The 7 Best Standing Desk Mat for 2024 (Reviews)

If you are looking for the best standing desk mat to help you while at the office or home, then here is the right place. These standing mats are of top quality (which means: durable, comfortable, and cushioning).
Often, people tend to underestimate the potential benefits of standing upright for a considerable amount of time, whether at home or their workplaces. Everyone would prefer rolling across the room on their swivel chairs for most of the day instead.
Best Standing Desk Mat

However, reality dictates that standing helps keep the musculoskeletal system healthy by reducing the stress found in the soft tissues, joints, ligaments, and backs and extending all body lifespan, as mentioned above.

This is where the invention of the best standing desk mats makes it easier for you to hold onto straight knees for more extended periods and keep your body healthy.

Luckily best-standing desk mat is one of the best pieces of equipment made specifically to help you while standing beside your desk.

Standing Desk Mats?

This is where standing work desk floor coverings enter into play. Yet what are standing desk mats, and why are they vital for anyone utilizing a standing work desk? In this detailed directory, we will explore whatever you need to understand about standing desk mats, their advantages, their kinds, and how to choose the most effective one for your requirements.

Standing work desk floor coverings, also called anti-fatigue mats, are designed to give ergonomic support and comfort to people who spend extensive periods. Unlike standard floor mats, these floor coverings are engineered to reduce pressure on your legs and feet and reduce your back, making standing much more comfy and less tiring. They come in numerous shapes, dimensions, and products, each customized to various requirements and choices.

Conveniences of Standing Work desk Floor Coverings

1. Lowered Fatigue and Discomfort: Representing long periods can lead to exhaustion, discomfort, and pain in the feet, legs, and reduced back. Standing work desk floor coverings are designed to mitigate these concerns by supplying a supported surface that motivates refined movements, improving blood flow and reducing stress.

2. Enhanced Pose: Poor position is commonly associated with standing for extensive duration. Anti-fatigue floor coverings advertise far better position by urging you to change your weight and keep a more natural position, minimizing the risk of developing musculoskeletal issues.

3. Improved Efficiency: By minimizing pain and fatigue, standing desk mats can assist you stay much more concentrated and productive throughout the day. When you fit, you’re much less likely to be distracted by pains and discomforts, enabling you to concentrate much better on your tasks.

4. Convenience: These floor coverings are not limited to office usage. They can be used in different setups: cooking areas, workshops, retail settings, and any area where prolonged standing is required.

5. Toughness: High-grade standing work desk floor coverings are built to last, giving lasting comfort and assistance. They are made from stable products that can endure heavy usage without losing efficiency.

Types of Standing Desk Floor Coverings

1. Apartment Anti-Fatigue Mats: These are the most typical types of standing desk mats. They feature a flat, cushioned surface that offers standard comfort and assistance. They are suitable for individuals who prefer a straightforward and straightforward service.

2. Distinctive Anti-Fatigue Mats: Textured floor coverings have a patterned surface that uses additional stimulation to the feet. This can help reduce tiredness and pain by advertising subtle movements and boosting blood circulation.

3. Active Standing Floor Coverings: These ingenious floor coverings encourage continuous motion and involvement. They usually include elevated elements, such as mounds or bars, that enable you to stretch, massage, and exercise your feet and legs while standing.

4. Mobile Anti-Fatigue Mats: For those needing versatility, mobile floor coverings are lightweight and easy to relocate. They provide the same convenience and assistance as fixed floor coverings but can quickly transport them to different locations.

5. Gel Mats: Gel-infused mats give a unique mix of softness and support. The gel core complies with the shape of your feet, supplying tailored padding and reducing pressure points.

Just how to Select the Very Best Standing Desk Floor Covering

When choosing a standing desk mat, think about the list below variables to guarantee you pick the one that ideally fits your needs:

1. Material: Find top-notch materials with longevity and convenience. Usual products consist of polyurethane, gel, and foam. Each has advantages, so pick based on your preference and meant usage.

