The 10 Best Baby Gate for Top of Stairs for 2024

Are you looking for the baby gate? The best baby gate for the top of stairs, especially for your baby’s safety? Well, your problem is solved now.

Is your baby too naughty and runs towards the stairs after every minute? Now, you do not need to worry about him running the whole time here and there to catch your baby!

The manufacturers have introduced baby gates to place at the top of stairs that will prevent your baby from running downstairs and falling.

You might be wondering where you will find the best baby gate for the top of stairs to protect your baby as the world is full of manufacturers. To cover your worries, we are here with the best of 5 baby gates to prevent your cute-naughty baby from falling and slipping from the stairs.

Best Baby Gate for Top of StairsCheck Price

So, without further discussion, let’s walk through the reviews of the ten best baby gates for the top of the stairs and make your life convenient and chasing-your-baby-free!

What is Baby Gate for Top of Stairs

A baby gate for the top of stairs is a safety barrier designed to prevent young children from accessing the stairs and potentially falling them. It is typically mounted at the top of a staircase and features a gate that can be locked to prevent children from climbing over or through it.

Baby Gate for Top of StairsBaby gates for the top of stairs are important safety features for homes with young children as falls down stairs can be very dangerous and even life-threatening. When choosing a baby gate for the top of stairs, it is important to look for one that is specifically designed for this purpose and meets the relevant safety standards.

The gate should be securely mounted to the wall or banister and have a locking mechanism that is easy for adults to operate but difficult for children to figure out.

The 10 Best Baby Gates for Top of Stairs

1. Evenflo Secure Step Gate

One of the most dangerous places for babies is the staircase. To prevent your baby from falling off and losing their balance from the top of stairs, it is a must for you to have one sturdy baby gate. That is why Evenfalo’s secure step gate is the perfect choice to keep your little one safe and sound.

Evenflo Secure Step Gate

Easy Slide With One Hand

This best baby gate offers excellent features that prevent your child from being too naughty. With its one-hand gliding mechanism, you have to press the button, and it will simply push down to open.

Then, you can quickly pass through the door. It also has a red/green lock indicator that tells us if the gate is locked correctly or not.

Convenient Pass-Through Door

Keeping the safety of your child in mind, baby gates stairs have an easy walk-through feature. That allows you to walk easily even if your hands are full.

Even, it swings in two directions. You can set the direction of the gate according to your child’s ease. Besides, it will prevent the swinging of the gate over the stairs.

Detachable Swings Stopper

Evenfalo secure step baby gates offer a great feature of a detachable swing stopper. It makes sure to set the direction of the gate in one way.

That will ultimately prevent your child from falling from the top of the stairs. The removable stopper holds the gate from swinging over the stairs.


1. Model Number: 4233052

2. Color: Beige

3. Weight: 15 lbs

4. Material: Metal

5. Dimension: 2.75×30.25×33.62 inches


1. Durable and secure

2. It has no floor bars

3. One hand gliding

4. It has quick installation


1. No auto-close system

2. Heavy

Final Words

This Evenfalo secure gate top is best for parents who keep their little one from household dangers, most importantly sudden falling from stairs. Its hardware mounts can be installed in just 15 minutes. Besides, it is extra width gate is suitable for hallways, doorways, between rooms, laundry, and especially for the top of stairs.

2. Toddleroo By North States

When it comes to your toddler’s safety, toddler by North states is the best baby gate for the top of stairs.

It is solid metal construction with excellent bronze finishing that compliments your home look. The sturdiness and high quality of this baby gate withstand meticulous day in and out use.

Toddleroo By North States

Swing Control Hinge

This swing control hinge is best to secure your toddler from any harm. You can set gate opening in one direction, another, or in both ways. Besides, you can adjust in multiple rooms or any area of the home. Using this, you can keep a safe barrier for your child when he accidentally gets his hand on the railing.

Childproof Latch

This latch can not be accessed by children easily. Although, parents can efficiently operate it with one hand.

Not only is it operating easily, but you can also close it with extreme flexibility. To close the baby gate, just push it, and the latch will be triggered to shut it.

Detachable Hardware Mount

Hardware mounts are the best baby gates to secure your child but can also be easily removed to put in storage.

