined.

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Caravan Annex Matting

Caravan annex matting is a type of flooring material designed specifically for use in caravan annexes, which are attached to caravans and used as additional living space. Caravan annex matting is typically made from a durable, weather-resistant material such as PVC or woven polypropylene and is designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

Caravan Annex MattingCaravan annex matting is available in a range of sizes and colors to suit different caravan annex layouts and personal preferences. It is usually cut to size and secured to the ground using tent pegs or other similar anchoring devices. The use of caravan annex matting can help to prevent dirt and mud from being tracked into the annex, as well as provide a comfortable and slip-resistant surface for walking and playing on.

So, to help with that we have come up with the top 10 best annex matting for you.

The 10 Caravan Annex Matting Reviews for Anyone to Consider

1. Camec Caravan Annexe Floor

This is a redesigned floor mat and has a lot of improved features. It has a tighter weave, which is flexible.

The carpet provides superior underfoot comfort and is perforated, allowing for air circulation and breathability of the grass, ensuring that it does not die.

Camec Caravan Annexe Floor

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Camec annex is designed to be warm and non-slip to prevent tripping and possible injuries. It prevents insects and particles from coming through the mat.

When there is an accumulation of dirt on the camel Caravan Annex Matting Reviews, hosing it down will prove useful because it will clean it of any debris.

Special Features

1. It is easy to clean

2. It is hemmed; thus, it’s very strong

3. Made with breathable fabric ensuring that the underlying grass does not die

4. It has pegging eyelets on the corners of the mat to peg it down


1. It is warm

2. It has a non-slip finish

3. It is easy to clean

4. Has a reusable carrying bag

5. Rot proof

6. It is UV-stabilized

7. Does not discolor easily


1. Some weaves in it may be loose, allowing for insects to pass through it

2. Enduromat Annex Floor

Enduromat’s best annex matting is the perfect caravan annex floor because it is lightweight can be easily stored and has an ultimate low-maintenance procedure.

It is made from PVC, and this ensures that the mat does not rot, and its color is maintained because PVC is resistant to sunlight, which minimizes fading. It is perfect for the outdoors and will help to keep the cleanliness of your vehicle.

Enduromat annex matting also has multiple applications because it can be used in picnics and even camping.

It has a mesh that allows for the sand and small particles to pass through maintaining its cleanliness.

The mesh also, due to its breathable design, does not damage the underlying grass. Its cleaning procedure is also simple because one can just shake the accumulated dirt off it.

Special Features

1. Made of PVC welded fiber to enhance its strength

2. It is durable and long-lasting

3. Lightweight

4. Non-slip

5. UV-resistant


1. It is long-lasting due to the material by which it is made, and this is an excellent cost-saver because the constant purchase of new caravan annex floors is minimized

2. Does not fade quickly

3. It is ridiculously easy to maintain and wash

4. Does not stain easily

5. It is easily portable because it can be folded and put inside a bag

6. Easy to clean


1. It is made from PVC, a material that does not decompose. When damaged or worn out and needs to be disposed of, it leads to pollution

2. Stains on it, if allowed to dry up, can be hard to remove

3. Made from PVC welded fiber; thus, it is not very elastic and may pose some discomfort

3. Coast Multi-Purpose Annex Mat

Among the Caravan Annex Matting Reviews for the floor, the Coast multi-purpose annex mat stands out. It is made from foamed PVC. The carpet is soft and breathable, ensuring the comfort of its users.

It creates an ideal and cozy outdoor space for relaxation. It has a mesh that allows for water and dirt particles to seep through it.

The mat has a rubber-like texture that is highly adhesive and provides the necessary grip preventing potential slipping and injury.

It can also sit in the set space without being pegged down or tied down with cords. Coast multi-purpose annex mat, from its name, has multiple uses.

It can be used for camping and any outdoor activities. It also allows for the grass it has been placed on to breathe through its pores, thus not damaging it. It is also durable due to the PVC component.

