How to Wear a Hard Hat with Long Hair

What To Do With Your Long Hair When Wearing A Hard Hat?

Are you among those people who are looking for creative ways of wearing a hard hat with long hair? If yes, then stop scratching your head, as you are in the right place.

Well, we understand wearing a hard hat with long hair is not easy, especially when you have to carry your hairstyle for long hours.

How to Wear a Hard Hat with Long Hair

Moreover, we also realized that finding the perfect style ideas and tips for maintaining a hard hat is as hard as finding the value of x in mathematics.

But guess what? Now you don’t have to waste hours searching for styling ideas as we’ve given you the complete guide about How to Wear a Hard Hat with Long Hair. So scroll down and enjoy the article till the end to save your dollars and time.

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How to Hide Your Long Hair Under Your Hard Hat?

Well, if you are still thinking about hiding your hair under a hard hat, then sit back and relax because we have brought different ideas for you.

How to Hide Your Long Hair Under Your Hard Hat

So, we all know A hard hat is required for safety equipment at construction sites and other locations, especially where there is a high risk of head injury from dangers like falling items, moving objects, or live electrical wires.

Moreover, keep one thing in mind that a formal hairstyle can probably suffer if a hard hat is worn for an extended period of time, and sometimes it may cause hair fall too.

But don’t stress out, as there’s still a way of wearing a hard hat properly that can make you feel reliable and may save the life of your hair too. So one of the styles you can utilize to hide your long hair under a hard hat is pulling your long, thick hair into a low bun.

Yes, you heard it right, a low loose bun; but some of you may have a problem that every time you move your head, it might rub against the bun, which may cause knots in the bottom of your hair. But don’t worry, guys, and Scroll down to find more techniques to wear a hard hat with long hair.

Ways to Wear a Hard Hat to Feel Comfortable

Do you want to feel comfortable while wearing a hard hat? Obviously, you would! Because it is essential, especially when you are working in hazardous situations, but it becomes so irritating when you have long hair, and you have to wear it for 8 to 10 hours a day.

Ways to Wear a Hard Hat to Feel Comfortable

So, the biggest headache is How to Wear a Hard Hat with Long Hair? Hey! Take it easy; we’ll make it easy for you so that you will always be comfortable while wearing a hard hat.

Put Your Hair in Your Hard Hat Under a Bandana

The first way to wear a hard hat easily is to Put your hair in your hard hat under a bandana. Yes, Bandanas are wonderful since you can get them in a variety of vibrant colors, and you are not required to wear them all the time.

So, guess what? Take your entire hair and twist it with one hand behind your back in a low ponytail, then wrap it around the elastic multiple times and tuck a short tail inside one of the elastic circles.

Not only that, In order to prevent interference with the equipment’s safety, it will form a little bun behind your head and be low enough to clear the bottom of your hard hat. Now take a bandana, hold it pointed outward, then fold the triangles’ little flaps downward.

So, when you take apart the triangle and bring it down far enough, it will come in contact with the band of the hard hat when you put it on.

Now take the bandana’s two ends and wrap them around the bun; hold it tightly in place with your pinky and grip the other side to ensure that the bun is completely covered.

We realize as you work throughout the day, your heat and sweat will cause it to stretch out, making it more secure the tighter you make it.

Putting Your Hair in a Ponytail

Another best way to make it feel relaxed while wearing the hard hat is, Putting your hair in a ponytail, Yes Putting your hair in a ponytail is an easy option for managing your long hair while wearing a hard hat, but some job sites do not allow ponytails because they can get caught in moving components of machinery, so check with your company’s safety department.

You must also ensure that whatever you do with your hair clears the band inside the hard hat, as they must fit in a precise way in order to keep our heads safe. However, When wearing a ponytail, you have two options for pulling it: at the top or the bottom. Isn’t that cool?

What Not to Do When Wearing a Hard Hat?

Well, wearing a hard hat with long hair is not an easy cheesy task as there are some not to do things that you have to keep in mind after wearing a hard hat.

So, first of all, try to put on a hard hat forward. In other words, the bill should face in the same direction as you. And if you are thinking why you should wear your hard hat in a forward direction, then remember that If you wear the hard hat backward, it may slip off.

More significantly, because it will not contour to the shape of your skull if worn backward, and hence the hard hat will provide less protection against harm.

Moreover, wearing other hats or caps underneath the hard hat is not permitted. However, you can wear a liner underneath the hard hat, but no other hats or caps should be worn with it as Wearing a helmet or cap underneath the hard hat may cause it to shift out of place.

The hard hat no longer fits properly, and Instead, it will shift about while providing less protection against harm. And it will spoil your hairstyle too.


Summarizing it up, guys, Always keep in mind that you can wash and style your hair even though it feels like it is being stifled by the weight of a standard hard hat.

However, if you take off your hard hat out of vanity for your hairstyle, you might never have another opportunity of searching for How to Wear a Hard Hat with Long Hair?

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