2. Thickness: Thicker mats give more padding, which can be helpful for prolonged standing duration. Nonetheless, they might likewise need to be more mobile. Consider the compromise between convenience and transportability.

3. Size: Guarantee the mat is vast enough to suit your standing area while permitting motion. A floor covering that is too small might not supply appropriate support.

4. Convenience of Cleaning: Opt for floor coverings that are very easy to tidy and maintain. Mats with smooth surface areas are usually easier to wipe down, while distinctive floor coverings may need more initiative.

5. Non-Slip Base: Safety and security is vital. Choose a floor covering with a non-slip base to avoid crashes and ensure security while standing.

6. Cost: While purchasing a high-quality mat is necessary, options are readily available for numerous budget plans—equilibrium expense with functions to find the best value for your needs.

Standing work desk mats are vital devices for anyone who routinely uses a standing desk. They provide substantial benefits: lowered fatigue, boosted pose, and enhanced performance. With different types and features available, choosing a floor covering that aligns with your specific requirements and preferences is essential. Investing in a high-quality standing desk floor covering can create an extra comfy and ergonomic workspace, inevitably contributing to your overall wellness and performance.

The 7 Best Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mats Reviews

1. Ergodriven Topo Comfort Standing Desk Mat

There are simple pleasures that come with stretching your leg every time you shift position whenever you stand for extended periods. The Ergodriven Topo Comfort Standing Desk Mats make that possible.

This unique standing desk mat was thoughtfully designed to promote free movement while standing and allow for various exercises and stretches, making muscle stress and fatigue a thing of the past.

Standing Desk MatView on Price

It is also a non-slip mat that will not move irrespective of the floor’s surface and adjacent conditions.

It comes as no surprise that Ergodriven created a classy but still durable standing mat destined to serve you for years on end as a lightweight and compact design suitable for easy portability and storage.

The mat also comes in various colors, including shades of black, purple, and grey, and provides its users with brand-new and dynamic positions that enhance their stance.


1. Cushioned terrain

2. Anti-slip bottom feature

3. Supportive cushioning for more movement

4. Unique hook feature for repositioning

5. Classy and sleek design

6. Multi-colors

7. Anti-fatigue mat


1. Highly durable

2. Portable 

3. Convenient to store

4. Waterproof


1. Might be slippery without shoes

2. Can be too firm

2. Kangaroo Original Standing Mat 

This is considered one of Amazon’s best sellers as it offers a simple, flat, and rectangular design. It might not look like much, but Kangaroo designed this special mat with a thick cushioned terrain to provide extra comfort with a wide variety of sizes as well as finishes.

The standing mat was initially intended for the kitchen due to its tough slip resistance, even with an adjacent wet environment. It can also be used in other areas such as the laundry or office for the highest productivity and anti-fatigue needs.

Kangaroo came up with a stylish design for your home and office that is beneficial to your health and complements the look of it is the environment.

With a ten-year guarantee, this product comes in various colors designed to blend into the room’s natural setting with shades of brown, black, beige, wood, mocha, marble, charcoal, sky blue, and many others.

Kangaroo Original Standing Mat would be your best choice for the safest solution as it reduces fatigue and is relatively affordable.


1. Cushioned terrain

2. Anti-fatigue

3. Anti-slip beveled edges

4. 10-year guarantee

5. Waterproof

6. Multi-colors

7. Superior support

8. Thick and premium quality foam


1. Superior comfort

2. Various sizes

3. Can be used without shoes


1. Expensive at larger sizes

2. Separate layers wear out

3. Sky Mat Anti-Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat

If you are looking for superior comfort for your feet and legs, then Sky Mat’s Anti-fatigue comfort floor mat is here to help.

This mat offers a cloud nine experience due to its praised softness and extra cushion that keeps you afloat and comfortable for extended periods without getting exhausted.

It is flat and easily adjustable to fit under your standing desk, allowing you to put all your concentration into your work while standing without being overwhelmed by the weight exerted on your lower back.