This goes a long way to ensure that you don’t make regular purchases of annex mats hence a significant cost-saver.

Special Features

1. Non-slip

2. Does not kill the grass

3. Has a storage bag

4. Lightweight

5. Durable

6. It is elastic, making it comfortable to sit on

7. Resistant to most chemicals


1. Great for any outdoor activity

2. Its no-slip ability is a safety measure when it comes to children

3. Made from foamed PVC, making it a soft and breathable mat


1. Because of their non-decomposing property, they are not environmentally friendly

2. They are not suitable in areas with extremely high temperature

4. RVSC Outdoor Matting

This mat is attractive and available in a variety of colors. It features a non-slip surface to minimize injury and accidents and is also warm. It has pegging slots that can be pegged on the ground without having to bore holes in it, giving it an unattractive look.

It allows for air circulation because of its pores while also allowing for matter with small particles. This mat is thick, providing additional protection against the cold ground while still not killing the grass.

Special Features

1. UV resistant

2. Mildew resistant

3. Multipurpose usage

4. Easy to clean

5. Easy to compact it for storage

6. Has strong edges that prevent tech material from chipping off and ultimately destroying its integrity

7. Breathable fabric to ensure the underlying grass is not killed


1. Durable

2. There are stylish options available in a variety of colors

3. Easy maintenance

4. Comfortable

5. It is non-slip to avoid trip and fall


1. They will indent and form contours under heavyweight

2. Can be easily punctured or scratched

5. CGear Multi Mat

This carpet will ensure that the carpet inside your camper van or tent is clean because it will get rid of most of the mud and sand on your footwear. They can be attached to most motor homes and recreational vehicles easily.

It was initially used as a help mat to eliminate dust and debris from being dispersed by helicopters.

Its application shifted to camping sites because it allows sand and dirt to pass straight through to the ground beneath but not back up through the mat. It is ideal for people living in outdoor areas.

It has resistance against the harmful UV rays of the sun, ensuring that it does not fade quickly. It is lightweight and easy to pack. It is also easy to set it up.

This mat has a patented dual-layer mesh technology that makes it ideal for camping and caravan.

Special Features

1. Perfect to use under camp furniture because it does not readily crumble or get dented on the application of pressure

2. Easy to maintain and clean

3. It is environmentally friendly

4. Sand, dirt, and small debris fall readily through it

5. It has pegs to hold it down firmly, preventing it from being blown off by strong winds


1. Easy to clean

2. Liquid spills go through it

3. It is environmentally friendly

4. Do not readily tear or fray


1. CGear multi mats are slightly slippery

6. Outback Explorer Multi-Purpose Annex Mat

It is made from foamed PVC that is soft and breathable. It is ideal for creating a serene outdoor environment with minimal fuss.

Outback Explorer multi-purpose annex mat is one of the Caravan Annex Matting Reviews for floors because it has a mesh structure that allows for seepage of any liquid spills, sand, and soil particles through to the ground.

It also has a rubber-like texture and feels that it acts as an adhesive and prevents one from tripping and being injured. It can even sit securely on the ground without the need for pegs and cords.

It is soft underfoot, making it more comfortable, and has just enough weight to ensure that it lies flat on the ground without the need for it to be pegged down.

Special Features

1. It is made entirely from PVC foam

2. It has a mesh structure

3. Non-slip

4. Easy to clean 

5. It comes with a carrier bag for easy portability

6. It is porous and tight to allow for the sifting of particles and prevents them from moving back up

7. It is a caravan park friendly


1. Easy to install and fit

2. It is not slippery

3. It is environmentally friendly because it protects the grass by not killing it


1. At times, the mat may not stick to the ground completely

2. Bends and can get torn if heavy objects are placed on it

7. Weisshorn Annex Matting Floor Mat

This annex mat makes a great traveler and camping companion due to its fascinating features. The Weiss-horn annex matting floor mat is made from foamed PVC, and it is porous, soft, and breathable.

