The 5 Best Bath Mat for 2023 (Review & Guideline)

Are you looking for bath mat. The best bath to ensure you are free from sliding as well as brightening up your bathroom, then you should get the best bath mat for your bathroom floors.
Bath mat accomplishes a ton of things despite being just like any other household item. This is simply because of the unique design that gives it some impeccable abilities.
When you get the best bath mat you are therefore assured of;

1. Faster self-Dry before mildew and bacteria can set up

2. Great soak up ability

3. Anti-slid mat (stays rooted in one place)

4. Deals with moisture’s quite well

Best Bath Mat

Yes, you need the best bath mat, unfortunately finding the best one without proper research and testing is quite hard.

To help with that, we have done thorough investigate and testing and come up with these top 5 best bath mat in 2023 for you.

What is Bath Mat

A bath mat is a type of floor covering designed to be used in the bathroom, specifically around the bathtub, shower, or other wet areas. It is typically made of absorbent materials, such as cotton, microfiber, or chenille, and is used to absorb excess water from the feet when stepping out of the shower or bathtub, providing a non-slip surface and helping to keep the bathroom floor dry and safe.

Bath Mat

Bath mats come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, and may feature non-slip backing or additional features like memory foam for added comfort. They are a common accessory in bathrooms to enhance safety and comfort by providing a soft and dry surface for stepping on after bathing or showering.

So, whatever your bathroom priorities are, we have got you covered. Let’s start!

Top 5 Best Bath Mat Reviews for 2023

1. Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug

The GORILLA GRIP Chenille Bath Rug is the ideal bath mat if you are looking for a mat that is machine washable and dryable. This bath mat can be put in a dryer time and time again without worrying about destroying it is quality.

It is also a durable mat thanks to the TP rubber backing used while mending this bath rug. This makes it stronger and durable, unlike other mats that use glue or PVCs.

To prevent your floor from getting wet, this mat is designed to be super-absorbent material.

This is enabled by the thick high-piled chenille fabrics that soak up a lot of water, thus preventing your floor from getting wet while you are stepping out of the shower or bath.

If you are looking for something soft that will pamper your feet, then this is the best bath mat for you also. This luxurious mat is available in different colors and sizes, and more importantly, it is super soft and cozy.

It will keep your feet warm thanks to it is soft and warm chenille fabrics.


1. Well priced

2. Ultra- Absorbent bath rug

3. Available in different colors

4. Incredibly soft and comfortable

5. Machine washable and dryable

6. Beautiful textures design

7. Strong TPR hence can be washed multiple times


1. It slides around if the mat is placed on a wet floor

2. Memory Foam Coral Fleece Bathroom Mat

If you are looking for a super-soft, machine washable bath mat that is non-slip and fashionably designed, then Memory Foam Bath mat is the ideal choice for you.

This bath mat rug design features innovative memory foam filled with ultra-soft coral fleece. This design not only ensures your bathroom floor does not get wet but also offers a soft SPA feel-like to your feet.

It is a non-skid, thick, and durable mat design that provides you are safe and comfort whenever you step out of showers.

The design of this mat features the use of special technology which gives it ultra-absorbent and fast-drying abilities.

This bath mat also deals with bathroom moisture quite well, thus ensuring no molds or bacteria get a chance to build up.

These luxurious bath mats can also be used in different places like kitchen and bathroom entry. The mat comes in different colors (7) and two patterns (straight and wavy lines). It has a high-density premium memory foamwith1-inch thickness.


1. Cheap

2. Easy to clean

3. It is an Anti-slip bath mat

4. Luxurious design with supreme comfort

5. Excellent absorption and dries quickly

6. Offer warm, SPA like felling

7. Skid proof mat with Thick foam


1. It is very small

2. Attract lint more often than not thus may need often washing to keep it lint-free

3. Lavish Home Memory Foam Shag Bath Mat

This bath mat from Lavish Home is suitable for those of you who are looking for something big enough to stand on or serve heavy traffic use.

It is 100% made with polyester material, meaning you’re guaranteed to get a durable and reliable bath mat that will serve you well.

It features a thick, soft memory foam core with Super plush polyester chenille. These two features help in absorbing water quickly as well as offering comfortable support. It is also a non-slid bath rug thanks to its incredible non-slid backing design.

It is easy to maintain this mat since it is machine washable (cold). Furthermore, to ensure it lasts longer, then you should avoid cool iron, suits both lines or tumble dry low, do not bleach, and gentle cycle.


1. Does not skid, and it is so comfy

2. Very thick and soft

3. It is a high-quality rug

4. Easy to maintain/wash

5. It is available in 7 different beautiful color designs


1. This mat is too thick and may interfere with opening or closing your bathroom door

2. A bit pricey, but it is quality and large enough mat

4. 900 GSM 20×34 Inches 2-Pack Banded Bath Mats

If you are looking for something simple, yet of top quality, durable and fashionable too, then a 900 GSM bath mat is the best.