The sky core PVC foam material used gives you the necessary support together with an extra 3.4 inches of thickness to support your weight.

With seamless low beveled edges, you can step on and off the mat without the fear of tripping while the non-slip base gives it a firm grip in any wet or slippery environment.

The mat does not even curl up the sides and is an affordable option for anyone searching for comfort on a budget.


1. Advanced low beveled edge

2. Non-slip bottom

3. Eco-friendly

4. Extra cushioned comfort

5. Improved balance

6. All-day support and softness

7. Anti-fatigue


1. Affordable

2. Multi-color options

3. Easy to clean


1. Some users find it too firm

2. Strong chemical smell

3. Can be easily punctured

4. GelPro Eco-Pro Foam Anti-Fatigue Mat

Standing for extended hours builds up compression on your spine. Still, once you start using the Gel pro-Eco anti-fatigue mat, this is lessened by increasing your flexibility on a significant scale.

The mat is made with about an inch of thick polyurethane foam that has a unique bounce-back memory, which allows you to stretch and be flexible enough; thus, reducing any chances of injury. The mat was also designed to be highly durable since it was manufactured using high-grade material.

Furthermore, it comes with a large cushion area that helps relieve any pains in your feet or legs together with non-slip and beveled edges that reduce any risks of potential accidents.

It serves as one of the best standing desk mats, and even though it comes at a reasonably high price, it would be worth paying for because of the quality brought forward.

Reduce your discomfort with standing and increase your productivity at work with this easy-to-clean and efficient anti-fatigue standing desk mat.


1. Anti-fatigue

2. Lightweight and portable

3. Bounce-back memory

4. Non-slip bottom

5. Thick foam base

6. Water-proof

7. Cushioned support


1. Designed with professional-grade material

2. Durable

3. Variable sizes suitable for you

4. Easy to clean


1. Costly

2. Short warranty

3. Some users find it too firm

5. Butterfly Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

With wings to fly, you can step onto one of the most ergonomic standing mats on the market today. Butterfly’s unique mat is designed in the shape of an actual butterfly and gives off a quirky twist and compliments a look to your working space.

It is one of the best standing desk mats that are non-flat and comes with multiple massage points for your feet. Think of it as a built-in foot massage that relaxes your legs as you work, stimulating enough circulation in your legs.

An extra teardrop-shaped hump that is located at the center is perfect for massaging your ankles as well. The various ergonomic points on the mat massage your feet and keep you relaxed for hours on end, and you would not even notice.

This Butterfly is a next-gen standing mat with spectacular massage features and the common anti-slip that prevents any slip and fall injuries. That’s not all; it is also recommended for those suffering from plantar facilities because of its amazing effects on your feet.


1. Contoured beveled edges

2. Multiple massage points

3. Butterfly-shaped design

4. Supportive foam

5. Hands-free edge position

6. Anti-slip bottom

7. Anti-fatigue


1. More massage points

2. No-curl edges

3. Relatively affordable


1. Massage points may not be suitable for everyone

6. Sky Solution Genius Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat

The name itself defines this unique standing mat designed by Sky Solutions by analyzing the different stances of various people, and primarily as they work.

It is a firm and supportive standing desk mat that accommodates both men’s and women’s many standing postures, including stretchers and non-stretchers.

When your legs get exhausted, forcing you to find that comfortable and sweet spot, the Genius mat could just work out a solution for you that could ultimately increase your concentration and alleviate the tension building within your legs.

At the center of the mat lies a rolling ball that gives your feet the desired message whenever they feel strained. Stretch out your feet against the edges to comfortably switch your weight from one foot to another, thus; improving your posture and general health.

The ridges and bumps that come along with the mat are massage points for different areas in your feet together with the comfortable and supportive foam body that holds up your weight.