It is permitted to be used in caravan parks, camping sites, etc. It can be used on a rough surface and grass to create a comfortable sitting and residing area where one can rest.

It has a rubber texture and a feeling that prevents one from slipping.

It can be laid down without the need to be pegged down. The matting is also UV-treated and mildew-resistant.

After you are done with the camping trip or the picnic, the heavy-duty mat can be folded easily and put in a carry-on bag for transportation.

Special Features

1. Non-slip

2. Durable

3. UV treated

4. Porous

5. Breathable

6. Comfortable

7. Mould and mildew resistant


1. It is soft and comfortable

2. Has a non-slip base as a safety precaution to prevent potential injuries

3. It is easily portable and saves space

4. It is available in a variety of sizes and colors


1. Can tear easily if scratched or sharp and heavy objects are placed on it

2. Can discolor easily

8. Oztent Screen House Meshes Floor Caravan Floor

It is made up of polyester and mesh floor. It is a saver and keeps grass and dirt out, creating a clean and dry environment.

Special Features

1. Have reinforced edges

2. Comes with pegs and a carrying bag

3. Allows water and sand to pass through


1. Mould – resistant

2. Non-slip


1. If heavy objects are placed on it, it may lead to damage

2. They are not durable and their colors fade on prolonged exposure to sunlight

9. Kookaburra Annex Matting Floor Mat Mesh

This is the best and perfect choice for outdoor activities. They can be easily cleaned by just hosing them down, and in the instance of hard stains, you can use warm water and soap or mild detergents to get rid of them. Another feature is that it can be trimmed to the size of your liking.

Special Features

1. Weatherproof

2. UV stabilized

3. Water repellent

4. Dries quickly

5. Comes with a carrier bag for secure storage and transportation

6. Non-slip


1. Available in a variety of colors

2. They are not slippery; hence one cannot be injured by tripping on them


1. If allowed to stain, kookaburra annex matting floor mat can be very hard to clean

10. Oztrail Annex Matting Caravan Mat

Every camper has encountered the problem of muddy mulch brought about by rain during the night.

This certifies footwear, and due to its slipperiness, it can also cause injuries when one slips on it and falls. With the oztrail annex matting caravan floor, you are guaranteed a non-slip surface when resting on it.

It is also made up of reinforced polyester twine porous to allow for both air and water to reach the underlying grass. The grass will lack sunlight and turn yellow, but on the removal of the mat, it will be rejuvenated and regain its original look.

Oztrail annex matting caravan floor is ideal for almost any terrain and provides a firm floor on rocks and grass.

Special Features

1. Keeps dirt and sand away because these materials and debris will pass through to the ground

2. Mold resistant

3. Made from anti-slip PVC material with a polyester twin

4. Mildew resistant


1. Durable

2. Easy to clean: simply hose it down

3. Dries quickly


1. Susceptible to tear and wear if heavy objects are placed on it

Buying Guidelines

1. What is annex matting?

Annex matting is a flooring solution for any caravan. It is a mat mesh structure used in caravan camping, and its structure does not damage the grass on which it is placed while also delivering comfort.

2. What is an annex on a caravan?

An annex is an extension made from sturdy material that is non-porous and attached to a caravan or recreational vehicle. It is the best solution to increase your caravan living space and maximize your indoor living area.

It is designed to make optimal use of the little and limited available space and provide a field to bring all the comforts of a home. Annexes can be protected due to their non-slip property.

3. How much is a caravan annex?

Caravan annexes are available in different sizes and are made up of different materials.

They are lightweight and can resist harsh climatic conditions. This is because they feature long-lasting materials, including UV protection and mildew.

Caravan annexes are priced from around $140 to $350, depending on your choice of size and material. These mats can also be fitted with additional customized doors and windows to cater to your needs, which increases the cost significantly.

4. How do you put an annex in a caravan?

From retractable annexes to roll-out types, there are a lot of varieties of annexes to choose from.

