The Bugaboo Ant Review for 2023 (Best Rated)

Are you searching bugaboo ant for your baby? I think the safest and strongest ant for your baby is the Bugaboo Ant, which you no longer have to worry about in and out of your home.

Below is a detailed description of the Bugaboo Ant Review, which is very important for your baby.

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It’s designed to fold as small as possible and has been tested to carry children up to 22 kg in weight, making it perfect for traveling with and for use on public transport with aged toddlers as well as babies.

Bugbear has been making the SUVs of the stroller world. The Cameleon and the jackass, for illustration, are fancy, rugged and erected to last; it has the capability to grow with your family.

So, I was veritably agitated to eventually write this Bugaboo Ant stroller review!

What is Bugaboo Ant

Bugaboo Ant is a lightweight and compact stroller designed for parents who are always on the go. It is a travel-friendly stroller that can be folded down to a small size, making it easy to store and transport. The Bugaboo Ant stroller is suitable for infants and toddlers, and it is compatible with most car seats, allowing parents to easily transfer their child from the car to the stroller.

Some of the key features of the Bugaboo Ant stroller include a reversible seat, adjustable handlebars, a height-adjustable harness, a large sun canopy, and a spacious storage basket.

The stroller also has front-wheel suspension for a smooth ride and a one-hand fold mechanism for easy and quick folding. Additionally, it can be used as a carry-on luggage for most airlines, making it perfect for families who travel frequently.

We Love of Bugaboo Ant Review

If breathing space economy is the name of your pastime also you’ll love the size of this teeny weenie bitsy trip stroller. At what time we primary lifted it out of the small package.

We could not relatively consider that it was going to provide somewhere to stay our 2- time-old toddler, but it stretched out like a Motor and exposed an actually neat stroller with an altitudinous and commodious chair unit.

Approaching the Bugaboo ant stroller review is simple as pastry. It glides along smoother shells like it’s balanced on air and it indeed managed well over short lawn when we took it with us to a jubilee.

The bus are bitsy but chunky and, as on all bugbear strollers, are made of the loftiest quality accoutrements.

The hand basket breathing is great. It’s easy to get to from the frontage of the buggy really fluently and the reverse of the hand basket houses an elasticized poke that can hold keys, wipes and the out of the ordinary container.

We appreciated having this inside similar speedy arrive at and what we loved indeed further is that we did not need to take away our things when we folded the stroller and could motionless get into the fund when the Ant was folded up.

This destined that the buggy doubled up as a shopping trolley on occasions when the seat was not in use!

Look Out for Bugaboo Ant

We loved the altitudinous seat and extendable backrest but we did feel that if using the seat of the Ant from birth. You would surely want to add the Bugaboo Bee cocoon to give baby a more retired space to lie by.

When the seat is parent- facing, the recline options are brilliant. There’s a position for your baby from birth to nonage, but when world- facing the seat only reclines by a many degrees.

Which was not relatively enough for our toddler to nap happily and comfortably. A lower recline position on the seat when world- facing would be desirable for utmost parents.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Me?

I was not at all the human being who had to have the most excellent and new fashionable belongings. But, as I take wing a lot and over and over again by yourself with the baby, when it came to strollers I have become particular.

Subsequent to my first journey with a baby, when I had to entrance make sure my main baby carriage and airlines bankrupt it and the next time I had to wait over 45 minutes at the gate to get it back.

I determined I didn’t want to gate make sure any strollers. My journey baby carriage had to be talented to come with me into the small house.


I have been exceptional Bugaboo Ant, but as you can see in an additional piece of writing, I also own and experienced many best journey strollers on the market. I’m not a fan of flattering crop as ideal just for the reason that you have been exceptional it.

Let’s be truthful every baby carriage has belongings that one close relative strength love, but it won’t work for an additional one. I for myself don’t consider that any journey baby carriage is perfect.

Point of Bugaboo Ant


The Bugaboo Ant has a smart movable design and an ultra-compact pack. Importing in at15.8 lbs, it’s the brand’s lightest, most compact design to date.

It’s a bit heavier than the UPPA baby Minu (14.8 lbs) and the Babyzen Yoyo (13 lbs), but slightly lighter than the Compact Colugo stroller (16 lbs).

Fold Up

Bugbear’s folding mechanisms have no way been the brand’s strongest suit and it’s no different with this model. Though the pack is compact and tone standing.

There’s a big literacy wind to folding the Bugaboo Ant. It’s not that it’s delicate, or that it takes veritably long. But it takes 6 separate ways, which need to be done in order, completely, for the pack to actually work.

The Chair

The chair is where the Bugaboo Ant shines. I totally love it! Get this: It’s reversible! This is a rare point in the compact stroller department.

Other than the Cybex Eezy S Twis, nearly all trip strollers have fixed forward- facing seats. In this regard, it’s more like the Bugaboo Bee, but 4 pounds lighter and much further compact.

Auto President Comity

The Ant is well-matched with a diversity of the up market “Euro” auto chairs the Nuna Pipa Lite/ LX, Cybex Aton 2/ Q, Clek Liing, and Maxi Cosi child auto seats. You’ll need to buy an auto seat appendage independently.