1. Rolling ball for acupuncture massage

2. Extra soft and comfortable

3. Anti-fatigue

4. Anti-slip

5. Ergonomically designed


1. Universally used

2. Supports all postures

3. Supports stretching

4. Reduces fatigue and tension in your legs


1. Only comes in black color

7. Gorilla Grip Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

This product is probably defined by the name alone because it is well known for it is grip and durability as a standing mat designed by the famous Gorilla Grip.

The mat comes with a durable and robust design that does not break or compress down with time due to its premium quality and high-grade foam material. The foam used in this product is designed to eliminate pressure at all costs and provide you with support for extended periods.

It is an ergonomically engineered mat that comes in seven different sizes. The edges are also beveled to prevent curling up, giving you maximum support and relaxation.

Stand tall with Gorilla Grip and work from wherever you are, whether you are whipping up a full-course meal in the kitchen or sending multiple emails in the office.

The mat is about one inch thick with a flat shape and gives extra support for workers of all types and makes it one of the best standing desk mats in the market.


1. Anti-fatigue

2. Multi-colors

3. Ergonomic design

4. Flat design

5. Thick foam


1. Easy to clean

2. Water-resistant

3. 10-year guarantee

4. Highly durable


1. Not anti-slip 

2. Slippery when used without shoes

Buying Guide

Look at it this way; whenever you stand on a hard surface, you put a lot of pressure on your muscles, joints, and veins because you are usually still and immobile. However, standing on a soft surface allows your weight to be better distributed through the mat.

You would not be standing entirely still because, although you may not be consciously aware of it, your body would continuously be balancing and adjusting to the instability of the mat or foam, forcing your muscles to keep making micro-adjustments as well.

Such constant movement in your muscles helps prevent you from getting sore, exhausted, and even losing concentration as you would after an extended period. To better grasp these standing desk mats, you first need to be familiar with the types available.

A. Consider the types of Standing mats

There are three main types of standing desk mats, and they include:

1. Flat standing mats

2. Non-flat standing mats

3. Active standing mats

1. Flat Standing Mats

This is the most common yet simplest form of standing mats available. If you have no idea what you are looking for in a standing mat, then this primary flat type would be ideal for you.

Apart from being entirely flat, it is usually about one inch thick and is made from dense foam. Flat standing mats are primarily designed to provide support, cushion, and minor instability while standing.

2. Non-flat standing mats

Unlike flat standing mats, these types are not flat all over and come with many variations in shape, ridges, and bumps in the surface design. They were made to allow users to stretch their legs in different positions so as not to get sore fast.

A significant number of people prefer non-flat standing mats over flat ones because they majorly suit those who are more active while standing.

3. Active standing mats

Imagine yourself moving to the beat of your keyboard as you rush to complete that report that is due in an hour. Not only would it reduce stress levels, but it would also keep you active and less tired while working.

Active standing mats take the thing to a whole other level by allowing you to place massage balls that massage your feet.

While some claim it is an unnecessary or over-the-top feature, others find it to be one of the best standing desk mats as it has substantial benefits on their feet.

You would be capable of moving your legs freely, allowing your body to loosen up the tight muscles and joints in your legs through relaxing my official massages.

B. How the Standing Desk Mat Work

While some people are familiar with the basic concept of standing on top of a mat, others tend to be confused that increased activity while standing in one spot translates to less fatigue.

How do these mats reduce fatigue when they keep your legs active, especially the more active standing mats?

Firstly, while there are only three types of standing mats, there are many different design styles, but the basic premise is similar throughout.

These mats are made of a spongy or foam material and are about one inch thick, providing sufficient cushion space between your legs and the floor.

Because it is spongy, the mat is slightly unstable, but this would be too little for you to notice while standing on it. Your leg muscles would constantly be activated to keep up with the ever-changing balance to maintain stability.

However, on concrete or solid ground, muscle activation is not necessary, which leads to their relaxation, forcing them to bear most of the body’s weight through the joints.

Ultimately, this leads to sore joints and feet throughout the day, leaving you tired from standing for more extended periods.

This is how the best standing desk mats tend to lessen the burden of fatigue when it comes to working on our feet.