If your child has become bigger, then you can just loosen the screws from the mounts and detach them. In this way, it does not cause any harm to its blunt edges if any visitor comes to your place.


The particular specifications of this baby gate are as follows:

1. Model Number: 4950

2. Color: Matte Bronze

3. Weight: 9.29 pounds

4. Batteries: No

5. Dimensions: 30.5×2×29 inches


1. It provides safety

2. It is easy to assemble

3. Its build is Long-lasting

4. Durable and easy to use


1. Heavyweight

2. No portability

Final Words

This mounted baby gate is best for you if you want to sit and relax while seeing your baby. The reason is that this fantastic product provides absolute security to your child with its excellent functionality.

Furthermore, it is perfect to use in the middle of rooms or on top of stairs due to its versatility.

3. Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate For Stairs

If you are looking for the best baby gate for the top of the stairs, this Munchkin baby gate is a perfect choice. It is frustration-free for parents because of its simple functionality.

This gate’s price is reasonable enough for you as it provides excellent security due to it is dual lock system.

Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate For Stairs

Graceful And Expandable Design

Its simple and graceful design makes it more suitable for fitting in a hallway or doorway. You can simply use it for your little one’s safety without making it fancy.

Even this gate design can be customized according to needs. If your doorway is wider than the size of this gate, then you can simply order more extenders that fit in your doorway.

Double Lock System

Its dual lock is easy to open for any adult, but that is not the case for a child. These top stairs have a third lock located at the bottom, which stops the gate from opening both ways. Besides, you can easily close the gate with great flexibility due to the latch. This dual lock system can save your child even if you place this gate in any traffic location.

Security With Pressure Mounts

Pressure mounts come in handy when you want to install the best baby gate for a short time. Suppose you are a grandparent and you only need a baby gate for the time being.

Then you can easily install the pressure mounts to provide excellent security to your grandchild.


The certain specifications of this baby gate are as follows:

1. Model Number: 34121

2. Color: White

3. Wight: 14.55 pounds

4. Batteries: No

5. Dimension: 32× 30× 3 inches


1. Easily fits the room

2. Provides excellent security

3. Ideal fit for all doorways

4. Has an expandable design


1. Only has one extender

2. Incompatible for top stairs

Final Words

These top stairs are best for parents who are looking for something plain and elegant at an affordable price. It is a high-quality product that has excellent features for your child’s security.

It is easy to use and does not add unnecessary weight to the box. Its simplicity attracts people and also gives a graceful look to their home.

4. Regalo Easy Step Baby Gate

This baby gate fulfills all the criteria that are needed to make your house childproof. It makes sure to provide security with convenience.

Its steel gates and pressure mounts are easy to install and lightweight. Impressively, the manufacturers make sure to provide fuss-free functionality.

Regalo Easy Step Baby Gate

Steel Design

To carry out the heavy-duty securing of your child need a heavy-duty product. This baby gate has an all-steel construction with quick installation. Its 30-inch height makes sure to keep your little climber in place.

This gate does not get easily damaged due to its excellent quality and sturdiness. Moreover, it is 100 percent PVC-free and certified by JPMA.

Exceptional Pressure Mounts Mechanism

The easy step gate offers four wall cups that keep the product in place more efficiently for extra security.

If your child is much more active than his age and tries to climb on the railings, these pressure wall mounts ensure that the gate will not budge from its place. Besides, it is so easy to install and even does not take much time while doing it.

Multi-Purpose Use

It can be used for hallways, doorways, and top-of-stairs. This gate is easy to use and can be quickly removed if you want to put it in storage. For additional security, the easy step gate offers four spindle rods, screws, and wall cups.

Furthermore, it has an easy walk-through design that helps you pass through the gate even when your hands are full.


The significant specifications of this baby gate top are as follows:

1. Model Number: 1160

2. Color: White

3. Weight: 0.352 ounces

4. Batteries: No

5. Dimensions: 38.5×2×30 inches


1. Convenient Setting

2. Durable

3. Great Portability

4. Lightweight


1. Edges are sharp

2. Unsuitable for a bulky body

Final Words

Regalo’s easy step gate hits all the standards you have set for the best baby gate for the top of the stairs. It is perfect for children of 6-24 months who are very active and often move here and there.