This bathroom mat is designed with simplicity to offer a quality experience by ensuring your floors are always dry, and you are always comfortable and secure.

The bath mats can also help you add that decorative touch to your bathroom. This luxurious design is available in different beautiful colors, and you can use them both in-office and at home.

It is an anti-skid mat with 100% Ringspun Genuine Cotton used in making these mats. This means you are getting bath mats that are free from harmful chemical and synthetic elements.

One thing to note though is that they are designed explicitly as bathroom mats, not rugs, and they are medium weight.

So, what are the pros and cons of this beautifully designed bath mat?


1. Machine washable bathroom mat

2. Durable mat

3. Features simple yet professional design

4. Features no harmful materials

5. Anti-slid mat

6. Suitable for both home and office use

7. Super soft and thick


1. It is a good bath mat, but it does not dry up faster than other mats

2. The towel produces a lot of fuzzy lint at the beginning, but it gets better over time (after two or 3 washes)

5. MORU & RUMO Memory Foam Bathroom Rugs

Finally, here is the most comfortable bathroom mat that perfectly fits bathtub, vanity, and sinks uses. Best bath blankets are only designed to absorb water and offer limited support.

But this bath mat will exceed expectations. The rug will assure advanced foot support which in turn eliminates foot pressure. This all because of its ultra-thick memory foam.

The design of this mat also combines luxury and comfort to give you a super comfortable mat. Another good thing about this mat is that it can be washed with a machine which makes it easier to keep it clean.

This mat is also super absorbing, allowing it to absorb water or moisture quickly. And besides it being super absorbing it can also dry faster hence protecting your feet from the cold floor.

The bath mat even comes with a sturdy rubber backing that prevents it from sliding around.

This mat is the best since it provides safe, healthy, and comfortable support when you step out of your showers, bathroom, or even at the bathroom sink.


1. Super soft

2. Super thick or very cushioned under your feet

3. Fast-drying mat

4. Durable bathroom mat

5. Machine washable and dry-able mat

6. Strong absorption

7. Available in different colors and sizes

8. Features a lanyard for easy drying


1. Very thick and might interfere with your bathroom door

Buyer’s Guide | How to Choose the Right Bath Mat

Finding the best bathroom mat is one way of ensuring comfort and safety when you step out of your showers, or bath.

However, finding the right bath mat is a more challenging task simply because there tons of mats from different brands in the market nowadays. Therefore, this makes it hard to determine the right carpet for your bathroom.

So, to ensure you get the best mat for your bathroom or sink, there are some factors you should consider. To make it simple, these are things you should look for in a bathroom mat.

That said, let’s now see what these factors are:

A. The size of the bath mat

The first and most recommended factor that you should start with is looking for the right-sized mats. The better way to do this is to know the amount of installation space you have in your bathroom then choose a mat that fits that space.

Also, if you have a pretty small bathroom, then it is advisable you get a mat that won’t interfere with your bathroom door. More so if your bathroom’s door opens towards inside your bathroom. This can be solved by getting a smaller size mat or a less thick mat.

And finally, you should make sure the mat you are purchasing fits not only perfectly to the room but also lies flat and evenly on the floor. This ensures that your mat won’t slide and risk you getting injured.

B. Consider safety features in that mat

This is one of the top important factors more so if you are installing it in the kids’ bathroom. Kids like to play a lot, and having a mat that is not non-skid or made with harmful products might lead to a more severe problem.

To avoid this, then you should ensure that the mat is:

1. Made with zero harmful products,

2. Should have a proper cushion,

3. Should absorb water quickly

4. More importantly, it should be an anti-skid mat.

A bathroom mat that dries quickly is a good bath mat since this will ensure no molds or other bacteria get a chance to live in it. This will therefore provide you are safe from sliding and falling as well as safe from bacterial infections.

C. Consider the mat’s color and design

It is true to say everyone wants a bath mat that suits his needs, and one of the needs is design. Therefore, choosing the right bath mat design will depend on your bathroom design.

If it is a bright-colored bathroom, for instance, you may go with bright-colored mats. But that will solely depend on what you like or want.

Your bathroom’s color scheme is another factor to take into account when choosing this mat. This will help you in identifying the best fitting mat in terms of preferred color.

This is important when you are not only looking for a “bath mat” but also a decorative accessory for your bathroom.

If you are unsure of which mat color to pick, then it is ideal to go for natural colored mats like beige, grey, white or clear (for the full rubber mats).

Dark colors offer a vibrant appearance to your bathroom environment, while bright colors add a calm feeling to your bathroom.

However, dark colors may fade and look a bit rough-like look, and bright-colored mat gets stained relatively faster, and washing more regularly may affect its durability.

Remember, traditional designs are similar to oriental and Persian design mats, which are color rich with contrasting borders. But the contemporary designs are identical to modern designs, and they feature colorful designs with fine lines and bold styles.

Overall, bathroom mats come in a variety of colors and designs; therefore, you should pick according to your decoration style.