C. Benefits of Using Standing Desk Mats

With a quality standing mat, you would get tons more benefits as compared to standing on a concrete floor or regular carpet, and they include:

Improved Blood Circulation

When your leg muscles tighten because of the compression that arises from standing on solid hard surfaces for extended periods restricts normal blood flow, which forces your heart to work extra hard. Such is why prolonged standing is usually associated with heart problems.

However, standing desk mats keep your muscles active, improving your blood flow as you work standing upright.

Reduces Compression

When you stand on hard surfaces for extended periods, your feet, spine, and weight-bearing joints are usually compressed. Incredibly soft characters aren’t better either because they are too unstable as you might sink through them and onto the floor anyway, creating any difference.

However, with the best standing desk mat, you would get excellent support that would also be enough to absorb your body’s strain.

Protect the knees

Whenever you stand for extended periods, your knees tend to suffer too because they bear a lot of weight and compressive force that strains their ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Standing mats help keep these muscles active and reduce the weight or pressure exerted on the knees.

Increased energy

It may seem like a long shot or confusing fact, but the reduced strain on your muscles, joints, and heart helps you conserve energy for the current task at hand.


These anti-fatigue standing mats tend to reduce pain and discomfort with standing on hard surfaces for long periods.

Things to Consider When Making a Purchase


There is not much to dwell on in this sector because most of the standing desk mats are typically made of foam. However, you should be sure to pick out something that is not too soft because it would not be able to hold the pressure exerted by your weight.

If you happen to feel the floor through the mat, be sure to send it back and look for a better alternative that is just right for your body weight.

Furthermore, you should also ensure that the mat’s material is non-slip, and mainly on its underside. You want to place the mat on solid ground and ensure that it does not move because not only would this decrease efficiency in it is also a function for your feet. But it would also be very annoying.

Design Type

There are different types of standing mats to choose from; while some are simple and flat, others tend to provide a variety of foot-massaging points, mounds, or even ridges used to stimulate the many pressure points under your feet.

However, always pick out a tapered edge to avoid tripping and choose one with a non-slip bottom surface.

Frequency of Movement

You also need to consider how often you would be switching from a seated to a standing position since a large number of individuals who use a sit-to-stand desk tend to change positions quite frequently in a day.

While a flat standing mat may fit under the desk chair, it might not be entirely suitable for you. 

On the other hand, the other standing desk mats might not fit under the desk chair. Therefore, if you would be changing positions between sitting and standing, you would need the best standing desk mat that is light and small enough for you to move with ease.


Concerning standing desk mats, there is a broad range of costs, and depending on your budget, you should be capable of finding one that is not too expensive for you.

While active standing mats tend to be more costly, one should realize that the most expensive items do not always translate to the best qualities.

You can find active standing mats at average prices, but if you are only looking for extra cushions or support, then an affordable non-flat standing mat should be suitable for you.


This primarily concerns the standing mats used in the office because they are part of the visible environment that clients tend to notice about a workplace. Many people also tend to use these mats at home and mostly in the kitchen.

Still, you also need to ensure that they are easily cleanable because no matter where they are used, many substances can stain them and ultimately make them a habitat for bacteria. 

While most standing mats can be washed using hot water and detergent, you should always ensure that this feature is stated explicitly in the instructions of the product you purchase. 


You need to acquire the perfect mat size capable of keeping your feet comfortable throughout your standing period.

For greater flexibility, while standing, it is advisable to choose a wide enough mat for you to move your legs at ease while looking for that right comfortable spot.


The perfect standing desk mat has to be anti-fatigue to significantly lower the chances of being exhausted after standing for quite some time.

Therefore, ergonomic design and anti-fatigue features that consist of more massage points to boost blood circulation while keeping the body active and relaxed would do just fine.


The specifications for all standing desk mats are always listed in the product description of the package. These devices would always offer specifications for their lengths, width, and even height.