Moreover, the easy step allows you to customize the dimensions of the gate according to your doorway.

5. Summer Multi-Use Deco Gate

Make your home childproof with this stylish summer deco gate that comes in beige. It enhances your home décor with its great look and provides easy installation at the doorway or stairway. Not to forget, its durability and strength are ideal for keeping your toddler safe and secure.

Summer Multi-Use Deco Gate

Metal Design

This mounted baby gate has a superb metal construction that keeps your super-active toddler from falling or tripping.

It is built with metal to ensure that your curious child does not try to chip off the material. Moreover, it is a sturdy material that is unmatchable so it does not lose quality after long usage.

Detachable Stoppers For Doors

You can install this gate in any area of your house due to its detachable door stoppers. It ensures that the door only moves in one direction.

So, when you install it in the stairway, it will keep your little one safe and prevent it from opening the gate in another direction. Moreover, it is versatility in using hallways, doorways, and stairways makes your child a beneficial feature.

Auto-Close Doors And Dual Lock System

This summer deco baby gates offer great ease to parents with auto-close doors. You do not have to worry if you are carrying your baby or your hands are full of groceries. With just a single hand, you can open it, and it will close automatically when you pass through it. Due to the dual lock, the auto-close system gets triggered and ensures that it remains closed unless you open it again.


The certain specifications of this baby gate are as follows:

1. Model Number: 27410A

2. Color: Beige

3. Size: 28.5-48 inches

4. Weight:0.36 ounces

5. Batteries: No


1. Used in multiple places

2. Openings of extra width

3. Easy to open and close

4. Strength and durability


1. Improper opening

2. Sudden tripping

Final Words

If you are looking for something worth spending on for your child, this product might be the one for you. It is sturdiness and modish look make it the best baby gate for the top of stairs. Besides, its material is reliable enough to last for a long time.

6. Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Gate

Suppose you are looking to buy the best gate for a toddler’s safety so that you can protect your child from falling from stairs.

You should prefer buying this multi-use decorative extra tall walk-thru baby gate without any second thought. This multi-use decorative extra tall walk-thru baby gate is the best product to buy for a little one’s safety.

Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Gate

Auto Closing

This multi-use decorative extra tall walk-thru baby gate has a unique auto-close system handy for the guardian. Well, this auto-close feature makes it more secure for the toddler. The gentle closing of a door makes it safer and more convenient than other products.


It gives you a relaxed mind background as this product is highly secure. After buying this product, the danger will not haunt you.

The removable door stopper makes it easy that it does not swing over the stairs. This multi-use decorative extra tall walk-thru baby gate is best for safety purposes.

Style and Size

This stylish metal bronzed finish door compliments your house with its style. This multi-use decorative extra-tall walk-thru baby gate is 36 inches tall. The height of 36 inches makes it suitable for a toddler or your pets.


1. Model Number: 07600

2. Color: brown

3. Weight: 21 pounds

4. Material: metal

5. Dimension: 48 x 0.5 x 36 inches


1. Stylish

2. Tall height

3. Secure

4. Auto-close feature


1. Metal body

2. For staircases and doorways

Final Words

It is the best and most secure product for our beloved pets and toddlers’ safety. It is highly recommended for babies. Place this at their staircase and doorways so that your babies and pets cannot get into any kind of unhealthy situation.

7. Evenfalo Barn Door Walk-Thru Gate

Evenfalo barn door walk-thru gate is a farmhouse-style gate. It comes straight from the Texas farmhouses to your urban apartments.

This excellent safety gate provides you with safety, and at the same time, it is best to compliment your house with its unique style. No doubt considering this product for the safety of your little one is the best option.

Evenflo Barn Door Walk-Thru Gate

It would not be wrong if we called this gate a safety gate. This product is safe and secure as the stair stopper avoids the door swinging on the stairs.

This door has an indicator that makes you aware that the door is locked correctly or not. It is feature makes the gate safe and secure for the kids.