Steps to Set up Your Annex

a) Prepare the annex: Open up and stretch the annex using the tools provided during the time of purchase. This helps to release tension in the canvas.

b) Set up the sail: Roll your annex fabric upward using the sail track. Non-corrosive sealants can also be used to hold the sail firmly to the caravan.

Finding the annex bead and its leading edge can prove helpful, for it makes sailing the track easier. Silicone spray is the most appropriate sealant to be used.

c) Put it on the side walls: Draw the sidewalls using roof rafters with the edges leveled up to the ceiling.

Marking the spots to screw the side walls can be achieved by laying down the sidewalls on the rig before fitting it.

d) Fit the poles: Zip the annexes down after fitting the walls. Fit the caravan annex frame firmly, and it is advisable to start with the center pole.

Also, while installing the poles, roll the doors inwards to prevent leakage and splashing of water into the annex during rainfall.

e) Fit the awning: Connect the edges of the annex to the wall and ensure that it is well and firmly fitted. As a precaution, ensure that the mud wall is tucked inwards using pegs.

f) Tie the annex down: This is a safety measure to ensure that the annex is stuck firmly to the ground to prevent the strong winds from possibly unhooking and destroying the annexes.

What to Consider When Purchasing Annex Mat

A) Size     

The size and caravan needs are directly proportional. This is a space where you congregate with your family to relax and reflect on the day’s adventures after a tireless exploration during the day.

It is vital to choose the right size to enhance rather than detract from your caravan or camping experience.

B) Function

Annex mats have a variety of applications ranging from camping uses to being used in caravans. Noting the usage and purchasing the right mat is the ideal choice because it helps you choose the right material.

C) Material

Vinyl Fabric: Vinyl is used to make annex mats because it is lightweight and will not crack.

Contrary to popular opinion, Vinyl material does not split or crack and is specially made for outdoor purposes. It is flexible and offers a good look.

Vinyl is also UV resistant and prevents you from being scorched by the sun and can resist degradation due to sunlight.

Another property that makes vinyl ideal is that it is fire-resistant and translucent. This ensures that privacy is maintained and also, it will not be dark inside.

Canvas Fabric: The quality canvas awning has to offer is impeccable and is made from natural fiber cotton.

Canvas awnings made from canvas fabric are the best temperature regulators in hot or cold regions.

This is achieved by the insulation property of the canvas fabric that maintains heat on the insides during the winter. They are also available in various colors, ensuring that you make the best decision that suits you.

Mesh Fabric: Mesh fabric is made up of PVC. This ensures that they do not rot or lose their color.

Mesh fabric is also transparent, helping you maintain privacy and get a view of the outside and some shade of light. On the downside, they are also not biodegradable and lead to pollution. 

Acrylic Fiber: It is the lightest material making it the most suitable for folding arms awnings.

D) Environment

Knowing the environment, you are going to camp in is important because it helps you to make the right choice on the type and material of the mat caravan annex floor.

This equips you properly in the instance the area is rocky or has grass.


1. How do I clean a caravan annex wall?

To maintain the quality of the annex’s material, you need to understand the material and the appropriate cleaning method. As it is subjected to dirt, cleaning is necessary, and it has to be done correctly.

Steps in Cleaning a Caravan Annex 

a) Select necessary and compatible cleaning agents

Soap and warm water are the most commonly used agents in the removal of dirt. They work, but in extreme circumstances, some stains are hard to remove. Depending on the material that makes up your awnings, it is crucial to find the right one that will not bring harm or destroy the material.

b) Get rid of debris

Get rid of all the soil, bird droppings, and vegetable matter before washing to ease your job. This debris should not be allowed to remain in contact with the material because it can cause damage, and, in the case, they dry upon the annex’s material, they become tricky to remove.

c) Engage in intensive cleaning

After all the preliminary activities are done, the cleaning job begins. Use cold water and soap to remove stains. In the instance of mildly intensive stains, you can use warm water and a brush or a sponge to scrub off the dirt.