On the other hand, the size and the thickness of the mat tend to determine how much floor space you have for your physical footprint in the room and the amount of cushion present to offer you adequate support.

With a large mat, you would expect more flexibility in all your movements because the more significant the surface area, the less restriction to making only smaller movements.

Such mats are recommended for workers who love to stretch and tend to stand with a wider stance while working for several hours.

On the other hand, thicker mats tend to have more cushion or foam in them than thinner ones, which makes them more comfortable under your feet to your hips.

A much thicker cushion would help keep your leg muscles active and prevent fatigue, thus making them the best standing desk mats available.

All of the standing mats come designed with a unique anti-slip feature that prevents slip and fall hazards and injuries.

Furthermore, active standing mats are made with additional massage features that tend to allow your legs to be in constant movement even while you’re standing still.

Such mats come at the top of the chart, and while they may not be essential, they tend to provide the extra touch or feature needed to keep you from getting exhausted and maintaining your healthy lifestyle at work.

Again, all you should do is look at the product description to find the one that is suitable for your standing needs.


Q: What are standing desk mats made of?

Ans: The materials used in making these standing desk mats depend on their usage and the place in which they would be needed. When compared to the environment in which they are used, one would notice a significant ergonomic difference because the design materials come in a variety of categories.

Foam is one of the most basic materials used to design these devices and is commonly used on the mats located at home. They are usually made about one inch thick and tend to provide average anti-fatigue support.

Rather than a soft material, these mats are designed with a denser foam and with major anti-slip features suitable for use in areas frequented by water spills such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Other materials such as a thick gel, hard rubber, nitrile, and even closed-cell PVC are used to fabricate these standing mats.

Q: Apart from the office, where else can you use anti-fatigue standing mats?

Ans: Standing mats were explicitly designed to be used in the office and placed underneath standing desks. However, their purpose expands beyond the workplace and onto other areas at home as well as different environments such as:


These standing mats can be a great addition to your kids’ playroom; for example, you can place them underneath their activity table for them to step on while entertaining themselves with the various learning models.

Not only are they good for keeping the baby less exhausted while standing, but they also tend to reduce tension and create a padded surface that is better suited for younger children.

Furthermore, hardwood floors or tiles can be dangerous to your kids, especially if they fall; therefore, placing these mats on the side of their crib can significantly help keep the kids safe.


The gym is an environment whose sole purpose is to keep your muscles active, and what better way to do that than to include a standing mat that ensures your leg muscles are ever dynamic?

A variety of the best standing mats are designed to make them amazing stretching surfaces suitable for your pre and post-workout routines.

Stretch out those muscles and protect your legs from the overlying pressure from standing on the hard concrete floor while lifting those dumbbells.


You spend a considerable amount of your time standing in the kitchen than sitting down in the living or dining rooms. While this could be because the kitchen is where the magic happens, using a standing mat could help you create the perfect meals.

How so, you may ask. Well, if you’re standing while cooking an extensive meal, your legs might end up getting fatigued in the middle of the third step of the procedure.

A standing desk mat can help put your legs at ease and allow you to stand as long as you would like to prepare delicious meals for yourself or the whole family.


Whenever you are about to begin your daily skincare or makeup routine, it would be advisable to step on a standing mat because we both know you will take as much time as possible.

Using a standing mat for such activities as brushing your teeth, putting on makeup, or attending to your skincare routine allows you to feel less exhausted after spending hours on end in the bathroom.

Furthermore, due to their anti-slip features, these mats can protect you from the bathroom’s slippery tiles by providing enough grip for your feet.

Q: Would I be exercising if I used standing mats?

Ans: Firstly, standing itself is a form of exercise compared to sitting down the whole day in the office. Science dictates that you tend to burn about 100 to 200 calories an hour when you stand, depending on your sex, age, height, and weight.

On the other hand, sitting, by comparison, only burns about 60 to 130 calories an hour. If you think about it, you could burn more calories by swapping a few sitting hours for standing.