This Evenfalo barn door walk-thru gate is easy to access, and at the same time, it is easy to install. You do not have to be qualified in this relevant field as it comes with an instruction guide that is amazingly clear and helps you install the gate perfectly.

Whisper Swinging

Evenfalo barn door walk-thru gate has a whisper-swinging feature. This system makes it a unique and best baby gate for the top of stairs. The whisper-swinging system allows the door to open in both directions. It is also convenient in the opening from one hand.


The style of this Evenfalo barn walk-thru gate compliments the furniture and interior of your house. It gives the perfect fit by a height of 30 inches. While the width of this Evenfalo barn door walk-thru gate is 29 inches – to 43 inches.


1. Model Number: 4461000

2. Color: brown

3. Weight: 19 pounds

4. Material: metal and wood

5. Dimension: 1 x 29 x 30 inches


1. Easy to access

2. Easy installation

3. Perfect fit

4. Safety indicator


1. Not Affordable

2. Instructive cleaning

Final Words

Evenfalo barn door walk-thru gate is a perfect gate for the baby. The door features make it unique and recommended by every mother for child safety.

The door also has an auto-close feature which is suitable for baby protection. So if you are looking for the best door, you should probably consider buying this Evenfalo barn door walk-thru.

8. Retract-A-Gate Safety Gate

If you are looking for the best safety gate for your baby, then just get this one. A retract-A-Gate safety gate is a recommended product for guardians.

This product will help you in many ways, such as complimenting your décor, protecting your toddler, and being easy to clean.

Retract-A-Gate Safety Gate

Get your baby this safest gate so that you can offer your child a secure childhood. It can be used at the top and bottom of the stairs to protect your beloved pets and toddlers. This is the best door, especially when it comes to the safety of your babies.

Easy To Install

A retract-a-gate safety gate is easy to install. It does not require any kind of manual winding for the installation. The installation is not just painless, but at the same time, it is quick to fix. You do not have to be skilled or invest money in improving this safety door.


It is the best product to buy for the safety of your babies. This retract-a-gate is also secure for cats and dogs, as the door is made up of fabric and mesh, which resist the animal’s starch. It has a childproof lock on the top which prevents the door from sudden openings.


It is not stylish due to the fabric manufacture. Retract-A-Gate has a see-through fabric. Well, you can buy this product in your favorite color, as it comes in multiple colors and sizes so that a buyer can be free to choose the door based on its comfort.


1. Model Number: 52W

2. Color: white, black, beige

3. Weight: 4.09 pounds

4. Material: fabric

5. Dimension: 3.19 x 3.19 x 39.41 inches


1. See-through.

2. Starch resistant

3. Multiple colors

4. Easy to wash


1. Made up of fabric

2. Not Affordable

Final Words

It plays a vital role in giving mental peace to the parents about their beloved toddler’s security. Well, this product is highly recommended for the pet’s safety. No doubt this product is the best baby gate for the top of stairs.

9. Summer Deluxe Stairway Simple Gate

Are you looking for the best baby gate for the top of stairs, basically for your baby’s safety? Well, your problem is solved now. Buy this summer deluxe stairway gate.

This safety gate stands amazingly on the standards of safety and quality. Summer is one of the best companies when it comes to babies and their stuff.

Summer Deluxe Stairway Simple Gate

The door is unique due to its features. This summer deluxe stairway simple gate is the best and safest product you can use for your toddler’s perfect childhood experience or little pets. While this product also keeps your mind at rest and your baby can also explore free with fun.


This door is easy to install, and at the same time, it is convenient. It is effortless to install this door with the tools kit, and instruction that comes with it.

The best part of this summer deluxe stairway simple gate; it does not require any measurements. You do not have to invest money in the workers to fix this.

Comfortable Grip

Summer deluxe stairway simple gate is a step up to your child’s safety. It has a removable swing and stop mechanism features which make it very secure for a toddler or a pet.

This gate has a comfortable grip which makes it more secure. You can also handle this door only with one hand without compromising on safety.

Key To Stylish Décor

The summer deluxe stairway simple gate is constructed with a fantastic design. This gate is dual functional as it provides safety to your pets or toddler, and at the same time, it works efficiently in stepping up your home’s décor.

You can buy this safety gate based on your color choice. The height of this gate is 32″, which is best for child safety.


