The Floorguard Magic Mat Reviews (Better for 2023)

Are you searching the magic mat. The floorguard magic mat reviews several companies that produce mats produce them for exclusive floor protection. Any mat will offer protection to the floor underneath.
Floorguard has a belief that a good mat has to go beyond protection and trap moisture, foreign particles, and grease that comes to your facilities. Each area in a building requires a different functionality from the mat.
Magic Mat Reviews

Magic mats by Floorguard are designed and manufactured with a complete matting system to suit different areas. Floorguard applies technology in its mat manufacturing, and its mats are used in homes and commercial buildings.

This article will provide you with Floorguard magic mat reviews, which include its pros, cons, and all that you need to know.

The Floorguard Magic Mat Reviews

Floorguard magic mat is an ideal choice for cleaner and dry floors. It soaks up moisture, mud, and dirt that your boots bring to your house.

Customers at Amazon and other online shopping have left outstanding 4.5, and 5 stars review about this product. This gives confidence to the products that it will deliver their purpose.

So, what are the special features of this magic mat?

Special Features

1. It is made from a unique blend of microfiber and cotton yarn that is bonded to 100% rubber backing

2. It is not designed to lay on top of the other carpets

3. Designed with 100% grease proof rubber

4. It is NFSI certified

5. Pile  height: Approximately 8mm

6. Total weight about  2.5 kg/m²

7. It has a non-slip rubber backup for any flat surface

8. It is designed to absorb moisture, dirt without curling, slipping, or marking


1. It helps prevent moisture, grease, and any dirt from being transported to the floor by trapping and absorbing these substances

2. It comes in different sizes that suit your needs

3. High traction backing aid in reducing the possibility of getting injured in cases of slip and falls

4. It has a durable non-slip backing

5. Its low pile height fits easily under most of the doors, and it supports quick drying times

6. It is machine washable

7. It is best suited for transition areas, for example, hallways and entrances

8. It can absorb multiple times its weight in moisture and function efficiently

9. The low pile yarn allows the household heat to dry the mat quickly


1. It can be challenging to clean, and a white design is not recommended

2. Some customers say that they are too thin

3. Some customers claim that it is a bit costly

Floorguard Mat

Floorguard Magic Mat Reviews Buyer’s Guide

When picking the floorguard magic mat for your use, there are many choices present, ranging from shapes, colors, and sizes.

Everyone needs a little help when choosing a product that is right for them, and this buying guide shares all the floorguard magic mat reviews.

If you consider buying the magic mat, then look at this buying guide before purchasing.


The size choice of your Floorguard magic mat depends on the place you will use it. Whether it is at an entrance, kitchen, or bathroom will have varied sizes for each unique site.

Magic mats come in various sizes, and you need to examine your area before you buy what will fit your intended place.


Cost is another important thing you will need to consider. Floorguard magic mat can vary in their price; this is due to the style and features in it. Thicker and more durable, as well as environmentally friendly magic mats, will cost you more.

Also, colorful and intricate designs are costly. You will need to examine what you need to suit your budget.


It is another significant consideration to put in place. The texture of your magic mat dictates the traction it provides. Stickiness texture prevents slipping and sliding, and this provides the physical barrier to sliding when stepped on.

Texture can be dictated by the materials used in making the mat, and it is vital to check it out to have the right texture for your mat.


Everyone has a specific attraction to a particular design of the product. Floorguard magic mat comes in different varied designs, be it in color, shape, and texture. You need to have a look at the available designs of the mat before you can make an order for it.  

Have in mind the design you need for your setting, be it the entrance or any other place for you to make the right choice.

(FAQs) About Floorguard Magic Mat Reviews

Q. What is a magic mat?

Ans: It is a superior house mat meant to absorb dirt and moisture at the door. It helps to protect the floor and carpet from damage caused by mud and dust.

Moreover, it helps the allergic, causing dust from entering the house and greatly reduces your cleaning by grabbing dirt at the door.

Q. Does the Floorguard Magic Mat Really Work?

Ans: Magic mats are the best mats you can have; they work effectively to offer protection for your floor. It is mainly a beneficial mat for individuals that have pets that trek in all kinds of dirt and mud to the house. Floorguard magic mat absorbs all dirt brought in by pets.

Q. How do you wash a magic mat?

Ans: You can clean the magic mat weekly by using the vacuum cleaner. You can beat or shake the loose dirt off the mat regularly. To reduce lint, it is vital to vacuum the magic mat before washing. Ensure they are completely dry before putting them back for use.

Q. Are Magic mats machine washable?

Ans: Yes, they are entirely fully machine washable. Wash in a machine using a detergent at the recommended temperature. Ensure to follow the care instructions on how to wash it using the machine for optimum effectiveness.

Machine washes both in cold and warm settings, and heavy lint can occur in the first 2 to 3 washes.


Floorguard magic mats are the premium line of mats for the entrance of your home and commercial offices. It offers you the safety and protection of your floors. It can catch all the dirt that is brought by pets on their paws.

Knowing what you want for your floor is a good thing and can help save time and choose the right magic mat for your use. The magic mat is the ultimate solution for your everyday cleaner floor.

It stops dirt with a magic one stepping and minimal wiping. The absorbent fibers work well and quickly soak moisture while also drying efficiently.


In conclusion, the Floorguard magic mat is not an ordinary mat, you may think. It is an incredible product and stops 95% of dirt and mud when stepped on.

If you have been searching for the perfect mat for your household or commercial setting, then this is the right product to consider.

Ensure to examine the floorguard magic mat reviews and order, and you will experience a new look on your floor protection.

It will protect all kinds of floors and proven to trap much dirt effectively more than the other mats you may think, opt for this magic mat, and it will be a welcome mat to your house.

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