Secondly, using standing mats dictates that you have to stand, and since these devices tend to keep your leg muscles active compared to standing on solid ground, you would be able to lose more calories than if you just stood there doing nothing.

More active leg muscles and joints are just the same as exercise, and this is not only good for your feet but your entire body.

Lastly, unlike the gym, which exhausts your whole body, the best standing desk mats tend to exercise your leg muscles without resulting in exhaustion at the end.

Q: How do standing desk mats increase worker productivity?

Ans: Various studies have shown that while standing mats cannot be compared to bonuses or vacation trips as employee motivation incentives, they do increase the productivity of the workplace in their own way, including:

1. Reduces back pains and stress – when employees who work while standing for extended periods during the day use these standing desk mats, they reduce the stress on the muscles located on their lower backs. This stress is responsible for muscle pains and tension throughout the back area, neck, and even shoulders.

2. Lower risk of slip and fall injuries – Slip and fall injuries are quite common in an office, and they can cause injuries from strained muscles to broken bones. Using anti-fatigue standing mats gives workers that extra grip to stand tall without worry and get work done.

3. Protects against repetitive stress injuries as well as fatigue. After standing for extended periods of a day, you build up pressure that is caused by reduced blood flow to the lower legs every day.

After a while, this could result in bone misalignment and joint degeneration during old age. Luckily, standing desk mats ensure that your leg muscles and joints are active; thus, allowing sufficient blood circulation and preventing such conditions from occurring.

Since the employees would be enjoying the above health benefits with as much cushion for comfort as possible, they tend to exhibit higher efficiency in their work, concentration, and even improved morale.

All this directly translates to an overall improvement in productivity and allows the company to save funds that would have otherwise been used on injuries; thus, leading to increased revenues.

Q: How do you clean standing desk mats?

Ans: To best preserve your anti-fatigue stand-up desk mat at home or the office, you are advised to maintain it through regular cleaning and care. Like any other mat, these can get dirty.

With low maintenance, they can even end up being uncomfortable and unhealthy objects to stand on; thus, owners should clearly understand how to clean them properly.

You are advised to regularly sweep and dry-mop the mats to deal with their daily exposure to dust and debris. To thoroughly clean your mat, you should wet the mop or cloth with mild soap or detergent, most preferably with a pH of above 4.0.

Baking soda is also a good alternative. Wipe or scrub the mat using the wet mop or cloth and let it dry completely before using it again. It is also recommended that you clean the area surrounding your mat for extra effectiveness and safety.

Please note that you should avoid using steam or even caustic chemicals to clean your standing desk mat, as this can weaken the material or fabric. Also, do not machine wash the mat nor scrub it with a heavy brush or any other abrasive tool.

Based on your work environment, you should know how regularly to clean the mat because different locations require different cleaning schedules.

What elements is the mat exposed to? How is the foot traffic on it? Is the environment in which the mat is used mostly dry or wet? These are some of the few questions to ask yourself when determining the frequency to which you would clean your standing desk mat.

It would be better to clean your standing mat more frequently in a high-traffic area that tracks large amounts of dirt or causes higher chances of slip hazards.

Q: When are standing desk mats supposed to be used?

Ans: These standing desk mats are suitable for use when you plan on standing for about an hour while working. It is also highly recommended for workers who would be standing for several hours on the job and those experiencing lower back or joint pains as they help resolve the problems quickly.

For any activity carried out over extended periods while standing, it is advisable to use these Eco-friendly ergonomic standing mats.

Final Summary

If you are looking for a reason to stay active at work, with full concentration and a way to increase your productivity in the several hours a day working while standing, then I would advise you to search for the best standing desk mat available for your needs.

While standing desks get you out of that redundant office chair that only serves to make you too comfortable, these mats are the cherry on top that makes your stance a delight.

Ensure that your choice is well-researched and that whatever you decide upon is thick enough and made from durable material. Making the right choice is easier than it sounds, and various vendors offer quality and unique flat and active mats tailored to your needs.

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