D. Take into account Wash-ability

For easy maintenance, it is essential to get a machine washable bathroom mat. This will help you keep your mat well cleaned and avoid bleaching or over-washing it.

But you should always follow the washing instructions given by that mat’s manufacturers to prevent ruining your beautiful bath mat.

E. What’s its Purpose?

A lot of people tend to forget or neglect this factor quickly, but the truth is it is as important as the rest of the other factors.

This is simply because knowing your desired mat purpose allows you to buy the right mat, mostly when it comes to the durability of the mat.

So, if you want to get a bathroom mat for public use, then you should put durability first among other factors like decoration and design.

High traffic means your mat will be stained quickly and might end up needing quality wash more regularly unless you are using dark-colored mats.

In this case, also you will have to go for quality and durable materials like nylon and polyester instead of cotton. These materials are easy to maintaining and keep them hygienic at all times.

F. Materials

Material is another essential factor to look at when purchasing the best bathroom mats. This factor dictates some factors like purpose, durability, comfort, and absorbency. This is because some materials are more absorbing. Durable and comfortable than others.

Reputable brands of bathroom mats are commonly made with high-quality nylon, cotton, and polyester. Here is how each material is or considered to be:

1. Cotton bathroom mats are the most comfortable, soft, and super absorbent mats of all three materials

2. However, polyester and nylon are known to do well in where cotton lacks, and that is long-lasting durability. They also do not shrink after washing, giving them a better edge over cotton bath mats


Q. What is the best bath mat material?

Ans: Every bathroom mat material comes with its unique use and experience. But besides that, the most popular bath rug material nowadays is cotton. The main reason for this is because they are available at almost every price point hence solving the affordability problem pretty well.

These mats are also designed to be the most cushioning type of mat, which means you are assured of premium support/comfort at all times. The other things are they are super absorbent and easy to wash.

With this mat, you can not worry about carrying water with your feet to your floor and risk sliding over. Despite not being a durable material, maintaining them is also easy since almost all of them are machine washable.

Q. What is the best bathroom mat?

The best mat for your bathroom does not only have to be the one with quality features or the one liked by most people. The best mat for your bathroom should meet all of your needs as well as your bathroom space and design.

However, the best mat should or must always have all of these essential features:

1. It should be anti-skid

2. Should be super absorbing

3. Should be comfortable

4. Should be a fast-drying mat

5. Durable

6. And maybe affordable

Q. What is the most absorbent bath mat?

Ans: Nothing is more disgusting than walking around the house and finding wet puddles on the floor near your bathroom. If you mostly like wearing socks while in the house then you know that feeling when you step on them.

So, to ensure harmony in your home, then you will need the best absorbing bath mat. This mat can quickly soak up all water that falls onto it, ensuring that you or any other person doesn’t transfer water onto your dry floors.

The best mats are therefore the ones made with fabrics or memory foam bathroom rugs.

Q. Can memory foam bathroom mats get wet?

Ans: Yes, it can get wet. If you have or need a foam bathroom to be used in place with a significant number of people using it, then there is a higher chance that the mat will get wet. Foam bath mats are just like other bath mats irrespective of them being super absorbing.

The good thing is they can absorb more water than most bath mats can while at the same time dry up a little faster than other mats too.

Q. How do you clean memory foam mats?

Ans: To ensure you keep your foam bathroom mats clean and durable, there are simple steps you should follow while cleaning them. These steps are:

1. Start by gently vacuuming or sweeping your foam mat. The excellent solution for puzzle foam mats or interlocking mats is using a vacuum or broom without the spinning brushes

2. After you are done removing dry debris from your foam mat, then damp clean your bathroom mats. Use the required or specified detergents to avoid bleaching your foam mat as well as to ensure they clean it properly

3. To remove stains, use a non-abrasive scrubber or rag to scrub your mats

After you are done washing your bath mat, you will need to dry them properly. The best way to dry your foam mat is by following these steps

4. If you choose to use a dryer machine, then a 20 min gentle, low heat is recommended. Avoid high heat since it will end up damaging your mats rubber backing

5. Let them tumble in your dryer for another 10-20 minutes if your mat is still a little too wet

6. Remove your bathroom mat immediately from the dyer, do not let them sit in wrinkled it will damage your mat

Q. How do you keep bathroom mats from getting moldy?

Ans: To prevent moldy bath taps or mildew and soap scum build-up on a mat, then you should use vinegar. Once every couple of months you should give your mat a good soak in vinegar and water, followed by a good rinse afterward.

And you should probably hang it to dry your bath mat to dry rather than using a dryer.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the best bathroom mat should accomplish its primary role well, and that is ensuring your floor is free of wet puddles after stepping out of your shower.

Currently, there are tons of the best bath mats in the market, and to get the right one that is top quality, comfortable, and well-priced is a bit tough. This is one we have come up with in our Top 5 Best Bath Mat 2022 that will definitely meet your standards.

To ensure you get the right bath mat, we have also included a well informative buying guide. This guide will help you know what to look for in the best bathroom mat hence ensuring you get the right size, color, brand, and also design.

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