The Wheels

Bugbear bus is acutely one of my favas, and the Ant’s are no exemption; they’re small but potent. Incorporated into the border, they have suspense and give great shock immersion smooth lift guaranteed.


I was contentedly astonished concerning the under seat hand basket as well. It can hold up to17.6 lbs and features two diverse chambers a main bone that can grasp a diaper bag and a hinder luggage hand basket for rudiments.

You wish for to pierce fluently suppose food sacks, diapers, wipes, water bottles, perhaps indeed some of your must- plutocrats, like your bag.


Not important to say then the Ant has an extendable UPF50 cover that covers your small one enough well whether he’s sitting as the crow flies or lying downhill.


The telescopic, malleable bar also is a only one of its kind point in the solid baby carriage planet, setting the Bugaboo Ant piecemeal from other trip buggies.

The bar, which you can use to drag the stroller like a wallet when it’s folded, retracts and expands to fit small and altitudinous parents likewise. It actually has an unexpectedly wide adaptation range.

Plus, you can turn around the bar to acclimate the angle. I personally loved this because I feel like I frequently damage my wrists, and I like altering it up to stay at ease on longer ambles.


The Bugaboo Ant retails for $499. It seems like a lot, but it’s in point of fact on parity with, if not cheaper than, other luxury trip stroller options on the request particularly bearing in mind you don’t “need” to buy an invigorated tackle to use it from delivery.

Now begin off this Bugaboo Ant review with the pros and cons. There are a number of cons presently similar to the whole thing as well in the earth, not anything is just the thing.


1. Folds up little and solid to healthy in the in the exhaust

2. Can be wheeled similar to a little part of the pack of luggage when folded

3. President arrangement switches from onward to hinder facing

4. Well matched with attachments

5. Adaptable grip highness for parents of a variety of heights

6. Grows with your youthful person from baby to 5 times old (up to 22kg/ 50 lbs)

We in progress using the Ant with map when he was 3 months old for our first global trip with him. We had him hinder- facing also and now at 2 times old he’s world- facing and we still suppose the Ant is one of the stylish sightseer strollers on the business.

It’s a full-size pro the Ant holds up to 50 lbs, a lot of other trip strollers on the request maximum out at 40- 45 lbs.


1. Slightly hazier than other trip strollers

2. Price at the advanced end of the price variety and add- ones build it precious

3. The breakdown procedure is a small piece complex and can’t be done with just one hand

4. No tea cup owner but one can be supplementary

5. Just the thing for erected- up livelihood and trip

What Ages Can Use the Bugaboo Ant

The Bugaboo Ant, extremely, can be second-hand from delivery in anticipation of about five times old. When tromping the most recent member of your relations there’s no need to add anything to the Ant.

The opposition characteristically has a lowest quantum age of three or six months or requires add- ones, which can be luxurious.

The Ant’s inward-facing chair reclines in anticipation of just about flat and the five- point tie together makes it fully helpful for a baby.

However, Bugaboo’s Ant appendage for auto seats is well- matched with a number of European well-liked auto chair, like Bugaboo Turtle One by Nuna, If you had to a certain extent your baby was in an child auto seat.

Work concertedly earlier than business. An additional option is to add the Bugaboo protect Lite. That gives babe a warm and comfortable trip.

Children can carry on riding in the Ant in anticipation of they are 50 lbs or 22 kg. This is center of the street compared to additional packed together strollers.

In cooperation the Uppa Baby Minu and Summer Infant 3D Lite can prop up to 50 lbs, while the BabyZen Yoyo only is inferior at only 40 lbs, and the GB Pockit can hold up to 55 lbs.

About Bugaboo Bee

We appreciated the altitudinous seat and extendable back rest but we did feel that if using the seat of the Ant from delivery, you would absolutely want to add the Bugaboo Bee isolate to give baby a more wrapped in cotton hair space to lie by.

When the seat is parent- facing, the stretch out options is luminous. There’s a situation for your baby from birth to early days, but when world- facing the seat only reclines by a many degrees.

Which was not relatively sufficient for our child to nap contentedly and contentedly. An inferior astraddle down position on the seat when world- facing would be profitable for utmost parents.

A fresh specific that would have been really handy to have on the seat is a shin takes it easy. We set up that for children over around 9 months old.

Their legs were formerly longer than the seat base, but we still felt that when dead to the world or indeed just for general soothe in the seat a shin rest would be formative for posterity of all periods.

Indeed despite the fact that we’re really taken by the fold up, there is no in damage of down from the fact that there are five stages to it! This does mean that to start with you strength get a little nonplussed.

After a week or so it came alternate natural world and the number of way demanded to negotiate the fold actually was not a matter.

7 Causes – Bugaboo Ant Will Want Your Intelligence

1. Reversible President

It’s one of the two frivolous strollers on the request, prepared with a reversible seat! It’s a huge benefit because you can change the way your child is opposite, depending on their age and frame of mind.

2. Truly Standing President

Toddlers more frequently than not get wearied in a seat that’s reclined indeed in the most standing position. And you can’t responsibility them – the earth is a new and charming position for them and they want to see the whole thing.