2. What is size mat appropriate?

Knowing the size of the mat that would be a perfect fit is necessary for your comfort. Achieving this can be done by measuring your awning to determine its measurements.

This provides a good starting point because, in most instances, the preferment choice is the mat that fits perfectly inside the awning.

The standard length of awnings is about 2.4 meters wide on caravans and camper trailers.

3. How do I take care of my caravan annex mat? 

Maintenance and proper care enhance the functionality of the annex mat and prolong its lifespan. Different types of annex mats require different care methods and practices. 

a) Ensure that you have a clean installation space

Before spreading the caravan annex mat, ensure that you get rid of all the visible stones or materials that may tear or damage it. Pick a flat surface free of any debris or sharp objects.

b) Regular cleaning

Since these mats are exposed to harsh weather conditions and environmental factors, they become dirty easily and fast. Cleaning it regularly ensures that it does not stain and helps eliminate the potential debris that may have been stuck in it.

c) Pets

In this instance, pets are on vacation with you, and it is essential to take care of them because they tend to scratch and bite and may damage the mats.

To ensure a long lifespan for the mats and avoid them being chipped and wearing off, take preventive measures to prevent your pets from scratching the annex mats.

4. Will the mats kill the grass?    

These mats contain perforated holes and spaces designed into the matting to allow the grass to breathe. The pressure applied on the grass is also substantial but does not bring damage to the grass. The only thing lacking will be sunlight.

This will cause the grass to discolor and turn yellow because of the lack of sunlight exposure. Removal of the mat will enable the restoration of the original color of the grass.

 What are the qualities of the right caravan annex floor?

What makes good quality and the best mat caravan annex floor is its ability to deliver its services as expected and last for a long time.

It should be easy to install and have no-slip finishes to ensure comfort and minimize accidents that may happen by slipping on it.

The caravan annex floor should also be UV stabilized to minimize fading caused by the sun’s exposure. This extends its lifespan and maintains its integrity.

It should also be porous to allow for particles of sand and earth, in general, to pass through. This also ensures the breathability of the grass that the mat is placed on.


A proper caravan annex flooring is every camper and caravan’s best friend due to the fringe benefits that it offers. It completely changes the outlook of your outdoor setup as you pick out your position ready for the holiday or the camping trip. It is essential for your stay because it offers many benefits, mainly being:

1. Provides more comfort underfoot or when relaxing outside

2. It provides breath-ability for the underlying ground

3. Because of it, the dispersion of water and dirt is made more accessible

4. Most of the available caravan annex floor brands are easy to clean and maintain and are also durable

It is vital to determine the best mat caravan annex floor that will achieve what you have in mind, and that will serve you well.

On average, the best mat caravan annex floor weighs about 5kg and should have a carrier bag for easier transportation and mobility.

The mat is also not too thick, with ranges of about 5-7 cm. Variety is also essential to allow the buyer to make the best choice of the color or pattern that suits them.

Customization of the mat caravan annex floor is also possible on the presentation of the design, picture, or idea that you had in mind.

For the mat to be environmentally friendly, it should be perforated to allow air and water to pass through to the underlying grass. A mat caravan annex floor that is environmentally friendly is ideal for purchase and use.

A Final Words

When it decides to purchase the Caravan Annex Matting Reviews for the floor, nothing should be left to chance. Ensure that you have factored in all the variations ranging from the surroundings to the material that makes up the mat caravan annex floor.

The surrounding of the place you are going for your camping trip is a crucial factor. Is it rocky? Is the area muddy? Are there sharp objects on the ground?

These questions should come to mind before choosing the Caravan Annex Matting Reviews to purchase.

Also, do not settle down for a low-quality product because it will lead to your camping experience being bad and uncomfortable since it will not provide the necessary comforts that a great mat caravan annex floor would.

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