1. Model Number: 07950

2. Color: Brown

3. Weight: 7.48 pounds

4. Material: metal and wood

5. Dimension: 29.7 x 2.5 x 30.5 inches


1. Tall

2. Removable swing

3. Secure

4. Affordable


1. Heavy weighted

2. Discontinued Manufacturing

Final Words

Safety gates from summer will not huddle both mummy and the baby when it is to safety. This safety gate is recommended for toddlers and little pets. Buying this product would be best; the structure and style of this gate will work best without compromising your house’s décor.

10. Kid-Co Angle Mount Safeway Gate

Kid-co angle mount Safeway gate is the best baby gate for the top of stairs. Did you know? Kid-co is the first company to introduce these metal safety gates in the US.

Kid-co in this era provides the best quality as they had delivered from the start of this startup journey.

Kid-Co Angle Mount Safeway Gate

It can also be used as a hallway safety gate. The easy installation and easy access features make it more vibrant and best in the user’s eyes. Kid-co angle mount Safeway gate is recommended as best for toddlers and little pets.


It is easy to install, and the best part is that the door can easily be removed when you want to with its quick-release hardware.

Heavy Duty Steel Structured

The kid-co angle mount Safeway gates are safe and secure. The heavy-duty steel structure makes it more secure. It has a directional stop that prevents the gate from swinging.

Style and Size

It has a fantastic design and looks great when you accessorize it on your stairs; it will complement your décor, and it has good height and multiple wide. You can choose based on your comfort.


1. Model Number: G2100

2. Color: white

3. Weight: 8 pounds

4. Material: metal

5. Dimension: 29 x 2 x 21 inches


1. Unique features

2. Affordable

3. Robotic welding

4. Different sizes


1. Heavy

2. Only ship in the US

Final Words

If you are looking for the best baby gate for the top of stairs then the kid-co angle mount Safeway gate is the best option. Angel mount Safeway gate has unique features for the safety of your kid and little pets.

This offers security to your child, which provides you with a relaxed mindset. Go get your safety gate soon before the product ends.

Buying Guide

We have reviewed some safety gates for your baby. But are you still perplexed about what to look for while purchasing the best baby gate for the top of stairs? I guess yes, so be at ease we are here to straighten out your queries regarding a baby gate’s features.

You must be distracted while seeing your child at the top of the stairs, and to avoid an unfortunate incident and make your house the safest place for a toddler, you must keep a few features in mind that can surely help you out while buying the finest safety gate.

One-Hand Operation

The top thing to consider is your comfort, and for that, you need to look for a secure hardware-mounted lock that is effortless to open with one hand.

For all those times when you are carrying plenty of stuff in your hands and are partially occupied, this feature will help you out while you are in a rush to reach the other side of the safety gate.

The comfortable glide handle is simple to use with one hand and lets you know when the gate is securely closed. When the gate is no longer in use, it can be easily removed from the mounted hinges.

You should consider whether the gate can easily be opened and closed with one hand or still requires some extra force to be opened as you might be carrying your child while opening the gate, so one-hand operation gates are ideal.

Wide Gate

Before buying the best baby gate for the top of stairs, always observe that the gate easily slides to expand. The easy swing works almost everywhere in your house with the secure hardware mounts and can fit any space “28.68” to “47.85”.

These hardware mounts can be installed within seconds. Try to look for a gate that swings fully and has extra space to walk through.

It must be perfect for each member of the family, including pets! The wide gate is ideal for a variety of spaces, including standard to extensive walkways and stairways. The gate must open in both directions.

The distance between the bars of a wide gate must not be large because it is for the security of a toddler; be sure that the child may not pass from the distance between the bars.


The best baby gate is constructed of steel which makes the gate extremely strong, secure, and sturdy. Protection does not compromise the styling of the gate.

There are a variety of baby gate stairs according to your home décor. You can even customize it. You will find a vast collection of colors and designs in these gates.

Keep a check on the raw material and the cutting of corners. Try to purchase a product that lasts long enough for your requirements.

If you ought to buy a gate that should not swing out over stairs, prefer having no threshold. You can consider the one which has durable steel construction and which can be easily used.