But judgment a stroller that has really standing seat is nearly not possible. That’s why I suppose this is the main benefit of Bugaboo Ant. It really allows the child to sit as the crow flies, look roughly and watch the whole thing.

3. Adaptable Bar

Ant comes with 2 in1 bar – it’s telescopes in and out and rotates as well! You won’t find it on any other baby carriage. This handle makes approaching unevenly suitable for short, average and altitudinous parents.

4. Extendable Cover

Indeed though this isn’t the top ceiling I’ve ever seen, it’s much better than tents on numerous other inconsequential strollers.

5. Small Fold & Frivolous Structure

Folded Bugaboo Ant fits in storehouse space chambers on aero planes and it’s veritably easy to lift and hold.

6. Overnight Case System

You can just point of fact pull it like and during the night case with the bar so it’s veritably applicable for packed places.

Also, when the baby carriage is folded you have a quick access to one part of the storehouse caddy where you can put your inventories to keep them at hand.

7. Customization & Good-Looking Give the Impression of Being

This is amazing I have not mentioned up till now, but my Bugaboo Ant Review would not be absolute if I haven’t told you about the baby carriage look and how you can modify every fraction of it!

You can decide the color of the boundary and there are also a few choices for the seat and awning. The material and all color versions give the impression of being so attractive and high excellence.

My favorite’s colors are Grey concoction and strengthen Blue which you can see in the movies underneath. You can as well modify your awning later and buy it unconnected in a dissimilar color.

That’s not all. The steering wheel caps and the surface protectors can be modified too. Bugaboo is well-known for their stroller’s personalization, and their lightest model – Ant, is no exemption.

Buying Guide

The Bugaboo Ant is a lightweight and compact stroller that is perfect for parents who are always on the go. It is designed for urban living and travel, making it easy to maneuver through crowded streets and airports. If you are considering purchasing a Bugaboo Ant, here are some key features and considerations to keep in mind:

Weight and Size

One of the main benefits of the Bugaboo Ant is its lightweight and compact design. It weighs just 15.8 pounds and can be folded down to a size of 21.6 x 14.9 x 9.1 inches, making it easy to carry and store. When considering the weight and size of the stroller, make sure it will fit in your car trunk, and that you can easily lift and carry it.


The Bugaboo Ant features a four-wheel suspension system that provides a smooth ride and easy maneuverability. It has a one-handed steering and can easily navigate through tight spaces. This feature is particularly important for parents who live in urban areas or travel frequently.

Recline Positions

The Bugaboo Ant has a multiple-position recline, including a near-flat position, which is suitable for newborns. This feature is important for parents who want to use the stroller for their newborns, as it allows the baby to lie flat and comfortably.


The Bugaboo Ant comes with several accessories, including a rain cover, sun canopy, and storage basket. You can also purchase additional accessories, such as a cup holder or a travel bag, to make your stroller more convenient and functional.


The Bugaboo Ant is a high-end stroller, and its price reflects its quality and features. It is important to consider your budget when purchasing a stroller, and whether the Bugaboo Ant fits within your price range.


The Bugaboo Ant is made with high-quality materials and has a sturdy frame that can withstand frequent use. This is an important consideration for parents who plan to use the stroller for multiple children or for a long period of time.

Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the Bugaboo Ant’s performance and functionality. Look for reviews that discuss the stroller’s durability, ease of use, and overall quality.

In summary, the Bugaboo Ant is a lightweight and compact stroller that is perfect for urban living and travel. When considering purchasing this stroller, consider its weight and size, maneuverability, recline positions, accessories, price, durability, and customer reviews.


Q. What were your first prints of the Bugaboo Ant?

First prints count and everyone in the family was impressed with the sturdy satiny lines of the Bugaboo Ant. I would say that the Ant isn’t (at 7.2 kg) an especially feather light stroller but what it lacks in lightness, it makes up for in smarts.

Q. How is the Bugaboo Ant different to the Bee5?

A. The Bugaboo Bee5 was Bugaboo’s lowest stroller, and is extremely popular with civic parents who want a swish, robust perambulator that can handle busy, narrow mega city pavements.

Still, the Ant is indeed lower – with trippers in mind, it can fold up so curtly that it fits into the overhead locker of 50 airlines.

Our Verdict

Anybody beneath the vision that this stroller is a attention-grabber is surely incorrect. Important like the little children who’ll arrogantly get their throne in it.

The Bugaboo Ant is bitsy but physically powerful and strong-minded! It’s a no holds disqualified trip stroller appropriate into its traveling part flawlessly, allowing baby to travel contentedly with minimum fuss for parents.

The plan strength gives the impression of being original but the features are helpful and remarkably well allowed out.

We were congested on numerous occasions by daddies in particular marveling at the intelligent manufacturing of the Ant, and always met with saluting eyes when we folded this stroller to insert it down in the corner of a cafe or into the foot wall of a hack.

The Bugaboo Ant is a cleverly designed stroller that will sate the appetite of ultramodern, civic- grounded parents who travel constantly. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Ant to those who see themselves in this order.

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