How to Install a Magic Gate

How to Install a Magic Gate Effectively

Give your pet and child a safe and secure space to play in by installing a magic baby gate. Learn how to install a magic gate here by checking our step-by-step guide.

A magic gate is a type of gate that helps keep your pet or baby from going to specific places in your home. The gate is composed of very strong partially see-through mesh material, which can bear up a force of up to 100lbs. The gate works both as a small gate and an infant gate to aid keep mischief confined by providing a safe place to rest and also play.

How to Install a Magic Gate

Moreover, a magic gate is perfect for home decoration as it is simple with an elegant transparent design. With the magic gate, you can contain your pet and prevent it from causing trouble easily. The article will give you a full guide on how to install a magic gate.

Step by Step Guide to Effectively Install a Magic Gate

Installing a magic gate in your home is not difficult; it is something you can do for yourself simply and without any complication. Keep your pet enclosed in one place using a magic gate and prevent it from causing trouble by jumping through your living room and also jumping on your guest unnecessarily.

Follow the following guide for you to install a magic gate in your home successfully.

How to Install a Magic Gate Effectively.

1. Choose the Location to install the Magic Gate

Before you can install the magic gate, you need to know the right location for it. You have to ensure that the place you want to install the magic gate has enough space, and does not cost any destruction in your home. The locations could be on the stairways, dining room, garden, and doorways, depending on your preferred locations.  

Choose your location, and it is usually at points where you do not want an infant to cross or a pet to cross. After choosing the appropriate location, you can then begin the installation process. It is essential to have a proper location for the magic gate.

Moreover, the good thing about the magic gate is that you can keep changing locations depending on your preferences. It is easy to open and it is also portable.

2. Take the Right Measurement

Once you have established the right location, you can then begin taking the required measurements of the door you are going to install the magic gate. Ensure that you have the necessities, for instance, the tape measure to take the correct measurements to make sure that your magic gate will fit well.

Once you have confirmed that your measurements are accurate, then proceed to buy the magic gate that works well to the measured door and start installing.

3. Unroll the Magic Gate

This is the next step after taking the correct measurements; usually, a magic gate is designed for direct use, and no extra tools are required in the installation. Once you have purchased it, unroll the magic gate to the desired measurement to cover the measured space.

In case there is an excess mesh you can roll up, if you had taken the accurate measurements, there wouldn’t be an extra mesh. Therefore, you need to take the right measurements before unrolling the magic gate for it to fit well on the door.

4. Sticking

A magic gate comes having four hooks, which will be hooked to the wall. To install it, you need to stick one of the hooks in a place that you want each of the four magic gate’s corners to hang. The portable magic gate has sticky hooks.

The magic gate with sticky hooks is usually best to install on smooth and well drywall. Each back of the magic gate’s hooks is usually sticky; therefore, there will be no need to use glue for attaching these hooks.

5. Hook

This is the final part of installing a magic gate.  In this part, you are supposed to hook one of the corners of the magic gate to every hook that you attached to the wall. Once this is done, your magic gate is ready for use, and you would have successfully installed your magic gate and ready to use.

You should be keen to ensure that it is well hooked and not lose your pet not to break it. Whenever the magic gate is not in use, it is easy to store it, as you can fold it and keep it in a safe place in your house.

Benefits of Using a Magic Gate

Several benefits come with using a magic gate to control the movement of your pet or your baby. These benefits are as follows;

a) It is Transparent

Every magic gate is usually transparent; with this feature, you will monitor your pet or baby’s behavior. In case you are in a nearby room, they will be able to have the security of seeing you, which makes them not feel bad because of their restricted movement.

b) Easy to Open

A magic gate is easy to open whenever you need to travel from a point to another. What you will only do is unhook a corner of the magic gate to open and freely walk through. While done, you will hook the unhooked corner quickly to prevent your pet from getting through.

c) It Can Withstand 100 Pounds’ Push

This is another benefit of the magic gate, and it can withstand up to 100 pounds of force without breaking. If your dog, for instance, is usually violent, it will not be able to break through the strong mesh of the magic gate.


In conclusion, the above are the proper procedures you can use to enable you to know how to install a magic gate successfully. Before installing the magic gate in your home, ensure that you have appropriately done adequate research to know all the necessary steps to install one for yourself.

Try purchasing a magic gate from the local stores or from genuine online sellers you know. It would help if you also were keen on buying your magic gate for you not to be scammed by fake magic gate sellers.

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