You are required to look after the finishing of the gate. There should be no scratches that might be unsafe for your child. The wood or steel gates must be smooth.


To discourage a naughty and adventurous child from climbing over a gate. You should opt for one at least three to four-quarters of your child’s height.

The minimum height should be 22 inches. According to his age, if a child has a pretty good height, so go for the higher and the most secured gate.

The gates help your child to be isolated behind a shield. There are a thousand dangers when a child starts toddling. These gates play a significant role in keeping your child away from those risk factors.

While looking at height, keep your baby’s age and height in mind as the gate needs to be taller than your child even if he tries to reach it by standing on his toy car.

Latch Indicator

There are a significant number and variety of gates having latch indicators. They click to signals when latched.

Some gates have color indicators and safety alarms; such gates are quite expensive, though, but it is better to buy a good quality gate once compared to purchasing a cheap gate and regretting it.

The adults-only can deactivate the alarm. But it is always a pleasant idea to make sure that the safety gate is latched after you close it. No doubt that an indicator and alarm are the finest features but nothing can replace checking with your eyes and hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we leave baby gates open if we are willing to?

A. The primary purpose of creating these safety gates is to keep your child in a shielded environment. They are designed to shut automatically, and if you are leaving it open, you are discouraging the motive to create it, but it is up to you. If you want to leave it open, you can prop it with a doorstop.

Q. Can we order additional sections so the baby gate can be used in a broader space?

A. Yes! You can contact the company and check if they are providing it or not. It works well, keeping your pets from going upstairs. Additional sections can make your house much more secure, and it is always a good thing to know that your child is in an entirely safe environment.

Q. At what age should we remove these stair gates?

A. In a nutshell, these baby gates prevent your children from getting into trouble, generally, from the age of six months to 2 years. This is the most crucial time they need protection, but you can remove these baby gates after this.

Q. How often do these baby gates need cleaning?

A. Though the gates do not seem dirty, they might contain tons of bacteria that can potentially harm your child, as kids’ faces and hands get in contact with the baby gates. So you must clean it often to get rid of all the germs.

Q. If we forget to lock the door, how much protection can the baby gates give us? Will the toddler just push on it and climb under?

A. The child would have to work to get under the baby gate if you mount it close to the floor. But you must lock it as your child’s safety is in your own hands. The kids can get injuries if these safety gates collapse or are left open.

Q. How much can a safety gate cost?

A. It depends upon the brands from which you are buying. It costs somewhere around $45 to $65 but the price increases with its quality and durability. If you are into expensive things, you must go for the best available gate in the market.

Comparison between Summer Deluxe Stairway and Toddleroo by the North States.

Here we will compare two of the best baby gates for top of stairs for your assistance so that you can find it easy to get a baby gate for your house.

Property Summer deluxe stairway Toddler by North states.
Item Weight The weight of this stairway is 7.48 pounds. The weight of this product is 9.29 pounds. It was designed to fit room openings from 25.68 inches to 47.85 inches.
Item Material This safety gate is manufactured of wood and metal and is reliable too. This safety gate is constructed with a matte bronze finish and is reliable.
Maximum Height Recommendation Its height can be up to 36 inches. This one will be safer for your child. The max height must be up to 31 inches. This product’s height is shorter than the other one. But still, it is known for its quality.
Cost It costs around $52 and is affordable. The price of this product is $46, and it is worth every penny.
Colors This one has two colors, oak and white; both complement your home décor nicely. It is only available in one color, which is already known to everyone. But this color gives this gate an elegant look.
Installations It can be installed both ways sideways as well as at the top stair. It has a unique precision film template to ensure the right and easy installation.
Durability Excellent Quite impressive


Wrapping it up, many features make these safety gates distinct from ordinary gates. It gives peace to the mind knowing your child or pet can explore safely.

These best baby gates for the top of stairs can be a source of relaxation for you as your child will be safe from wet floors, slippery stairs, and scattered toys.

Moreover, we have reviewed a few of the best baby gates for the top of stairs for you so that you won’t have to worry about choosing among the variety of baby gates.

We have also described a few of the essential features that one should keep in mind while searching for a baby gate.

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